The Boys

The Boys has already proven a hit on Amazon and has been renewed.  Here is a pretty definitive first appearance list. There are a ton of characters in this series so if I missed one or two feel free to add them below.


CBLDF: Liberty Comics 1,1b,1 2nd Print

The Boys are hot. There’s a sentence I never thought I would type. Anything related to this property is seeing a lot of love thanks to the recent TV show announcement. This short story from Ennis was only reprinted in the expensive and rare Definitive HC Vol. 1. The Campbell cover is the one to get.

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NOTE:  There is another new Boys story in the 2010 annual for which there is an Adlard Zombie 1:15 variant

The Boys Limited Anniversary Edition

This release is important thanks to the 50 pages of previously unpublished work.

The Boys Limited Anniversary Edition

Diamond Previews June 2006

Predating the first issue of the series, this ordering publication is becoming increasing harder to find when an optioned property is previewed within.

Previews June 2006

The Boys 1

First appearances: The Butcher, Wee Hughie, Terror, A-Train, Susan Rayner

The Boys 2

First appearances:Mother's Milk, Female of the Species, The Frenchmen

The Boys 3

First appearances: Homelander, Starlight, Queen Maeve, Black Noir, Teenage Kix ( Team )

The Boys 4

First appearances: The Deep, Jack from Jupiter, Blarney C*ck, Jetstreak, Popclaw, Shoutout, Whack Job, Gunpowder, Dogknott, Big Game, Stitwell

The Boys 6

First appearance: Jaime, Vic, The Young Americans ( Team ),Drummer Boy

The Boys 7, 7b, 7c

First appearances: The Legend, Stormfront, Tek Knight, Swatto, Mind-Droid, Guiseppe, Swingwing, Payback ( team ), Laddio


The Boys 11

First appearance: Love Sausage

The Boys 12

First appearance: Vought American

The Boys 15

First appearance: Holy Mary

The Boys 19

First appearances: Lamplighter, Greg Mallory, Mister Marathon

The Boys 20, Sdcc

First appearance: G-Men (team ), Prof Bonzai, Dakota Bob

The Boys 23, b, c

First appearance: Silver Kincaid

The Boys 24, b, c

First appearances: Air Burst, Jetlag, Dime-Bag, Buzz Cut,Pinwheel, Cold Snap, Flamer, Dude with no Name, Luckless, Ground Hawk, Discharge, Critter, Europo, Five-Oh, Puss Puss ,Stacker, The Divine, G-Wiz ( team)

The Boys 25, c, d1:25

First appearance: Nubia

The Boys 45

First appearances: Oh-Father

The Boys 52

First appearances: Eagle the Archer, Man Bot, Steel Knight, The Avenging Squad ( Team )

Herogasm 1

First appearance: Soldier Boy, Crimson Countess,






Along with the first printings of the trades there are some other books to keep on your buy list

The Boys 1 ( Dynamite Edition )

Who knows what the print run is on this one but reprints are now routinely sought after by collectors. When Dynamite took over the series they issued this reprint for issue 1. Buy it cheap right now before the word gets out.

The Boys #1 Dynamite EditionThe Boys 18 Blank

The Boys 30 ( Jim Lee cover ) & negative variant

The Boys 35 Sketch cover variant

The Boys 39 and 40 1:15 Virgin

The Boys 58 Bikini Cover

The Boys 72

Last issue



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    I always felt that “the boy’s” was Garth Ennis revisiting what he originally started with his first outing at Marvel “The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe”….. Great stuff

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    A great and comprehensive overview of The Boys. I loved this series as it was unapologetic and wasn’t afraid to “go there”. I was never sure it could be adapted but Preacher made me see how a series with graphic moments could translate to the small screen. There will always be outrage but I’m glad to see the whole superhero trope tossed on its literal arse. I hope people see beyond the gore. An interesting tidbit, in #27, Bill Butcher is at a bar in Dallas, TX called The Grassy Knoll and is talking to an Irish bar owner named Proinsais. This ties directly into Ennis’ other creation Preacher where we learned that Proinsais Cassidy once owned a bar in Dallas called The Grassy Knoll.

    A few additional variants of issues that you flagged:
    #19 has an All Black Convention Variant
    #25 has a Red Foil Variant with a Dynamite COA that was limited to 200 copies
    #30 has a Virgin Variant of the Jim Lee Color Cover
    Herogasm #1 has a 1:15 Virgin Cover and a 1:25 Negative Cover

    There are a handful of other hard to find cool covers including two Emerald City Convention Variants of #18(Color & B&W) and a Glow In The Dark version of #22.

    And also, the series had a few great homage covers which include:
    #24(Animal House Movie Poster(see above))
    #26(X-Men #100)
    #38(Alien Movie Poster)
    #48(The Dark Knight Returns #1)
    #50(The Boys #1)

    And finally there is a short five page Boys story in the CBLDF Liberty Annual 2010 of which there are four Covers.

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    That Boys #1 Dynamite variant must have a pretty small print run despite the cover price.

    I mean for every Boys #1 Dynamite variant, I see 4 or 5 Boys #1 regular.

    This could simply be due to the regaular going for more though. But not too many out there.

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    I don’t think I had even heard of this series before. I just finished watching the tv series last night and loved it. Can’t wait for season 2. I picked up a copy of issue 1. Hoping it has 9.8 potential. Ennis will be in Baltimore in October.

  • Bryan

    I’m sure it’s been said somewhere before because it seems so obvious to me, but I take The Boys as Ennis’ Watchmen.

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