Variant Heat Check for 7/30/19



Thor #1 NYCC Adams Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepperpepper

I mean really, there were so many variants for this issue that I could’ve picked any one of them and I wouldn’t be wrong. A lot of people had already been speccing on Jane Foster (maybe not for a movie though), and along with the Ross 1:75, this book is on the rarer side. I feel like Natalie Portman will do a good job, so we’ll see where these Thor books go in the future. Currently selling for $70-90 raw, with a 9.8 hitting $270 and a 9.8 SS going for $330.


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Silver Surfer Black #2 SDCC Camuncoli Virgin Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepper

Sure this book has lost some steam, but getting $100 for attending a panel is a great deal. What’s really intriguing is the 25 print run black and white variants that were given away by C.B. Cebulski himself to random Marvel fans. If/When that book hits the market, watch out as it probably the rarest Marvel book ever printed (thanks to Doc Joe for the heads up).


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Stranger Things Six #1 SDCC Frison Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepper

Another interesting book that came out of SDCC was this 250 print run variant by Jenny Frison (who has fallen off a bit since DC B covers have cooled off). She’s still on top of her game, and fans shelling out over $100 would agree.


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