Wednesday Warriors 7/10/19

Welcome to the NEW Wednesday Warriors!

Each week we will go head to head picking just ONE book in each category in a battle for NCBD supremacy. Best of all, you get to pick the winner! Sound off in the comments if you’re #TeamSimpleman or #TeamBolo and we will recap each week in the following weeks Column.

So its Brian vs. Jack.

Simpleman vs. Bolo.

And there can be only ONE.

Most Looking Forward to Reading Marvel

We get the epilogue to War of the Realms and Jason Aaron begins finishing his iconic run on the title.

Love the Eddie and Dylan cover but let's be real, DONNY CATES IS BACK. And thats all I need to be all in.

Most Looking Forward to Reading DC

I’m loving the Flash Year One arc and highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t been reading it.

I have really enjoyed this story thus far. It actually got me to read Action Comics and I am optimistic Bendis might slip in some Spec jewels in this story.

​Most Looking Forward to Reading Indie

A team a prisoner assembled to save the world? Stop me if you heard this one before. Either way, I’m really looking forward to this new series from Image Comics.

We live in the age of the option with option news driving spec like no other time. I'm all about checking out a new Indie from a great publisher like Boom! Studios. This one stood out since previews came out a few months back. 

​Cover Art

I’m not a fan of Black Cat having a self titled series but I do love this cover!

I'm not the biggest Dynamite Comics fan, but I am a Parrillo fan. His covers for Vampirella and Red Sonja always command value down the road. This is a buy and stash book. 

​Regular Price Variant Marvel

I’m a big fan of Stephanie Hans’ art and I love this cover! This is a cover I’ll stash in a long box and wait. Later on, fans of her work that didn’t pick this up on release will be wanting it.

Mark Brooks is severely underrated as he regularly turns out stellar cover art. These Carnage variants can be redundant but Brooks puts out a standout offering this week. 

​Regular Price Variant DC

Bendis and Maleev make up a great creative team. I’m anxious to see the effects this mini-series has on the DC Universe going forward. Add Fabok on the cover art and we have a winner. If this was a Marvel book it would easily be a 1:25 incentive. 

I am really excited for these DC Villain portrait variants. I like this one best but also dig the Ras Al Ghoul one dropping today as well. We had been seeing Artgerm fatigue in the hobby but Lau seems to have hit his stride here as the next few Catwoman releases are just stunning.

​Regular Price Variant Indie

This is one crossover I’ve been looking forward to for awhile! I’m more excited for Black Hammer than I am Justice League and Jeff Lemire has created a great universe for both teams to play in so it’s only natural I pick up his variant for it.

Unfortunately, Valiant isn't moving the spec needle these days. Having said that, this cover is stunningly well done and from an artist I am not familiar with. 

​Incentive Variant

I see this variant following the trend of the other Bartel virgin variants for this series. 

I am very bullish about this Necessary Evil Power Rangers story. Let us not forget that Arune Signh (Boom! VP of Marketing) twice on the Indie Spotlight Series Show on Simpleman's Comics YouTube Channel called a Bolo Audible and talked about this book. Im going to take his word for it and bet big for the long term. 

​Top Spec Pick

The popularity of Wolverine, the excitement of Blade, and the demand for Dell’Otto combined with the cover being an incentive are all reasons this book will be sought after. Demand will exceed supply makes this the book of the week. Store variants could hurt this book’s popularity though.

For all the reasons I outlined above, Im all in on this issue.

​Sleeper Pick

Sonata is quickly becoming more and more popularity. People may not want to pay rising prices for a 1st print and I personally like the cover on the second print more. 

I have been very curious to see how this new imprint H1 from Humanoids would do. Ignition flopped a bit but Strangelands is selling out at retail level and could be a sleeper hit.

Want to see more from CBSI’s NCBD duo? 

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Be sure to also check them out on Simpleman's Comics YouTube Channel Live at 9 PM Est / 6 PM Pst Thursday's for the Weekly Bolo List Livestream with the replay releasing right here on the site on Friday's. 



  • Avatar

    only 1 store variant for the dellotto, so that will only add 60 copies. i think this one will see heat when the print run comes out in a month. higher cover price will keep print run down

  • Avatar

    Really your not going to mention War of Realms Omega #1

    First cover appearance of Jane Foster as Valkyrie, and well I don’t want to spoil what’s inside but I definitely would recommend picking it up, and not just for Valkyrie. Wink Wink.

    • Avatar

      Actually I’m leaving this site anyways so screw it. I’m going to tell you exactly what they want. War of realms Omega #1 has first appearance of Jane Foster as Valkyrie on cover and inside comic. Ask yourselves why they would not list it?

      • Avatar

        because its jane foster and no one cares about jane foster

      • Avatar

        The funny thing about this is, the book will be featured on the Bolo list, a piece of content written by me, one half of this two person writing team behind this article. This article features our personal picks. The fact that you would assume that we would omit the book because some nefarious scheme rather than ghe reality that neither of us saw it as a book that got either of us excited (Not Janes first, and she already was Thor, and there is a more popular Valkyrie that ties into the MCU) says more about you then it does us bud. We aint those guys. Your welcome to take your ball and go home. Enjpy your Valkyrie spec. Hope it pans out for you. 😂😂😂😂😂

      • Ben C

        You are the same person who asked to be removed from the site last week over a disagreement, but here you are again trolling the comments section, throwing a fit that a book about Jane Foster was not mentioned.

        Maybe it was overlooked, maybe it did not make the cut. Either way, approaching it the way you did seems poor at best and was obviously never going to yield a response that satisfied you.

        Why not just stay off the site?

  • accustomfigures

    I think Fabok is the best super hero artist out there, and that Artgerm is my favorite of his so far.

    Read Sonata #1 yesterday and wasn’t impressed. Especially with all the post apocalyptic/cyber world books that are competing in that genre. And that first print is still just cover plus shipping on ebay, not to mention a stack still on the shelf of my LCS.

    Valiant’s gonna either sink (further) or swim when that first Bloodshot trailer hits. But I’ll take a War Mother cover any day. She’s a great character.

    Deep thoughts, by Jack Handy.

  • MC

    I’m leaving this site too.. It’s not giving me free info to utilize and help with my investing, collecting and flipping comics. I can’t stand that. How dare they spend so much of their time to help random strangers out. Who do they think they are? Wednesday weekly Warrior’s? More like Weekly Wallet Welfare Watcher’s. . (ok that sucked.) But I’ll be danged if I stay on a site where they put so much time and love and effort to better our community and its members. Such crap I tell ya wHHhat.
    ……..oh……wait???…….. CBSI4lizzzzzife u beeeeezies. #YOUgonEATurCORNBREAD ?? BCUZ I WILL!!!!!!!

    • Mike Morello

      Thank you, MC… I for one very much appreciate you noticing what we do, here, even though I have zero to do with this particular weekly article. As you say, we do it because we love comics and we love helping you all continue to love comics.

      Appreciate you taking the time to comment and spreading a little love.

    • Clint Joslin

      Appreciate the feedback! We want our readers to have the best content available. You reading the CBSI is greatly appreciated. Please free free to give any suggestions or ideas you may have you would like to see

  • Avatar

    I like Sonata, especially the art. Sure it’s only one issue in but I’m giving it a chance.

    Regarding the #1 2nd Printing, the cover art is identical to the 2019 ComicsPro Edition but the trade elements are different, the most obvious being the words ‘Retailer Exclusive’ printed on the CP cover.

  • theHallofComics

    The cover shown for Catwoman #14 actually comes out next month. This week’s issue is #13 and it is by Artgerm, but it’s the close-up of her wiping some blood off her lips.

  • Avatar

    Nice article, but some proof reading would have been a good idea. I’m not the grammar and spelling police but there shouldn’t be so many mistakes. Makes it a bit tough to read. But I did enjoy the content as usual!

  • Pops

    Just keep doing what your doing.Thank you for doing these every week.It helps

  • Avatar

    Anyone know why the ComicsPro Edition for Sonata 1 is selling so much higher than the Vegas Retailer version? I imagine there’s a reason, but couldn’t find any thing to indicate what that would be.

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