Ditko’s Package, Jane Foster, Fat Freddy’s Cat and More!


Welcome back Speculators!

My pics this week are not all SDCC follow ups.  I have included a lot of other stuff you might be interested in.  Check it out!



Ditko Package

Jason Shaw and I finished our Atlas Seaboard article a while back but I forgot to include one important book.  Because the  Ditko character Wrecage was never utilized he later  added the character here and on cover!  What is interesting is that the name was altered slightly as well as the design.  This means Ditko likely did not own the rights to the character meaning Atlas/Paramount is probably free to use him.

NOTE:  There is a rare second printing for this book




Weird War Stories 1

First Death in DC

Death was usually depicted as a skeletal structure in DC comics.  This is the first appearance in DC and could prove relevant down the road.




The Witching Hour 56

First Female Death in DC

Not Death the Endless or is it?  Gaiman has stated that Death the Endless is a different character but there are instances where Death's appearance is revealed to be different depending on who looks upon her.  Either way this is still the first female Death in DC and it appears to be tough to find in high grade.



Iron Man 2: Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D.

First appearance of the Ten Rings Logo

With the real Mandarin cast for Shang-Chi there is something really interesting about the MCU character.  Yes he was impersonated by Trevor in the divisive Iron Man sequel but later videos and comics show that the Mandarin was real. He was also referenced in Ant-Man.  In the MCU the Ten Rings are a network of terrorist cells not rings.  Who knows if the are gonna go the alien tech rout from the undervalued Tales of Suspense 62 but the groundwork is already laid.  I still suspect some kind of trickery from the MCU,  why do a Shang film if the enemy isn't family?

The logo for the Ten Rings was seen in an easy to miss moment for the first time in this comic.




Fat Freddy's Cat 1, 1 UK

Freddy's cat has appeared earlier in collected strips from Rip Off but I suspect he will be the show's breakout character.  This is his first solo comic. The UK version is a pretty rare underground.  Make sure the price is 50p.  There are multiple UK printings just like here is the US and determining underground firsts isn't easy.





Warp 5

First appearance of Grimjack ( Cameo in shadow ) and Munden's Bar

Now that is a cover!  I suspect hot chick cover junkies would be all over this already if not for the dude in the V piece.

Not only is this the first for Grimjack ( look close! ) but it is the first Munden's Bar, owned by Grimjack and that is important as the bar acts as a sort of multiversal hub for many, many characters!  This book is a massive Grim key, Munden plays a pretty big role, oh and series creator John Ostrander confirmed this appearance.




Hellblazer 8

First appearance Astra Logue

Flying under the radar is this first for Astra.  Victim of a failed exorcism by Constantine, she is set to be the primary villain on the upcoming season of LOT.


All New All Different Marvel Previews

Uh….looks like Marvel spoiled who Thorita was wayyyyy before issue 8 in this mag size giveaway!





Thor Heaven & Earth 4

It doesn't get much better than Thor fighting a dragon.


This foreign has a bit of everything for Grimjack collectors, killer cover, rarity and it collects all the Grimjack firsts including Warp 5!




Wizard 191

Kingdom Come are is the kind of Ross stuff I live for.  Thanks to Brandon Routh this one is also currently relevant.



Considering how Jane Foster Thor covers have exploded here are two worth checking out that are currently underappreciated.  The first is a pretty sick all female cover variant and the second might be the only Coulson cover I will actually buy.








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