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This week many of the CBSI writers have assembled to bring you a collection of Archie pics, some of which are simply favorites and others that you might want to look out for.  Maybe it's our insatiable need to find the next great thing to collect but let's face it, most comic collectors are guys.  We can go on and on about why stories matter most ( yea right! ) or go back an forth about all sorts of issues in this hobby but collecting hot girls on covers is about as close as we will ever get to agreeing on anything.

Remember that many of these books  have newsstand editions.  Just like any other newsstand the closer to the current year the more rare it is going to be and finding them in high grade will be much harder than finding NM copies of their direct edition counterparts.

Good luck!



Veronica 201

So I made this my first Archie selection because I want one. It isn’t cheap, but it can be had for a price. I’m still holding out hope I come across one in the wild, but as this was near the end of this series the print run was getting smaller and smaller.

Comichron had Issue #200 at just over 3k copies the month before and then subsequent issue dropped off the Top 300 list. So we can only assume this was under 3,000 issues printed. And with issue 200 being an anniversary issue it most likely had an order spike. I can only guess at the drop off afterwards.

That said, it is a gorgeous cover design. Love the Tattoo layout. And with a new season of Ink Master starting up, this is pretty topical. Simply said, Dan Parent killed this one.

Betty & Veronica 261

This book is already a monster. Good luck finding one for less than $250 at this point. There’s a CGC 9.8 listed for $1,900 right now. Yeah, a monster.

That darker Archie universe has really taken off the last few years. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and the Netflix show notwithstanding.  There’s Vampironica, Afterlife with Archie, Jughead the Hunger, etc. These books have established their own little niche in the market. So this 1st appearance of Vampironica isn’t going to be coming down anytime soon.

That said, I still love the Buffy reference here and wish I had a copy. But with only about 2,800 and the prices where they are, I will have to get extremely lucky in finding one in the wild.






Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 8 ( Hack )

Red Sonja and Vampirella meet Betty and Veronica ( Fay Dalton )



Golden Age guru Ben C picked a couple classics.  You can't go wrong with that image of Betty from Archie 50 and nothing is more appealing than syringes, women in peril and Nazi monsters!

Archie 50

Pep 34





Red Sonja/Vampirella VS. Betty and Veronica #1

(Warren Lou, Red Sonja and Betty variant )

I’m not a Archie comics collector. I admittedly know absolutely nothing about Betty and Veronica. I’m a big fan of Red Sonja and one  thing I do know, this cover concept kicks @$$! it combines several different fandoms into one thing and that’s pretty cool.  I mean, this looks exactly like a fighting video game load screen! Sure it probably wouldn't be much of a fight, Red would destroy Betty in a fight… at least I assume so. Again I don't know anything about Betty, or even if they fight inside because I didn't read the book.

Archie Meets the Punisher

As I said prior, I know nothing about Archie comics… so I don’t even know if this book is the first time Archie crosses over with another comic property. Regardless, as someone looking in from the outside this still seems like it’s a pretty important book. There have been lots of Archie comic crossovers over the past couple of years but how many of them have been with a character as well known as the Punisher? Seriously, I don’t know since I’m not an Archie Comic guy.




Ya can't go wrong with bugs and The Beatles.

Laugh 190

Laugh 166




Betty & Veronica Double Digest 213

I think it's pretty clear why I like this one! It's also not that easy to find.




Betty and Veronica 320

First Cheryl Blossom

This book continues to sell well and I see no reason why it will dip anytime soon.







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    Great Article! Some real classic images here!

  • Avatar

    I believe you have the wrong cover for Veronica 201…that is Archie’s Girls Betty & Veronica 201.

    Great article. I’ve been buying Archie my whole life…I’m glad I have a lot of these books now, because they would cost me a pretty penny these days.

  • Avatar

    There is also another edition of the Archie/Punisher crossover that was published by Marvel called The Punisher Meets Archie. It’s the exact same story but has different cover art and is printed on die-cut cardstock.

  • Ben C

    I think there is a .75 of BV 320 for the Canadian Market as well.

    Awesome look at some cool covers, thanks for putting this together Topher!

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