#CBSIBOLO List For NCBD 7/3/19


What Is The #CBSIBOLO List?


The Bolo List was created, initially, as an Instagram exclusive piece of content I dubbed comics cliff notes. A cheat sheet of sorts, the purpose of the Bolo list is to give CBSI Nation the most up to date information as LCS doors open on NCBD.

The Bolo list is not a list of books you should buy or books that will rise in value.  It's simply a reporting of what we are seeing in social media response and chatter, talk within our community, initial Ebay sales, as well as communication with retailers and posted online spoilers.

Similarly,  every 1st appearance in a given week may not be covered. We only list first appearances that are confirmed first hand or by multiple reputable sources PRIOR to NCBD. No delentiation will be made for full vs. Cameo Appearance as it is for the market to decide and that can not be done until after the books have hit on release day.

The Bolo List is ⅓ of CBSI's NCBD attack with Simpleman's Weekly Picks and Wednesday Warriors. I am very happy to be bringing the Bolo List to ComicBookInvest.Com and all our readers. Be sure to follow us on IG (@comicbookinvestcbsi) for other Exclusive CBSI BOLO content.




Confirmed 1ST Appearances

Reader Buzz

Variant Buzz

AKA Mr. BOLO'S Long Term Play


Back Issue Bolo’s




With Rose becoming Deathstroke in the newest issue of Deathstroke,  sales of her first app (Deathstroke Vol 1 #15) could see heat. It could be a good time to get in the Rose game as she will also appear in the upcoming season of Titans.




With Walking Dead coming to a shocking end, it seems #193 is primed to be a key. Bolo for #192 if it drops in price. The events of that issue will no doubt be timeless and one of the most memorable moments of the entire series.  Also BOLO on the super cool 2nd Print dropping today with the brand new RIP Rick cover art.





RIP BRUCE DeMAYO aka Papa Bolo

July 18, 1956 – July 2, 2019




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    Prayers for you and your family.

  • Avatar

    My condolences to you and your family

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    I think that Walking Dead #191 is more impactful than #192 in that #192 had Rick dying to dead to undead to deceased, but #191 was a beautifully written story with a multi-page sequence of Rock addressing the Commonwealth, sort of his swan song soliloquy what was almost poetic as a speech. It was the last issue with Rick alive and technically could also be considered his death issue in that the actions that caused his ultimate death in #192 and process of dying was in #191 which I speculate (the 1st print) has a smaller print run than #192 and #193.

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    …and our condolences to you, your family and friends on the passing of your father.

  • Kantankerous75

    #193 is like $40 on eBay… grrrrrrr

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      Wait 2 weeks when all the hoarders and people that swiped the racks start dumping their copies, undercutting each other until it’s down to a $10 book.

  • MC

    Read In Paradise Papa Bolo…

    I pray for strength, calming and resilience during this time of hardship for you and your family…
    I appreciate everything you do brother, even though you’re in mourning you still bring us the Bolo list? Dedication bro.
    As Garth and or Wayne once said
    “We’re Not Worthy”….. Thank you my dude.

    Rip Bruce

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    First appearance of prodigal was over 20 years ago. X-factor 81, also written by David, introduces him as Prodigal. Unless of course, Marvel has multiple characters named Prodigal, who are black, and alien.

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    My condolences to you and your family Bolo.

    I highly doubt that this will actually be the end of The Walking Dead. I can see them having some type of spinoff titles and probably relaunching the book down the road…..like Marvel and DC do on a regular basis with their main titles.

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    Glad to see Peter David get more work. I don’t have most of the ’90’s X factor run anymore, but they are really good. His entire X Factor run from any era is worth reading.

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      Personally I cannot stand the guy. He is way to political in his work. Which is actually another point to be made. The Prodigal he wrote in X-Factor, and this “new”, Prodigal all are intertwined in his political opinion regarding immigration.

      He is very Liberal, and I am not. I take offense to the stereotype that all conservatives are immigrant haters. It is further from the truth. We just want the law followed that’s all.

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    Prepare for another four years sweetie.

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    @jayclue it is July 5th and Donald J. Trump is your President.

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