Wizard Rewind July 2006

Welcome back for another edition of Wizard Rewind. Each month, I want to take a look back at a random issue of Wizard Magazine. So, let’s review what was being talked about and what was Hot all those years ago. And maybe for fun update a little Casting Call or even create one from scratch, while we are at it. But specifically, let’s review the Wizard Top 10 to see how those books are doing today. To better understand the market, we should have some idea of our history.

With that in mind, before I dive into the Top 10 from July 2006, let me set the stage and bring you back on a short trip to only 13 years ago. So, let’s all go back in the day…

Ok, so let’s turn back the clock to July 2006. It’s not a long trip, but 13 years is still the entire lifespan of a middle-schooler. And it’s surprising how cyclical the market can be, as you will see a lot of familiar books below that were being talked about then and are being looked at now.

So, what was going on in the world back in ’06? The STS-121 Mission launched the Space Shuttle Discovery, Detroit Red Wings legend Steve Yzerman officially retires from the NHL, Tiger Woods wins his 2nd consecutive British Open Championship title, and the world's longest running music show “Top of the Pops” is broadcast for the last time on BBC Two after 42 years.

Oh, let’s not forget that July is San Diego Comic Con. So, what was going on at SDCC back in the day? Sure, plenty of announcements, but this was pre MCU so the TV/movie news was a bit different. Samuel L. Jackson premiered clips from “Snakes on a Plane,” the underrated Neil Gaiman based movie Stardust was screened, as was the pilot for Heroes.

Dominating the Billboard charts for July ’06 was the Nelly Furtado hit Promiscuous. This collaboration with Timbaland topped the charts well into August. I suppose it was the song of the summer. BUT how great is that little shimmy below?

Anyway, over in theaters the summer box office was being dominated by the sequel Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. That movie was breaking records setting a then record opening weekend of $135,634,554.

Also released in July we had the long awaited Clerks II with the boys moving over to Mooby’s to flip burgers, a remake of Miami Vice featuring I guess that was Bullseye Colin Farrell and I suppose he will eventually still be Spawn Jamie Foxx, and another M. Night Shyamalan thriller in Lady in the Water with Opie Cunningham’s daughter.

My favorite release that month, would probably have been Little Miss Sunshine. Just a fantastic movie with a talented cast. Everyone in it was just pitch perfect in their roles. If you haven’t seen it, go check it out. Alan Arkin as an old man shooting up while on a road trip to his granddaughter’s beauty pageant so she can perform the stripper dance routine he taught her was just a delight.

Over on the small screen Pokémon broadcasts its final episode on Kids' WB! “Pasta La Vista”. I wasn’t a big Pokémon guy back in those days, as I was a bit too old for it; but I remember my brother being into to such things. But premiering that month were 2 solid shows in Brotherhood on Showtime, and Eureka on the USA Network.

Also, back in ’06 they never broadcast the Aquaman show pilot but they released it on iTunes. I think it was called Mercy Reef at one time. Not a good title but I was down to watch Ving Rhames every week as a lighthouse keeper.

The real gem of the month for me wasn’t on the big screens, and it wasn’t even something I noticed. Psych premiered on the USA Network on 7/7/06. I unfortunately didn’t watch it back then. It wasn’t until my eventual wife introduced it to me when we started dating the following winter.


I can’t praise this show enough. Is it silly? Absolutely. Is it cheesy at times? Sure. But I can’t get enough of Shawn and Gus. Bless you Hallmark Channel for still showing the reruns so my son can enjoy the hijinks our favorite psychic detectives got up to. Seriously, the references and guest stars alone make this show a must watch for folks from my generation.

A person looking at the camera Description automatically generated

Ok, now that we rewound your mindset back to 2006, keep rocking your Nike Dunk SB’s (I still do) let’s look back at this month’s Wizard.


Wizard Guide Value: $35.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 242
CGC 9.8 – $245.00 on 7/8/19
Raw – $35.00 on 7/11/19

With the announcement of a new Marvel Zombies series coming out way, this book becomes topical again. What’s old is new again, right?


Wizard Guide Value: $5.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 777
CGC 9.8 – $39.99 on 7/3/19
Raw – $1.25 on 6/16/19

Pretty cool Michael Turner Cover, which seems a bit more desired than the regular cover by Joe Quesada. Still pretty cheap these days and you can find it in a dollar bin if you keep your eyes open.


Wizard Guide Value: $15.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 70
CGC 9.8 – $16.99 on 6/11/15
Raw – $1.87 on 7/8/19

This is a variant that I didn't know about, but there were a lot of random incentive variants pre-New 52.

I'd grab any of them that I came across, if they were cheap. They aren't easy to track down in the wild.


Wizard Guide Value: $32.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 329
CGC 9.8 – $34.66 on 6/11/19
Raw – $16.00 on 6/27/19

Not as hot as it was back in '06 but this books still trades at a premium. Older incentives will always have some interest from collectors.

And this David Finch cover still impresses even if it is just a sketch cover. Normally I am not a fan of sketch covers. I prefer a finished product.


Wizard Guide Value: $8.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 142
CGC 9.8 – $22.83 on 11/30/18
Raw – $4.25 on 6/8/19 (in a lot #536-543)

Pretty cool cover, but there isn't much interest in this book in today's market.
This was out in between Thor’s “death” in Ragnarök, and his return in a new series.


Wizard Guide Value: $16.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 24
CGC 9.8 – $50.62 on 8/1/16
Raw – N/A

Not sure I've ever seen this variant. I would grab it for cheap if I found it.

As I said, I'd take a flier on an older variant if the price is right. And this cover is pretty nice, all things considered. Simple, yet effective.


Wizard Guide Value: $20.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 4
CGC 9.8 – $64.99 on 2/4/17
Raw – $9.99 on 6/27/19

Great Adam Hughes Star Wars cover. Luckily, I found this in a dollar bin a while back.

But this book still has some interest even if it isn’t cannon. Or is it? I have no idea. If it wasn’t on the big screen my knowledge in such things is admittedly limited.


Wizard Guide Value: $25.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 288
CGC 9.8 – $36.99 on 7/7/19
Raw – $9.91 on 6/21/19

Not sure of the ratio on this one, but there were a lot of copies of this book.

It's a great read, but I'm not really feeling this Neal Adams cover. In my opinion, he has lost some of the magic he once had.


Wizard Guide Value: $8.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 1,264
CGC 9.8 – $130.50 on 7/5/19
Raw – $20.00 on 7/18/19

First Iron Spider outfit still moves at a decent clip. Well up from its modest cost back in 2006.

This had heat out of the gate, but this has not only maintained value in the market, but increased it.


Wizard Guide Value: $5.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 185
CGC 9.8 – $40.00 on 5/24/19
Raw – $2.00 on 7/13/19

This book is plentiful. Both the Hero and Villain covers can be found in dollar bins. It’s a beautiful series.  The art is just superb and worth having in the PC.

The real gems, however, are the 2nd print versions of this series.

Before we wrap up this month’s look back, let’s dive into a couple more features from this issue. Apart from the Top 10 list, Wizard also offered a lot of other features. This issue had a spotlight on Taskmaster, a preview of Blade: The Series, a sneak peek into Sin City 2, and a feature on Wonder Woman. This issue in particular had a focus on the 100 Greatest Villains ever.  So, let’s take a look.

This was a good list for the time. A lot of good inclusions. Some personal highlights of mine:

  • #100 Mr. Joshua – A bit low for my tastes, but this was not my list so let’s see where it goes.
  • #88 Frank Booth – Also too low for me. But I am a big Blue Velvet and David Lynch fan.
  • #82 Mr. Blonde – Again, this character had a bigger impact on me. Tarantino, c’mon.
  • #78 RJ Fletcher – I love UHF, and appreciate the pick; but this is an honorable mention at best
  • # 73 Biff Tannen – My heart feels he should be higher, but my head says this is prob right
  • #61 Johnny Lawrence – Was he the villain? I’m not so sure anymore.
  • #49 Amanda Woodward – I wasn’t a Melrose guy, but to have her higher than General Zod (58)?
  • #43 Serpentor – I love G.I. Joe. But higher than Cobra Commander (#53)? Get outta here.

  • #33 Tony Soprano – Greater than Michael Corleone (#39)?
  • #32 Hans Gruber – Rickman not in the top 10? Travesty.
  • #22-23 – Darkseid & Thanos – Bout time I mention a comic villain? Sure, but this seems right.
  • #18 Galactus – Top 20, you know that’s right.
  • #15 Pennywise – I like it. Scared the crap outta me.
  • #11 Darth Vader – Outside the Top 10? Really? Behind the Shark from Jaws?

A person in a suit and tie Description automatically generated

  • #9 Pinhead – I love Pinhead, but higher than Vader? I’ve lost all faith in this list.
  • #8 Lex Luthor – I like it, but still salty about Darth.

  • #5 Zombies – I guess, but I still can’t get past Vader.
  • #4 Dr. Doom – Agreed, I’d prob have Doom ahead of Vader, but not by much.
  • #3 Palpatine – I know he’s the Sith Lord, but c’mon.
  • #2 Pazuzu – Ok now you are just messing with me. This should be Doom, and Vader #3
  • #1 Joker – No argument here.

Also in this issue there was a few very interesting little sidebars in the price guide. I feel it’s worth some time to look at these at least in passing. Take for instance the below highlight on Neil Gaiman books you must own. With the announcement of Sandman coming to Netflix, this is another hit that is still topical today. Just look at the snippet below. $18 for Sandman #8? Yes, please.

Another pair of fun little inserts were Top 5 Bets and Top 5 Premium Comics. Top 5 Bets were books released the prior month, June 2006 that Wizard felt would have some long-term legs. So, let’s see how they did along with looking at their hottest 5 Premium Incentive covers at the time.


Wizard Guide Value: $2.99
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 146
CGC 9.8 – $27.99 on 2/5/19
Raw – $3.99 on 7/12/19

Big Spidey reveal in this issue. Seems topical given the post credit scene in Far From Home


Wizard Guide Value: $1.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 17
CGC 9.8 – $1.25 on 7/24/17
Raw – $1.99 on 6/30/19

Just way too many copies of this jumping on book. It was only a buck when it came out, so shops ordered heavy. But 80 pages for $1 is as good a deal now as it was then.


Wizard Guide Value: $4.99
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 35
CGC 9.8 – $17.50 on 10/6/16
Raw – $4.43 on 6/24/19

Now that Thor Ragnarök has used the Planet Hulk story already, there isn’t much interest left in a book like this. But who knows down the line? Worth a buck if you find it in a bin.


Wizard Guide Value: $2.99
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 336
CGC 9.8 – $55.00 on 3/21/19
Raw – $9.99 on 7/14/19

Pretty nice Terry Dodson cover on this new #1 for Wonder Woman. This book has maintained interest in the marketplace, as any #1 WW would.

Remember the good ol’ days when there was only 1 cover for a #1?


Wizard Guide Value: $2.99
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 734
CGC 9.8 – $29.99 on 7/8/19
Raw – $8.25 on 6/12/19

These books were scorching back when Captain America: Civil War was out in theaters. Now they are a footnote in Marvel history, but still worth a few bucks.


Wizard Guide Value: $280.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 66
CGC 9.8 – $108.20 on 6/12/19
Raw – N/A

Gotta love a Jim Lee Sketch. Not a big sketch cover fan, but Jim Lee is an exception for me. But as much as I like this, the image isn’t complete without Scott William’s finishes.


Wizard Guide Value: $75.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 60
CGC 9.8 – $50.00 on 2/24/19
Raw – $34.99 on 5/25/19

Not a bad cover, but this mini went on a bit too long. This was a giant size special at best, why did it need 6 issues?


Wizard Guide Value: $48.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 165
CGC 9.8 – $149.99 on 7/3/15
Raw – $57.99 on 7/11/19

I prefer the color version, but you can't go wrong with Michael Turner.


Wizard Guide Value: $35.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – N/A
CGC 9.8 – N/A
Raw – $9.99 on 4/30/19

Never heard of this or seen it. Also, can't find it online anywhere. Ghost?


Wizard Guide Value: $38.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 42
CGC 9.8 – $90.00 on 3/22/19
Raw – $9.16 on 4/22/19

Convention exclusive that isn't easy to find nowadays, but it also isn't too expensive when it does appear on the market. Could be worth keeping an eye out for it.

A person wearing a hat and glasses Description automatically generated

And that’s not enough. This issue had a couple more interesting inserts within the Price Guide was a Top 5 Must Have List and a Top 5 over 5 List. The Must have list has a few interesting titles showing how the variant game was a growing force within the hobby. Really in its infancy, you can already see how preferences were leaning towards variants. And then the Top 5 Books over 5 Years old, even at that time features books that are still very relevant today.



Wizard Guide Value: $22.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 267
CGC 9.8 – $49.99 on 6/23/19
Raw – $3.25 on 6/4/19

Michael Turner again. He was the man back in the early-mid 2000's


Wizard Guide Value: $42.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 345
CGC 9.8 – $49.99 on 4/7/19
Raw – $14.50 on 7/12/19

So many copies of this book, but the variant is still a decent grab. Much cheaper today than in its heyday.


Wizard Guide Value: $4.99
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 718
CGC 9.8 – $66.49 on 7/3/19
Raw – $0.99 on 7/11/19

Yet another Turner cover. I'm always on the lookout for his Supergirl covers in the dollar bins.


Wizard Guide Value: $32.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 329
CGC 9.8 – $34.66 on 6/11/19
Raw – $16.00 on 6/27/19

As noted above in the Hot 10, early 2000's incentives could be decent grabs in case a character/artist gets hot.


Wizard Guide Value: $6.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 172
CGC 9.8 – $120.00 on 11/21/18
Raw – $12.95 on 6/24/19

One of many Captain America #1's over the last decade or so. This was the start of a pretty great Ed Brubaker run that gave us the return of Bucky.


Wizard Guide Value: $200.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 19
CGC 9.8 – $50,000 on 2/28/19
Raw – $499.95 on 7/16/19

This book is a beast these days, See last week's Usual Suspects for more Moon Knight info.


Wizard Guide Value: $32.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 17
CGC 9.8 – $1.25 on 7/24/17
Raw – $1.99 on 6/30/19

Where have you gone Superboy Prime? This book was hot not that long ago. If we see Superboy Prime return, so will the demand for this book.

3 FLASH #92

Wizard Guide Value: $22.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 35
CGC 9.8 – $17.50 on 10/6/16
Raw – $4.43 on 6/24/19

This book is bound to heat up again. Bart Allen has a loyal fanbase and his 1st appearance should command more $'s


Wizard Guide Value: $18.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 336
CGC 9.8 – $55.00 on 3/21/19
Raw – $9.99 on 7/14/19

Honestly didn't know anything about this book, but it seems it's a multiple Lex multiple Superman pre-crisis tale.


Wizard Guide Value: $10.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 734
CGC 9.8 – $29.99 on 7/8/19
Raw – $8.25 on 6/12/19

Surprised this book still has value, but then I saw it's the 1st appearance of Crispus Allen who would go on to become The Spectre. I wonder if he might be a character on the CW's Batwoman.

So anyway, moving on. As I’ve noted before, one other feature that always catches my eye is any sort of Buried Treasure or under-valued highlight. In this issue Wizard gave us a very topical Treasure Hunt, which if you acted on their advice 13 years ago, would’ve made you a nice little profit.


Wizard Guide Value: $7.00
Recent Sales Data:
CGC 9.8 Census – 153
CGC 9.8 – $259.00 on 7/8/19
Raw – $20.99 on 7/15/19

What I find interesting is that they didn’t go with #196 that everyone knows. They went with the 1st Cameo appearance as the 1st appearance and did so without qualification.

OK, so that was a lot of research and books to revisit. Now for some fun. Once again if this doesn’t appeal to you, I have saved it for the end so you can skip it. But this month’s wizard didn’t even have a Casting Call for me. They did a mini one inside their Wonder Woman Feature where they did a quick casting.

This wasn’t a bad casting for 2006. Mr. & Mrs. Smith was a hit. Both bankable stars, and Angelina was perfect for the role. She pulled off Lara Croft, so it isn’t a stretch to say she could’ve done Diana Prince right.

And Brad Pitt is a favorite of mine. I just enjoy his movies. He makes smart choices, so if he signed on for a WW movie, I would feel comfortable that it wasn’t just a money grab.

I do like Kate Beckinsale too, and I suppose I could see he as an older Donna Troy. Not to say Beckinsale was old, but she was no Teen Titan in 2006.

Cate Blanchett would have my money for whatever she wants to do. She is just awesome. I still can’t believe that she was Simon Pegg’s girlfriend at the start of Hot Fuzz and you never even see her face under all the CSI gear. I love cameo stuff like that.

And Peter Dinklage is great. We all know this. He absolutely could’ve pulled off Dr. Psycho, but this one still feels too on the nose.

That said, I decided that we already have a pretty great Wonder Woman, and I have no complaints over the casting I have seen thus far. Yes, I will give Kristen Wiig a chance as Cheetah. Comedic actors have the chops to do other things. I trust this is the right move.  So, I will see how the 2nd WW flick does as I am optimistic and really looking forward to it.

I decided to cherry pick the feature from this issue of Wizard that I felt offered me the most interesting Casting Call Challenge. I went with the opening feature spotlighting Geoff Johns reboot of the Justice Society of America as it gives me a broad range of classic characters as well as some new young guns. Following the end of the JSA series, Goff Johns and Dale Eaglesham were gearing up to relaunch a new Justice Society book in the fall with Alex Ross on Covers. Obviously, there will be no comparison, so you are just stuck with my picks.

My movie would follow pretty close to that 1st arc of Geoff John’s the Justice Society of America run. And I think I’d like J.J. Abrams on board to direct it. I feel he could manage the generational handoff aspect, as he’s done with Star Wars.

A close up of a newspaper Description automatically generated

So once again, just for fun, let me give try and see what I can come up with to cast this movie today. With that, this is my pitch to cast a Justice Society movie made today without any regard to logic, budget, or star power.

Ok, I realize that there was a lot of characters in this Casting Call, but consider that I only got partway through the JSA roster. I’m just saying. There’s still Citizen Steel, Magog, Judomaster, Spectre, Doctor Fate, Atom, Johnny Thunder, Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Jakeem Thunder, Captain Marvel, I mean Shazam. I could go on all day here.

Ok so that’s another month in the books. Hopefully, you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy looking back to the past. Thanks for your time for those that made it this far, and once again, I leave you with these familiar words of wisdom.

“If you do not know where you come from, then you don't know where you are, and if you don't know where you are, then you don't know where you're going. And if you don't know where you're going, you're probably going wrong.” ― Terry Pratchett 

**Graded sale data courtesy of Gocollect.com and Raw sale averages provided by Covrprice.com**

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  • Avatar

    im impressed that you went through the most magazine!!

  • accustomfigures

    Love these. FYI, that Teen Titans #34 is not part of the New 52. It came out 5 years prior to the New 52, which was in 2011.

    And Michael Mann’s Miami Vice movie is badass.

  • Avatar

    Always enjoyed the Wizard Top 5 Over 5 and Treasure Hunt. I would love to see a good JSA film done.

  • Ilovecomicbooks

    Nice article!. How long did it take you to type that? Thanks for putting the hard work.

  • Avatar

    This issue is why I bough Avengers 195 in a 9.8 instead of 196. Such a big difference now!

    • Peter Renna

      Good move on your part. I still need both, but at these process I will prob just wait it out for he eventually drop following the film’s release when people bail.

  • Avatar

    Awesome article as always! I was wondering when comparing the price at the time and the current price if we should take inflation into consideration bravura I feel if we consider inflation then any comic that remain flat actually lost value. Is this correct?

    • Peter Renna

      That’s an interesting question. The tricky part about it, is that not only has there been inflation, but even the cover price cost of books has gone up exponentially the last 20 years. I mean I’ve been in this game long enough to remember the bump from $1.00 to $1.25. And then the Image prices coming in at $1.99. Let’s not forget DC drawing the line at $2.99. And now we ae getting regular books sneaking up to $5.99. I’m looking at you Blade vs. Wolverine and some of these DC cardstock B covers.

      But to get back to your inflation point, I would say yes a flat price would indicate loss, but that would only be true in a vacuum. Even if a price appears flat now, it most likely had a rise and fall, ebb and flow price over the years where you could have made or lost money at different points.

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    Awesome work. Absolutely love these write-ups. Keep up the amazing work

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    Am I reading that correctly: WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #32 with a CGC 9.8 went for $50K???

    • Peter Renna

      Yeah that’s what Comic Link had at auction in February. 85 bids to get there too.

      • Avatar

        Geez…you think that’s the proper pricing for that book? Just thinking of what other CGC 9.8 comparables there would be within and around the $50K range that are far better investments…

        • Peter Renna

          Personally, that is crazy pricing. I realize there are only 19 CGC 9.8’s but I think that should be closer to may $20k. Maybe $15k. No way would I spend $50k on that book. I’d rather put that $ towards an AF15 CGC 5.5

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