First You May Have Missed: The Laughing Man

Hey guys and welcome to First You May Have Missed. With all the comic news and SDCC coming up a lot of people have been overlooking the crossover series of Batman/TMNT. With the animated movie on the horizon I feel this odd collaboration is just starting to pick up steam. (give us a live action film! Make history!). Finally we have gotten a character who we all know should have appeared long ago, let's talk about it.

No need to build suspense, The Joker is one of Batman's diabolical foes and The Shredder is one of the most dangerous enemies of the Ninja Turtles. So who wouldn't love and fear a mix of the two? That gives us The Laughing Man. While the name could have been a little more creative his design and personality so far is really good. I can see him being someone who breaks out from a lot of the hybrid mash ups that we see today and his creation is born out of a place where mash ups should come from…..crossovers!.



While it appears to be set in an alternate dimension where no Joker or Shredder exist, his gang( the Smile Clan) comes with its own versions of Harley Quinn, Rockstedy/Clayface, Bebop/Killer Croc, and Deadshot/Scarecrow(?). Honestly, issue Batman/TMNT III #1 is just a fun set up to and introduction to what looks like will be a great entry to the series. With dimension hoping being a huge part of this story and Laughing Man being from “New Earth Prime” I can only hope some how he jumps out and makes it to another series at some point.



Batman/TMNT III #1 39k print run, 2 covers. 1st Laughing Man (Rockstedy/Clayface, Bebop/Killercroc, Etc)

With a print run this size it can disappear in the blink of an eye but should be able to grab unless something sets this book on fire. I personally like the Eastman cover B.

That is all for today, thank you as always for stopping by I have a lot of reading to catch up on so I have no idea what's coming next week but as always ” its better to have first and flipped than to never have first at all” Valiant Horton



  • eye_ess

    I am surprised how much this book has slipped under the radar. People were all over Sean Murphy’s Neo-Joker, but a Joker-Shredder gets missed? I luckily got both covers at cover price and think it will be a somewhat solid long term hold.

  • accustomfigures

    Didn’t read I or II, but that Eastman cover made me pick this one up. And everything about this series is cool. Good call!

  • Dale Valiant horton

    Turtles and batman how could it not work. Thanks for reading.

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