Another Batch of Underrated Covers

Well it's that time again, caught on deadline with nothing started due to the trials and tribulations of the real world. So it's another underrated covers week I'm afraid.

Batgirl #45

James Jean… it's really a shame he's not still doing comic covers anymore. His Batgirl cover run is probably one of the most underrated cover runs of any artist in the last few decades. While technically a pin-up cover, it directly relates to the interior content. I've talked about this book before… many times in fact, and I'm not the only one.

I truly believe that this cover will ultimately get it's due one day… who knows, maybe it'll be next year after Cassandra Cain makes her big screen debut in February 2020.



Hulk #16 1:15 variant.

I love this cover, as I do will all the covers depicted this week… or any week I share covers. This cover always seems to get overshadowed by the Deadpool cover. Which is unfortunate since that Deadpool cover has nothing to do with Red She-Hulk.

RSH is the whole reason this book matters, so you'd think RSH fighting Wolverine would be more sought after than a Deadpool and Hulk cover that's super rare…. maybe Deadpool really has surpassed Wolverine in popularity… nah, it's just the ratio.



Aquaman #26 Joshua Middleton Variant

This book shot up quick but has since leveled off. I think the first spike was more to do with the fact people thought this book was Dophine's first appearance. Once it was realized she's a very old character and first appeared in Showcase Presents #79, the heat seemed to completely fall off this book.

Personally, I think this is one of Middletons best covers ever. Depending on why you might consider his best cover to be, I think NYX #4 is up there just as a point of reference. This cover is possibly better than that, or a very close second.

I do think this book will climb once again, sadly I think it'll completely depend on an onscreen appearance to drive interest back towards it. But you never know, as people like to remind me, there doesn't need to be a media appearance to drive up the price of a book. Which is true, however if we're being honest, it certainly does help.


All New Captain America #1 GameStop Variant

There's so much that is so wrong with this cover, which is why I love it. I've been a big fan of the idea of Sam Wilson taking over the mantel from Steve Rodgers. I'm really glad that's going to play out in some form onscreen.

One of the main reason I'm a fan of Sam being Captain America is because visually there's so much you can do with him in live action. Flying around, throwing the shield, catching it, richcore it off of walls or bad guys. Stunt coordinators are going to have a field day coming up with cool stuff to do.

While this cover features none of that, it does have the Hydra symbol as a… well, a tentacle monster I guess. With said tentacle monster about to do unsavory things to poor Sam in his first issue on the job. Prices are all over the place for this one, who knows, they might level out as more people become aware of it.

That's it for this week! I'll be back next week with some sort of barely legible ramblings about comics.


  • Dan Piercy

    Love that Batgirl 45 and the creative use of half-tone dots. 🙂

  • Avatar

    James Jean did an outstanding run on Fables (or was it Fairest). I ended up purchasing the artbook that was released based on those covers and used some of the designs within as inspiration for a tattoo that I had done a couple years back.

    Excellent Middleton cover as well, but I’m really loving the Vampirella cover from Scott’s Collectibles that’s coming out soon.

  • Avatar

    James Jean left the comics industry after he worked with Prada. The payday allowed him to concentrate on fine art.

  • Avatar

    Amen brother on tat Aquaman cover.

    I think Middleton does a great job on that cover. It really feels like she’s under water.

    Simply beautiful! Some of his best work!!

  • Avatar

    Sorry, but this is just a second rate re-hash of Cover Tunes. I just figured on your first go around that deadline caught you. Understandable. One of the the reasons I like this site is its diversity and not being redundant. Let Cover Tunes write about underrated covers, he does it better.
    I am sure I will get blocked but so be it. Hack move.

    • Earlybird

      Why should you be blocked, you have an opinion and this site allows that, the only think is your comments are not constructive, I liked this article, personally, nice one Skot

  • Earlybird

    Graded my copy of Aquaman #26, got a 9.6… another definition of CGC BS grading as there is no way it’s that grade, but alas I’m not cracking it to line anyone’s pocket as it’s just a fantastic cover, and I only graded it for display. Low print, beautiful art.

  • Avatar

    People thought that was Dolphin’s first? Wow.

    Anyway, yes, it’s one of Middleton’s best.

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