July 22


Happy post-sdcc! Hope you all had a great time, either there or grabbing goodies online.

In addition to the Marvel madness panel, I saw that She Could Fly was optioned, and that there will be a Justice League Dark sequel that is said to feature Apokolips and New Genesis.


Picker uppers!


It doesn’t happen as much as it used to when a seller counters your “How many do you have?” question with, “How many do you need?”


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Who is Psylocke?


She is the twin of Captain Britain. She was originally a telepath but her mind was then placed in the body of a Japanese female ninja named Kwannon.


I think there’s still a chance to get her character right on screen. Who knows how long until they try again. We shall see!


Here’s our first look at Betsy…



The villain Dr. Synne, who could control the minds of others and levitate objects, also first appears in here. Through a super computer, Mastermind, he gained powers that allowed him to tap into the mind of Betsy and use her physic powers. This may be the first time her powers were used.



Braddock Manor also first appears, which is later called Braddock Academy. It is like Professor X’s school and Avengers Academy, but for Britain’s finest youth in training to become future heroes. I see Avengers Arena #1 from 2012-13 debuts a handful of these new heroes. Don’t have the book… yet.

Does it make sense to have this academy in the upcoming Captain Britain film? I mean, he should eventually lead some type of team, shouldn’t he? And if so, how about a She-Thor-like blindsiding with an on-screen run-in with a young Avengers team? Or X-Men? Or Fantastic Four? Loving these endless possibilities!


Map time!

Baxter Building, the Fantastic Four’s Headquarters!



There are other stories in here that are reprints of Fantastic Four issues, though there may be splash pages that have not been published before.


Take a stand. A news stand? : )


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These Spawn #1’s and newsstands in general still pop up for sale without mention of “Newsstand” or “Variant”. Are we only putting “Spawn Newsstand” in our searches?

Important to note that the newsstand too has the poster centerfold.



I’m all in for anything Image Newsstand, including Wildcats #2, non-prism.


Let’s go first appearance hunting in Wildcats #2, shall we?


Wildcats #2, 1992. Newsstand.


Goodbye, prism cover! Another somewhat tough find. I love this team. I recall the short-lived cartoon airing around the time of X-Men TAS (early to mid-90’s).


There are a few first appearances…

The Blacks Razors, an International Operations fighting force. They are some of the best trained human fighters who deal with parahuman threats. Benito Santini is the leader of the Black Razors.



Interruption from DC! Batman/Joker trying their best to get more views and subscribers, long before webpage views and Youtube subscribers were a thing! 16 bits of pure excitement!






A Mercenary trio, composed of…



Real Name: Maxwell Bruns. Leader of Troika.



Real name: Charles Sweeney. His brain was put inside a huge android-like machine.



Real name: Heinrich Hester, formerly a German mercenary exposed to toxic chemicals, turning him into molten rock and lava.

What’s also cool about this book is a 4-page preview story of Wetworks. This book is from 1992 and from what I had known, they did not first appear until the Ashcan issue in 1993.




This may also be the first time Wildcats and Youngblood teams meet?





Incredible Hulk #181, 2019 Facsimile Edition, Marvel Comics.

Yes, this is an official Marvel Comic Book. Like the Fantastic Four #1 Facsimile reprint, I love how these don’t have a banner across the top, though the barcode is a bit painful to look at. Still, it’s one of the nicest Hulk #181 reprints made yet!


Did you know?

Speaking of some cool Hulk/Wolverine moments, in Hulk #8, Wolverine pokes the Hulk’s eyes out and Hulk snaps his claws off. I like Classic X-Men #30 cover as well as far as Hulk/Wolvie lore goes…



Sad Face Hulk


Those might take the cake if it weren't for … Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk. In it, Hulk eats people, Wolverine gets be-headed and lives through it, and from what these covers are showing below, the Hulk straight rips Wolverine in half! I guess it’s safe to say he lives through that as well? If so, then the question on my mind shifts to… Baby Groot-like Wolverine head and arms, or Baby Groot-like Wolverine torso and legs? Ha!


Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk


Variant time!




Star Trek Boldly Go #1, 2016 RI 1:25, IDW Publishing

Q Conflict RI from earlier this year brought Star Trek comics some much needed attention. It had about 400 made. This Boldly Go is right around 600 made.


Donald Quest #1, 2016 RI, IDW Publishing

Disney IDW RIs have not yet had their day in the sun. But the majority of them have less than 500 print runs. This one’s no different.


Transformers Robots in Disguise #1, 2012, 2nd Printing, IDW Publishing

Having a hard time believing only 12K were printed between 5 covers for the #1 issue. 2,400 printed a piece? Though we know books with multiple non-ratio covers never get printed equally. Not sure what that puts this 2nd print at. Less than a thousand?


Extraordinary X-Men #1 2015/2016 JSC Var

A Magik cover by one of the most popular artists in comics that’s selling somewhat cheap. Probably because there are about 5,000 of these out there?


Venom #1, 2011 2nd Print

Love the red cover. The 3rd (orange) and 4th (pink) prints are much more dried up than this one.


Swamp Thing #1 2016, 1:25 RI

So sad this book was cancelled after only 6 issues. Another under the radar book. Not terribly in demand, but when we get more swamp thing, I’m guessing this will not be a super easy find. About 30K first prints produced, so potentially about 1,200 of these out there?

#1 from 2011 series is interesting. In it, a new person becomes Swamp Thing.


Teen Titans #89, 2011, Frank Quitely Var

Damian Wayne Cover! I remember Trey-K mentioning this a while back, and because of that, I always keep an eye out for it.


Teen Titans #88, 2010, Adam Hughes Var

Mister Hughes! This one’s been somewhat flying under the radar, with TT75 Hughes taking the spotlight.

For both of these Titans books, I’m seeing roughly 30K made, putting the variants at around 3K ea.


Alright, comic fans. It’s time to get back to the real world. Real world, MTV! No, not that real world. The ‘outside of comics’ real world. Yes, that place exists! The 9-5. The, ‘what we all do to pay for our addiction’, I mean, hobby! Sad Sigh. Have you also been sitting around these past few weeks wishing you were the 6th turtle? : )

Have an astounding, totally tubular week!


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