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Greetings and jamutations, Tin Hatters! The Tin Foil Hat is back from surviving the swamps of New Orleans! Gators and raccoons galore, the Tin Foil has returned reinvigorated. The Tin is ready to scan the hefty Previews book, helping you connect the dots that can only be done through Tin Foil means. The is here to help you flip to your heart’s content as you save up to purchase a copy of King Comics #1. Also, does Rob Liefeld read my articles? His assumptions are starting to get wilder than mine! I need to kick it up a notch. As always, make sure to walk into your LCS and give them this list of books, so they can pull them for you. (If you happen to be in Austin, walk into King’s Cache, hehe.)



Liefeld says DC’s days are numbered, but then we found out that May belonged to DC. Getting 4 out of the Top 5 spots, we’ll see how DC and the rest of our favorite publishers perform throughout the summer. 

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy #1

Our favorite “Will they? Won’t they? Did they? They already did!” couple is back in another team-up series. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy team-up books tend to do well years down the road, so this looks like it can be a long term hold. Artgerm is providing variant covers of both characters, so make sure you have a pair of the pair at least. 

Harleen #1

Stjepan Šejic is ready to bring his Harley tale to the forefront. Had DC not backtracked after the Bat-wang, this would be a sell out, hot fire book. Then again, it could still sell out as it will be an oversized, high priced comic that shops won’t want to go heavy on. We all are familiar with Harleen Quinzel’s origins, so let’s see what Šejic can bring to mix things up. As always, be on the lookout for wangs and nipples.

Legion of Super-Heroes: Millenium #1

Does anyone give a fuck about an Oxford comma? This solicit definitely doesn’t, forcing The Tin Hat to re-read it several times. Bendis has been teasing this Millenium event on social media, and if he hadn’t already left his mark with Naomi, this is looking like his new magnum opus. All DC timelines will be connected apparently. Will our time traveling hero be a new character? Will it be Naomi? Don’t go too heavy on it as it sounds like it’ll have a giant print run based on all of the announced artists names. 

DCeased: A Good Day to Die #1

This is simply a fantastic story. I’m not sure how Tom Taylor can pump out amazing stories for both of the Big 2, but here’s hoping that it never ends (unless DC signs him exclusively to write Batman). This may not make you big bucks, but you’ll have a great time reading it. 

Batman: Curse of the White Knight #3

It’s Sean Murphy’s chest on the cover. Why haven’t you preordered it already?

Action Comics #1015

The cover that rocked the world! Naomi is front and center in an Action Comics title (unless Key Collector Comics would have you believe it happened earlier) and people were quick to notice. Her first appearance has dropped to about half of where it was a couple of months ago, so now’s the time to pick it up on the cheap! Bendis has stated multiple times that she is the future, and what better way to cement her than making her a protege of both The Man of Steel and The World’s Greatest Detective. Plus, Bendis recently revealed that she’ll be joining the Young Justice soon, possibly in October, so make sure you’re not letting the naysayers influence you.

Batman/Superman #2

This was the other cover that rocked the world. The Shazam Who Laughs? Does this mean he’ll get a cameo in the first issue? Will we also get a Superman Who Laughs, too? Either way, initial reactions seemed hyped, so make sure this is in your pull. 

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III #5

Shout out to Dale Horton for making us all aware of The Laughing Man. I recently did my May review article, but even the Tin Hat missed this one. Could it be a sleeper? The Laughing Man has all the makings of a fan favorite cosplay. 

Catwoman #15

According to Artgerm, this will be his final Catwoman variant. We’ll see how that holds true, but in the meantime, make sure you get a couple of copies of this variant.

Detective Comics #1012

Did you know that Batman: Mr. Freeze #1 is very cheap? Nora Fries has been reawakened before but that was before Rebirth. Will she become a villain again, or will she tell Victor to disassociate himself from Lex Luthor?

The Green Lantern #11

Have ya’ll seen the variant cover for Spider-Man: Life Story #6? Paul Pope is a genius! For all of you Paul Pope fans that don’t want to spend $30 on that variant, this issue offers a cheap Paul Pope variant. Will it heat up? I want to say no, but I also want to say that it’ll make a great PC variant.

Harley Quinn #65

Pointing this issue out because Mirand’r brings Harley a new temptation. Fellow CBSI writer Dale reminded us to keep our eyes peeled on this character. 

Supergirl #34

It’s Derrick Chew. Pick these up.

Wonder Woman #78 & #79

These Frison Wonder Woman variants are PC holds and long-term holds. Have you heard her most recent interview on CBSI?



Marvel has some stepping up to do, and it seems like they think J. J. Abrams’ son is the one to help them. Shortly afterwards, DC announced Stephen King’s son will start a horror label. The Tin Hat is ready to see these two heirs battle it out!

Spider-Man #1

J. J. Abrams & Son get an adjectiveless Spider-Man title. They promise cinematic scope and a new villain. They have Pichelli on interiors, so the art will be a beaut. Who is Cadaverous!? We’ll find out in September.

Marvel Comics #1001

Nothing kills spec like announcing that a TOTALLY BRAND NEW RAD CHARACTER will make their debut in an upcoming issue. However, this book only has 4 covers as opposed to #1000’s infinite covers. Maybe grab 1 just in case.

Absolute Carnage #3

The summer of Cates continues. Will Spider-Man wield the symbiote suit again?

Amazing Spider-Man #30

Speaking of which, has Dylan gotten Venomized by now yet? 

Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales #2

It looks like Miles will finally wear a symbiote suit. I’m not sure how to feel about this as a symbiote killed Miles’ mother (or was it the police). However, everything has been reset, so I guess it’s ok and never happened? Carnagized Miles makes his debut. 

Absolute Carnage: Symbiote Spider-Man #1

How many First Hosts are there? I suppose this is the Earth’s First Host. Has that Kree soldier made a return yet?

Venom #18

Okay, this just looks too crazy. Like, an 80’s action movie too crazy. Venom and The Maker fighting off Carnage inside an arms warehouse? Sign me up!

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #12

It’s Tom Taylor. 

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #10

Ultimate Green Goblin returns? This looks like a definite pick up. We also get Starling’s origin story.

Captain Marvel #10

First cover appearance of Star! Will it be noteworthy? Pick up a couple and find out.

Fearless #3

Make sure you’re making a couple of sets of the Frison connecting variants. 

Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #47

Almost 40 issues ago, it was revealed that Moon Girl was the smartest character in the Marvel Universe (even smarter than Reed Richards!) Make sure to pick up a copy to find out what happens when the pair finally meet. 

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Prodigal Sun #1

Will this introduce even more new characters? And what will happen to the Prodigal Sun after this?



Battlepug #1

This hit comic has been released in Hardcover form. However, those were hardcovers that collected the web series. Is this the first, single issue appearance for Battlepug? Do enough people care? It is a cute pug after all.

Spawn #301

Spawn #301 looks to be even bigger than issue 300. It will now be the longest-running creator-owned comic book ever. What big surprises does McFarlane have in store for us?

The Walking Dead #195

Well, we all know how that turned out.


Dark Horse

Berserker Unbound #2

Collecting this first series would be wise, Tin Hatters. Sorrentino provides an amazing variant cover.

Everything #1

With Netflix having first dibs, I suppose all #1’s from Dark Horse are up for grabs. However, this one has a lot of premise. Evil-er Wal-Mart/Evil-est Amazon shows up and provides people with happiness…but at a sinister cost. 



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #98

Issue #95 quietly caught everyone by surprised as it introduced a new Turtle. Turtles fans are die hard collectors, and IDW has been teasing something big in the lead up to issue #100


BOOM! Comics

Something is Killing the Children #1

James Tynion IV may not always write the best Detective Comics issues, but his creator-owned stuff is pretty solid. Dead children, monsters, and a monster slayer. This one looks like a fun read.


Ablaze, LLC

Vampire State Building #1

Charlie Adlard had the honor of being the artist that got to finish out The Walking Dead with Robert Kirkman. Now, he’s ready to start his own apocalyptic universe with vampires. Also, we get a very nice InHyuk Lee variant.


Aftershock Comics

Midnight Vista #1

Another Juan Doe cover with a very interesting Rahzzah variant. Alien abductions and conspiracies, sign the Tin Hat up!

You Are Obsolete #1

Aftershock with another interesting horror series, this time with a Francavilla variant. It seems like the citizens of this mysterious European island had a deal because they don’t make it past 40. Evil children and strange islands make for a perfect nightmare fuel.


Antarctic Press


Scratcher #1

Straight out of an X-Files episode, tattoos are controlling people. 


Graphic India Pte. Ltd

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Striker Force 7 Special Collector Edition #1

This probably won’t be flip-worthy, but I’m pointing out the sheer ridiculousness of it. CR7 brings his marketing image to the comic book world! Whaaaaat. I suppose after taking your home country to Euro and Nations League glory, the next best thing is to go on an intergalactic adventure. This will also be an animated series, but will CR7 fans seek out his first comic book appearance? If you want some giggles, this could be the book for you (just wait for the $1 bin box).



The Plot #1

More murder mysteries and scary bogs. Also, an awesome variant cover. 


That’s it, Tin Hatters! The fall of horror is upon us. What other indie surprises will sneak up on us? Will the newly announced Akira 4K restoration be released in theatres? And what about Kirkman? Will he release another unannounced series? More questions and possibly answers to come! As always, look up into the sky, sound the alarms, pray to Cates, and farewell from the world of tomorrow!


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