Hot and Cold Comic Book List July 10, 2019

A true collaboration with Simpleman's Comics, AKA Mr. Bolo, and authors. We present the first Hot and Cold list! This list takes a look at the comic community with a broader stroke. Whether it's a hot or cold series, writer, artist etc. We do not go to the granular level of single issues. We already have the CBSI Hot 10 Comics from Ben Stein for that. So we present to you, the weekly hot and cold list for July 10, 2019.

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HOT PICKS 7/10/19


Edwin The Comic Jabroni Youtube Channel



Clint Joslin (@Clintjoslin)

CBSI Writer- Run the Table , One Year Later, Blood Bank



Dan Piercy (@dan_piercy)

CBSI Writer- The Reading Pile

Walking Dead


Mike Morello (@morellotunes)

CBSI Writer- Cover Tunes



Peter Renna (@drasden_files)

CBSI Writer – Dollar Bin Digging, The Usual Suspects

Marvel Later Printings


Ben S. (@thewallcomics)

CBSI Writer – Hot 10 Comics

Tales from the Flip Side Podcast

COLD PICKS 7/10/19


Clint Joslin

Frank Miller


Mike Morello

Modern DC Female Characters


Dan Piercy

Spawn Road to #300 issues


Peter Renna

Black Hammer











  • Avatar

    Not too sure I’d agree with the Modern DC girls take at all.

    Cassandra Cain, Katana etc. I think the boat might have sailed on those for example.


    52 Weeks #7,#9,#11 were cover price a year ago and now are multiples of that. Which is the opposite of what Mike said. And the tv show hasn’t come out yet! Trailers have sucked so far, admittedly, so the show has to turn things around a bit. But the character has only just literally gained wide recognition. Nobody really even seemed to know that Kate Kane was a distinct character (rather than they original Batwoman) until very recently. Lots of room for that character to grow, and has a good basis of support and interest, including dedicated fans of JH Williams III take on her. One for the long term IMHO. “Cold for good” is a misreading on that one at least

    Others like Jessica Cruz (Justice League #30 and #31 being the key comics) have sooooo much room to grow. They were also cover price or less a year ago, and have only just started to go up, because of her appearance in ‘Justice League versus the fatal five’. You would have to assume that she has the potential to be a key character in both the comics, animated and live action in the future. Would you bet against her appearing in a Green Lantern film or sequel?

    Both of these characters are popular with alot of fans, and importantly with NEW fans. Very popular with cosplayers. Not reason to think either of these are not hot in the long term.

    Justice League #40 and #41 (from the same Geoff Johns series as Jessica Cruz), the first cameo and full appearances of Grail (Darkseid’s daughter) is another one, going up slowly but surely since it was released in 2015, but still very affordable. It hasn’t shot up and then crashed, it has just been going up bit by bit. It hasn’t really had much heat around it yet, but potentially huge in the medium or longer term. Classic storyline, very strong connection to mega DC character (Darkseid), great covers, strong creative team. Could easily be in a New Gods movie or sequel.

    Female DC characters, like a lot of characters appealing to growing comic reading demographics, will include those that are the next big thing (like a Shuri or Miles Morales) as well as many that will fall by the wayside. Just have to pick the right ones. Making blanket statements that all modern DC female characters are long term cold is an overstatement.

    • Avatar


      I would be careful about some of the modern dc females going cold. The market is very movie driven and some of those characters that are going to appear in the DCU movie in my opinion will rise once the first trailer hits. Cassandra Cain and others are probably not going to make you a fortune right now but I still believe prices will rise. I usually attend live auctions and monitor what is being said by people out there and the feelings I am getting is that the market has cooled for a lot of books because of the silence in the movie industry (DC and Marvel) but that when trailers will drop the market will heat up. What some speculators are doing is using this time to stock up on those keys already announced and waiting for the trailers to drop when most are not buying at all. They do not exist in volume but these speculators are looking to kill it by death of 1000 cuts rather than one big score.

      • Avatar

        Joeylaw, I agree. I think it could be a good time to buy certain books that they FOMO might have warn off but are already established, or have been demonstrated to be in the publishers (or studios) plans for a major push in the future. After all, prices are really high for other books that are just driven by FOMO and nothing else..

    • Mike Morello

      I do hear what you’re saying and I very much appreciate the comment. Perhaps a future trailer may help, but the data is solid. The cover price days on these books was longer than a year ago. Perhaps you are misremembering, but when news broke last summer (that’s a year ago), the books I mentioned spiked hard… like REALLY hard as FOMO set in.

      Now, a year later, books that were close to $75-$100 (like Batman #567 for instance) are now, sadly, back down to $10-$15 or worse for raw copies. Most of them (like 52 weeks 7, 9, 11 and 48) can be had for cover price again. In the case of Batman #567, you can get NM slabs for less than raws were going for a few months ago.

      As always, there are sellers still TRYING to get the old prices, but those aren’t what the books are selling for in real-life.

      Will we see another price spike? Possibly… probably? But for now, they are ice cold. Also, none of these books are rare and everyone knows it, now. The next time they spike (if they ever do), I don’t expect them to go nearly as high as they once were.

      Either way, I can’t predict the future, but for the present, these books are cold. Very cold.

      • Avatar

        Thanks for the reply Mike. I see where you’re coming from. Prices listed might still be high, but they may not be selling. Lots of #567 on ebay, cheapest one raw seems to be about $40, but no sign that they are being bought. And you’re right about that lack of rarity.

        I still think it all depends on the book. Some of them will undoubtedly be big in the future. But which ones ahah?

        My money is still on Jessica Cruz 🙂

  • Avatar

    lol walking dead was cold a couple of issues ago what a flip

    • Mike Morello

      Don’t mistake issues 191-193’s hotness for the rest of the issues. The series overall is very cold. Prices have tanked across the board and continue to fall. The recent hotness of the last few issues are due to a surprise ending and a death of a character. I expect those to follow the way of the others before too long.

  • Avatar

    May I make a suggestion of putting the beginning time stamp on the video with the descriptions? It’s a long video that is awesome content but if I just want to know what you guys are saying about sandman and not watch the whole then I kind of have to blindly find my way to it.

  • Bill

    Miller comics may be cold – however good luck trying to get into one of his signings. Every major con I’ve gone to in the last 15 years (San Diego, New York, Baltimore, other East Coast shows) it’s pretty darn hard to get autographs unless you’re willing to shell out $$$. Anything with his signature that I sell goes quite quickly.

  • Avatar

    Marvel does “real” women, while DC just pin-ups? OK.

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