1 Spawn #299 SDCC Variant /500

WRITER: Todd McFarlane
ARTIST: Jason Shawn Alexander
Whoa, this is now approaching $500.  Over time, I can see this becoming a $1k book.  Spawn fans will continue to want this and it will become increasingly hard to find once the actual collector's put this away in their collections.

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2 Tomb of Dracula #10

WRITER: Marv Wolfman
ARTIST: Gene Colan and Jack Abel
Marvel's announcement for this movie in the MCU is apparently what fans were wanting.  9.8’s are at an all time high at $7200, 9.4 the same at $4000, 9.0 $2000, on and on….insanity.

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3 What If… #10

WRITER: Don Glut
ARTIST: Various
What was about a $15 raw book last week has soared to $100+.  Congrats to those that picked up those 9.8’s a week or two before the Marvel panel at SDCC stating that Jane Foster would be Thor in the upcoming movie.

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4 Marvel Comics Presents (Vol. 3) #6 2nd Print Paulo Siqueira 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
Yeah, it's the whole, 2nd print incentive variant thing that people hate…or apparently don't based on the sold prices as this one is in excess of $100.  Maybe people just really like Wolvie’s daughter on the cover.  I will say that no store anywhere close to me was ordering 25 copies of this 2nd print…  

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5 Avengers #43

WRITER: Roy Thomas
ARTIST: John Buscema
A month ago this was like a $10 raw book.  Confirmation of Red Guardian in the Black Widow movie and now it is a $60-100 raw book.

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6 Thor (Vol. 4) #1

WRITER: Jason Aaron
ARTIST: Russell Dauterman
This was basically a $1 book until the SDCC announcement and boom, its $40-50.  Don’t forget about the later printings for those that care about that.

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7 Age of Conan: Belit #5 Jenny Frison 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Tini Howard
ARTIST: Kate Niemczyk
How many stores ordered 25 copies of this title?  Probably not many and hence the current $70 price tag.  Oh, and it does have Frison for a cover artist…

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8 Magnificent Ms. Marvel #5

WRITER: Saladin Ahmed
ARTIST: Minkyu Jung
Can’t see a long term play on this because of a new costume, but I’m sure that the print run wasn’t high on this one.  Pretty cool Secret Wars #8 homage though.  $15-20

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9 Farmhand #1

WRITER: Rob Guillory
ARTIST: Rob Guillory
Option news and boom, this one hits $25.  We have seen this before in other Image titles, though, so tread carefully as these tend to fall back after the initial news.

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10 Marvel Fanfare #11

WRITER: Ralph Macchio
ARTIST: George Perez
Iron Maiden!  Oops, not the group.  Anyway, Rachel Weisz has been cast and NM copies are now $25-30.

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Heathen #1

WRITER: Natasha Alterici
ARTIST: Natash Alterici
Twilight fans will be happy that the director, Catherine Hardwicke has been assigned to this project.  Back up to a $25 book

Chamber of Chills #18

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Lee Elias (cover)
Very few of these have been sold, but a 7.0 just sold for $2k.  Guide is appx. $250ish and the last sold copy that I could find in this grade was a file copy in 2012 for $239.  Super creepy cover from Lee Elias.

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  • Avatar

    1st comment 😎

    The Blade book was red hot. I doubled my investments on 2 books I just bought last year.

    Great list as always!

  • Bill

    Was able to nab 2 copies of Spawn 299. I immediately sold when got back home. Starting to feel like maybe I should have held a few more weeks

    • Avatar

      Wow man u sold way too quickly, common error, these Spawm books were definitely hold investments

      • Avatar

        Chill, don’t give him too much of a hard time… sometimes it’s the best way to go (to sell early), I’m sure he’s already beating himself up about the prices. But that’s just how it go, you can’t get them all right. So long as you profited, there’s always another book to come, chalk this one up to the game.

  • Avatar

    Wow. You’re ignoring Starslayer #10. It’s getting some crazy love on ebay right now. It’s the first appearance of Grimjack, which has just been optioned as a show by the Russo brothers

  • Avatar

    The What If? #10 is quite embarrassing really; buying the first appearance of Thordis for no good reason. It shows a problem with romanticizing older books just for the sake of doing so, it’s unrelated to the movie news as per Jane foster being Thor.

    • Avatar

      It’s first Jane with the hammer no getting around that, and it’s old 1978 compared to a 2014 modern. What If #10 was the book people were buying when Thor #1 2014 came out, so makes sense people are buying it now.

  • Avatar

    Probably could have done an entire Top 10 just for Marvel post-SDCC related hot books. LOL
    Some really big spikes on a lot of those.

  • Avatar

    Ms. Marvel 5 gets a new costume that is sort of like a symbiote, but a nanosuit that appears to have a life of its own, and “bonded” with Kamala.

    And seeing how the cover is an homage to secret wars 8…well, it’s just a little too coincidental, don’t you think?

    So it seems to be a different but same kinda spin in the symbiote thing. Instead of being an alien, it’s artificially intelligent.

    Could be a long term hold…at least it’s a cool homage cover.

  • Avatar

    I got my book tomb of Dracula # 10 July 5th last year. I always knew blade in the MCU he started. Now my book is to keep.

  • SupernaturalDavid

    The prices on that Spawn #299 SDCC variant are ridiculous. All Spawn con variants drop in value over time.

  • Avatar

    Surprised to not see Naomi #1 SDCC variant on this list. It was selling easily for $40 during SDCC and now around $20. However, as far Naomi #1 scarcity goes, this will be the book to have in the future.

  • Avatar

    Was able to get a Tomb of Dracula #10 just as the news broke and before the prices spiked. Glad I did but was still more than I wanted to spend for an impulse buy. Not complaining in the least! Also, surprised Eternals #1 isn’t on this list. Been selling very well, especially since SDCC.

  • Avatar

    Spawn is a book that will always be a good investment in the long run. No problem with making a quick profit, but I would not be afraid to put it away. There indeed might be times when prices will temporarily drop, but if reaching #300 proves anything, it’s Spawn is here to stay. Compared to a few years back Spawn prices are up all across the board, even for issues one might’ve deemed dollar bin fodder, based on actual print runs.

  • Ben C

    That Chamber!!

    I love how Pre Code Horror is adding new “classic covers” to everyone’s want list every time something obscure comes to auction.

    Great list as always Stein, thanks for taking the time to research and report!!

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