Trades Secrets #33


Hello agents. The past two weeks have been fast and furious for the Newton household, but I’ve still found time to dig through some current intel and find some actionable data. I always learn something new when I research trade paperbacks. Let’s dive in, learn, and have some fun.


GI Joe Classic Vol. 11


Volume 11 of the GI Joe Classic collection recently sold for a nice premium. I highlighted volume 15 in the past (it’s still the best one to find), but there are several others in the run that make for great flips. Volume 11 is one of those. It sold recently for $60

Volume 11 collects GI Joe #101-110.


Batman Detective BLIND JUSTICE Retailer Edition TPB


If you ever find this one in the wild don’t pass it by. This is the 1992 Blind Justice Retailer Seminar Edition. It is rare. It was given away at the same seminar as the Todd McFarlane Spider-Man Torment TPB. According to my research, these books are the first RRP editions (AKA variants). It sold last week for $75.

This TPB collects Detective Comics #598-600 with the covers and ads intact.


LONE WOLF AND CUB Vol 12 Omnibus


The last few issues of Lone Wolf and Cub are hard to find. So is the omnibus that reprints those issues, volume 12. It sold recently for $80.


X-Men Children of the Atom Epic Collection


This trade continues to sell at premium prices. It is out of print and in high demand. The most recent selling price I found was $125. That is actually the lowest selling price of the past two weeks.

Volume 1 (Children of the Atom) collects Uncanny X-Men 1st Series #1-23.

My research this past week proved to be entertaining and valuable. I hope you found it that way as well.


Agent Newton out.


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    It’s worth picking up any version of Blind Justice. The first edition ($7.50 price) and second aren’t going to get you $75, but they’ll get you above cover price.

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    Oh, Joe volumes 11/12 are going to be two of the most desirable volumes of the series. #11 reprints the prologue to the Battle of Benzeen (read: Gulf War) where a ton of Joes are killed off. The actual BoB is in 12, features more deaths, and was the last time the series was great.

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    I recently got that Lone and Wolf and Cub Omnibus for cover price. The manager of my old comic store moved down a lot of their older manga into the basement in order to make room for other things and that book was down there. So lucky me.

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    Hey, thanks for the heads up on that Lone Wold and Cub Omnibus! By the way, did you notice the interesting prices for the 4th, 6th and 11th volumes in that collection? I am basing this off of Amazon secondary market prices and not any ebay sales data, for what its worth.

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    Important to note that the X-Men Epic Collection Vol 1 is slated for a reprint as recently announced. Values will most likely dive once it is – such is the fickle market for collected editions.

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