While there are rumors from the “We Got This Covered” site, there is no confirmation of a Moon Knight movie being confirmed by Marvel.   Will we eventually see Marc Spector come to the big screen, or even a streaming service or will Marvel hold back one it's hottest properties?


Most folks are still betting that we will see a Moon Knight movie and their Werewolf by Night #32 will see yet another price spike.


The market is also shining on Marvel Spotlight #28 as a key Moon Knight book to own as it is the first solo MK story.  For those chasing something a little rarer, a .30 price variant exists.


While the market seems hot on these books, it seems really soft on both Werewolf By Night #33 (second MK) and the third Moon Knight Appearance in Werewolf By Night #37. Is Werewolf By Night #33 destined to spike in price the way Hulk 180 did as Hulk 181 became too expensive for the average collector?

Make sure to check out the awesome article by AJ Diesel RIGHT HERE covering some classic Platt Moon Knight covers.


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    “We Got This Covered” huh? They don’t have the best track record. Would be very cool, but with Blade getting a confirmed movie and other more popular and lucratively proven Marvel properties such as the Punisher not having anything on the table right now, I think Moonknight will be left behind…as usual.

    • Ben C

      Yeah the source is certainly questionable.

      I am more curious to see what happens to the price of WWBN 32 if another say, 3 years goes by with no word.

  • accustomfigures

    Logic tells me since Blade is a proven cinematic property with a successful pedigree, they will use the Scarlet Witch show and Doctor Strange 2 to ease audiences into the supernatural side of the MCU. Then Blade will bust the door wide open. I wouldn’t be surprised if they elude to MK in the Blade movie, or even give Specter a cameo. I’m a massive MK fan, but we won’t hear anything about him until the Blade movie roles around. But D23 is this month, and I was wrong once, so…

    I’m also betting of Snipes as the new Whistler.

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    I think there is a better chance of him showing up as a villain-turned-ally in a Blade movie. They will probably end up taking a lot of liberties with his portrayal to make it more mainstream friendly too (like they did with Silver Samurai).

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      Silver Samurai was FOX. They couldn’t make a superhero movie to save their life. Which is why they’re not making superhero movies anymore. Marvel has a pretty good track record of making true comic book movies. So Moon Knight will be Moon Knight.

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    Let’s not forget about the Marvel Preview Mag #21.

    I thought that was Moon Knight’s true 1st solo story.

    Anyways, cool cover and all too.

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