Indie Spotlight Series 37


Hello everyone and welcome back to Indie Spotlight Series.  My family has had a rough couple of weeks with the unexpected passing of my Super Hero, my Dad, Dave.  Never leave “I love you” left unsaid and take nothing for granted.  Family is everything so take time for the ones you love.  Life is short so live it to the fullest, as my Dad did………1957 -2019.

Now onto what everyone came here for.. COMICS.  Kind of a slow week in my opinion but there are still opportunities out there and some damn good reads, so let's get to it.



Star Pig 1


The IDW train is rolling with its creator owned properties and Star Pig 1 could be the next one that is primed to take off.  Billed as a nostalgic science fiction thrill ride the story follows the story of a teen who is fighting to survive a space ship crash on her way to summer camp.  Very outlandish but if done right it could work.  The 1:10 incentive variant has already seen multiple sales above ratio and is going for around $17 before shipping.  There is also an SDCC variant that is going for around $25 and if this book heats up that will be one to watch as well.




The Electric Black 2

Scout Comics

I am most looking forward to reading this book this week as I so thoroughly enjoyed issue 1!  I can't say enough about the quality of this book so far and hope it keeps pace or even gets stronger.  So many possibilities of which way this horror tale could go as we were left with a big cliffhanger in issue 1.  This is definitely a series that everyone should keep their eyes on as almost all cover price copies of issue 1 have dried up on eBay.  I believe this book will be a tough find tomorrow as well so if you see it at cover it may be worth the pick up.  




TMNT rise of TMNT sound off 1 of 3


I'm going to ride the turtle train on this new series and see what happens.  There is no denying how hot the Ninja Turtles are right now after the appearance of Jennika as a turtle in issue 95.  This book has caused a back issue explosion of epic proportions.  Although this story is unrelated don't count this book out. The 1:10 Variant will be hard to find and has already seen sales above $15 before shipping.




Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 41

Boom! Studios

A continuation from the big events of issue 40, this issue will be a must have for Power Ranger fans.  Lots going on in this series and more and more rumors surrounding Power Rangers movies.  I will be looking to pick up the story variant for this one as I think all of these variants in a set after the next 9 issues will go for a premium… Arunes B.O.L.O. audible! You've been warned!




Monster World Golden Age 1 of 6

American Gothic Press

This is my sleeper pick of the week, and it comes to us from American Gothic Press.  This is a new arc from the series Monster World and from what I have seen looks very good. I have always been a fan of this series though, so I may be biased.  Follow Detective Hank Barrymore as he hunts a witch through Oklahoma.  But this isn't just any Witch, it's one he fell in love with.  Should be an entertaining read if nothing else. I love Nat Jones cover B.




Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week


Ascender 4

Image Comics

Farmhand 10

Image Comics

Lazarus Risen 2

Image Comics

Little Bird 1 Fourth Print

Image Comics

Middlewest 9

Image Comics

Redneck 22

Image Comics

Spawn 298 Second Print

Image Comics

The Weather Man Volume 2 #2

Image Comics – Love the B Cover

Alien Rescue 1

Dark Horse Comics

Invisible Kingdom 5

Dark Horse Comics

Starcraft Survivors 1

Dark Horse Comics

Glow Summer Special One Shot


Night Moves 5


Crackdown 3


Bone Parish 11

Boom! Studios


Boom! Studios

Aberrant Season two #5

Action Lab (love the Oscar Meyer homage)

Afterburn Crossfire 3 of 4

Red 5

Archie 706 Archie and Sabrina part 2

Archie Comics

Archie vs. Predator 2

Archie Comics

At the end of your Teether 2

Lion Forge

Betty and Veronica Jumbo Comic Digest 275

Archie Comics

Crucified 2

Scout Comics

Dark Red 5

Aftershock Comics

Drawing Blood Spilled Ink 3 of 4

Kevin Eastman Studios

Grumble 8

Albatross Funnybooks

Honor and Curse 6

Mad Cave Studios (this is my cover pick of the week)

Killer Groove 3


La Muerta Retribution 1

Coffin Comics

Lady Death The Reckoning

Coffin Comics

Life is Strange 7

Titan Comics

Livewire 8


Planet of the Nerds 4


Psi Lords 2


A Walk Through Hell 12

Aftershock Comics

Zombie Tramp 62

Action Lab



Worth A Read


Reaver 1

Image Comics

Absolutely loved this book and can't wait for issue 2. Imagine the Suicided Squad in Medieval times and that is damn near the equivalent of this book.  Love the character development and the world building is phenomenal.  We follow a band of prisoners who have no choice but to help the very empire that has sentenced them all to death.  This first issue is all about the “break out “ for plausible deniability and it sets up issue two very well.  These souls will not just endure human elements and dangers, but also a black magic that is fed off of mass human sacrifice temple.  This is a book that is definitely worth checking out for an entertaining read, and it is also doing well on the secondary market to boot.  This is a Skybound book under the Image banner and Skybound titles have been hitting their stride lately with option news. Don't sleep on this book.



Thanks to everyone for reading and it's good to be back. Good luck tomorrow.


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