While this year's CBSI HOT 100 VARIANT LIST did not include non ratio or store variants, there are certainly some worth knowing about.  Same with some other variants that are incentives but did not make the list.  Below you will find some of those books.  There is no order, rhyme or reason, just some cool comics worth knowing about.


Vengeance of the Moon Knight #1 Finch Virgin Cover

An absolute ghost of a ghost.  I have only seen one copy come to market and it sold for 3K in very little time…


Spawn #185 Portacio Sketch

No one can confirm if this was a ratio variant or an appreciation comic, either way the last copy sold for a grand and another just sold for a little more.


Niobe She Is Life #1 Hokness /100

With a stated print run of just 100 copies, news of Stranger and HBO working to make Niobe a show, this book shot way up.  Raw and slabbed copies have all broken 1K on ebay in the last few months.


Transformers Universe Unichron

Supposedly only given out at a Transformers Convention, this is a near impossible book to find.  A raw sold for around a grand recently, while there is a single copy on Ebay for 10K with “Best Offer”…


Duck Tales #1 SDCC Nintendo Cover

A print run of 500 on a Kaboom comic given out at SDCC.  A single copy online for over a thousand might be a little high for a raw, but no question this comic is not easy to track down.

New Agents of Atlas #1 Suayan Virgin

A rare Philippines variant, easy 300.00 on ebay at any give point.  Will be interesting to see what happens to this and the other New Agents of Atlas variants.


New Agents of Atlas #1 Zircher 1:50

Both this and the #2 Variant were just too new to put on the list, tho its looking like both might be around for the long haul.


Spawn #1 Black and White

This book has really taken off in the last few years, more Spawn collectors, movie news and a bustling comic market can all be thanked for this.


35 Cent(& .30) Variants

Marvel .35 Variants have always been hot.  Star Wars and Iron Fist are white hot along with Eternals & Marvel Spotlight #28 .30 variants.


All New Wolverine #2 Lopez 1:25

1st Appearance of Gabby/Honey Badger

2009 SDCC Partial Sketch Variants

Uncanny X-Men 510 & Black Panther #1 are the big ones, there is an Xmen and an Avengers that are not expensive at all.  Deadpool Corps seems really common as well though still breaks the 100 dollar mark.  These were also passed out/sold at Heroes Con that year.


Saga #1 Staples RRP Retailer Incentive

With a print run of 500, the popularity of Saga keeps this comic at a 2K average on 9.8s.  Seems to be a fair number that got CGC SSed.  As long as people keep loving the Saga series, this comic will continue to command big money.  If there was ever news of an option or show this book would go nuclear.


Batman #608 RRP Incentive

The impossible Retailer Roundtable Program variant for the first issue of a classic Batman storyline has always and probably will always be the top Batman variant to own.

Batman Superman #4 Turner #/499

Super rare with a print run of 499, this is actually a reprint of Batman Superman #7 and 8, this cover is actually the last page of issue 8 by Turner.


Silver Age UK Variants

While many consider these to be later printings, they were actually printed at the same time if not earlier than the US versions.  Still ending for less than their .12 American cousins, Key Silver Age books can be had for a bargain.  How long this can sustain remains to be seen, though at some point folks have to realize these are the same if not earlier printings and far more scarce than the US .12 Marvels…


AOC Freshman Force WONDER WOMAN Virgin

Originally limited to 250 copies by Devil's Due Publishing, DC put out a quick cease and desist limiting the number sold to under 250.  The question remains to be seen, can this book sustain the 2K raw copies have been getting.  And maybe more importantly, or just related to it, will we see the rest of the print run mysteriously released into the marketplace?


East of West RRP Diamond Retailer Summit

Another great Image comic with some heat from fans of the series opposed to news of option deals or anything like that.


IDW TMNT Variants

Out of the first 20 IDW TMNT books more than half of them command a decent price, there are also “Global Conquest Edition” variants of the first 5 or 6 issues tho these are actually just the final printing of each.

Walking Dead #100 Red Foil

Unsigned copies were from a Skybound promotion with only 250 made for the Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend of .Signed by Kirkman and sent out as a thank you to retailers to celebrate the 100th Issue of The Walking Dead, this variant, like the rest of the series is dropping in price.  Not sure what the bottom on this is tho you would expect TWD to remain popular for decades.


DC Universe Logo Variants

Topher S did an incredible and in depth piece on these variants, CHECK IT OUT HEREThese variants still do well and are still chased by set makers.

Voltron A Legend Forged #1 Frison

A tough to find DDP variant from 2008, the more popular Jenny Frison gets, the more expensive this book gets.


Danger Girl #2 Campbell Smoking Gun Edition

In 2016, Matt Devoe reported this book had not seen a sale in such a long time that he debated not mentioning it.


IDW GI Joe Assorted Title Variants

There's a lot of obscure GI Joe IDW variants that rarely come to market.  Special Missions #1, GI Joe Cobra #19, Silent Option, Danger Girl GI Joe, the regular series volume 7 and 8 all have amazing variants that are far less common than folks realize.  There are also others that are just not great and can be had for a song.


Grimm Fairy Tales Variants

Matt Devoe mentioned Grimm Fairy Tales Naughty Slave Leia Variant in the 2016 report as well as other “Naughty cover variants.  While there are no completed or active listings for the Slave Leia, there are a lot of expensive variants by Zenoscope.



What honorable mention list would be complete without plugging our 2019 CBSI Variants.   CHECK OUT THE CBSI VARIANTS PAGE


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    All New Wolverine #2 1:25 makes the list but not Venom #3 1:25 ? Honey Badger!!!!! But Umbrella Academy #1 Dark Horse 100 variant getting zero mention is a questionable choice.

  • goodjoehunting

    Can you elaborate which GI Joe special missions 1 you’re referring to? I’m a bug Joe collector but I can’t think of that one. Also I would mention snake eyes/storm shadow purple rain variant

    • Ben C

      Haha, yeah I put the wrong title for the Snake Eyes Purple rain, called it Cobra 19 instead of Snake Eyes.

      As for the Special Missions, there is that #1 with CC getting married on the cover.

      • goodjoehunting

        The Cobra 19 is the one you have pictured which is a good call, pretty rare. Took a while to obtain that one. My purple rain cover was pristine on the listing but showed up bent and broken. A shame but I kept it

    • Avatar

      The saga and east of west books are not “RRP”‘s, only the Batman 608RRP is (RRP is an exclusive term to DC). The east of west and saga books are Diamond retailer summit books.

      And where has that silly AOC book sold for $2k raw ? With dozens and dozens of copies all over ebay, it’s not even hitting $450 now. Anybody paying even anything near that based on the fake “rarity” of it are only asking to lose a lot of money and get burned.

      • Avatar

        THANK YOU LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ben C

        Great info, appreciate you letting us know.

        That AOC book hit 2K raw the first couple times it went to market before taking a strong fall.

        I am not disagreeing with you on the false rarity of the book, or that there are far more things to spend your money on.

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    Great list! Thank you

  • Avatar

    I am a little shocked that Batman 608 (as it says, top Batman variant to own) doesn’t make your top 100. Odd.

  • Avatar

    Very enjoyable follow-up article. I really regret not grabbing the Uncanny X-Men 510 SDCC variant when it first came out and I’ve been dying for an opportunity to grab a Saga 1 Diamond Retailer Incentive for ages, but just priced too far out of my range.

    Would the Dead Pooh Museum Editions qualify for this list? Only 25 of each cover created. Also, what about Wolverine 102.5, which was a Wizard mail-in special that came with a gorgeous Boris Vallejo cover? The 102.5s were once pretty scarce on eBay, but now there’s typically between 5-10 available; though they still list for over $300.

    • Ben C

      Awesome suggestions, I have no idea about the Dead Pooh stuff, but it would certainly make this honorable mention if I knew about them, lol.

      I need to look into the Wolvie Vallejo cover, that sounds incredible!

  • Avatar

    In sort of the same vein as xmen 510, high grades of the 2008-2011 partial sketches of Deadpool Merc with a Mouth 1, New mutants 1, and X-Men Legacy 211 all go for around $200+ raw in high grade. 9.8s usually are around $700 or more. All rarely come up nowadays. Most that do are in tougher shape.

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