The list continues!  Don't agree, have some of these in your collection?  Let your voice be heard and comment below!! 


50: Thanos #13 Albuquerque Variant

Tough black cover, despite folks being on this book from the get go, raws are still bringing in a wild 200 to 400 in high grade while a 9.8 will cost you about a grand.


49: Punisher #2 Opena 1:50

Strange market for this release from 2014 with raws fetching 200 and 9.8s only 100 more with 2 completed sales just over 300.


48: Hulk #16 McGuinness 1:200  

A tough book to find, it also features the first appearance of Betsy Ross as the Red She Hulk.  Prices are in the 300 range though there are not too many available.


47:  Wonder Woman #38 Finch 1:100

300ish raw, 650 range in 9.8 is the price to buy into this classic New 52 Finch cover.


46:  Gotham City Sirens #1 Jones 1:25

This is a variant, that for a long time could be found for 50.00 bucks.  Between the popularity of the title, the supposed movie, the Harley collectors and more this now regularly sells for 250-350 in raw to CGC 9.6.


45:  Wolverine #310 Platt 1:100 & 1:200

Classic Platt art on a really hard to find book, the color seems to command more despite being a 1:100 where the sketch is a 1:200.  Both are fairly tough to find, a must have for Wolverine fans.


44:  Justice League #50 Lee 1:75

Another ghost of a comic from the DC 75th Anniversary run.  A raw had sold in 2018 for 350.00 in NM shape.  Not sure what a slab could do here, but the market is primed for this to set off fireworks if it made it to auction…


43:  Immortal Hulk #2 Zaffino 1:25

No one saw this coming, most retailers will go heavy on a new #1 but rarely on the 2nd issue.  This is will run you 250ish for a raw and over 500 if you are looking to secure a 9.8 copy.


42:  Incredible Hulk #4 Del Mundo 1:50

This remains to be a tough book to find, copies are out there but not many.


41:  Uncanny X-Force #5 Manara 1:50

The definitive Milo Manara cover, this was somewhat quiet upon release, but like many books, in 2015 as the base of variant collectors exploded, so did the price of this comic.


40:  Spider-Gwen #1 Hughes 1:100

Highly anticipated, highly ordered, raw copies still end in the 300 range which should not be too surprising given the fan base.


39:  All New Wolverine #19 Mattina 1:500

A strange 1:500 that is just a black, white/grey version of the regular “Venomized” cover.


38:  Amazing Spider-Man #648 Campbell 1:50, 1:100
Another Campbell ASM, tho like the AH Wonder Woman #600s, the color seems to be more in demand here.
37:  X-Men Legacy #261 Pierfederici 1:25

The 1:50 Venom covers from this month are hot…  Like Matt said in the 2016 Edition, running out of things to say about these…


36:  Transformers More Than Meets The Eye #19 Roche 1:25
Outside of the Transformers Unichron variant, this seems to be the toughest Transformers variant to track down.  Copies just do not come to market though I would love to see what would happen were one to be auctioned on ebay.
35:  Black Widow #6 Campbell 1:15

Small ratio but a random issue of a mediocre series.  Surprisingly tough to find a nice raw copy, one sold on ebay for 400.00 while the rest of the sales were all slabs.


34:  Marvel Comics Presents #4 Sienkiewicz 1:50
Super high ratio, high price for the actual comic, I cant imagine there are too many of this book out there.  The question is, how many will surface over the next year and can the current price of 300-400 dollars sustain much longer?
33:  Venom #12 Del Mundo 1:50

Venom 1:50 variant on a Venom book?  No need for logic, this book gets 400 on ebay, save the savvy sniper who bought a copy for 100 bucks from Canada.


32:  He Man Masters of the Universe #1 Wilkins 1:25
Another 400 raw and big money if you can get that 9.8 slab.  MOTU fans are rabid for the rare and cool items, this one fits perfectly into that niche.
31:  Journey Into Mystery #633 Hans 1:50
This is 100% a situation of there are just not many copies, I mean, JIM #633…  Fifty Copies…  In the end this one will cost you 400 just for a raw.
30:  Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #1 Romita 1:1000

A classic redone, Romita deserves more love, glad to see this variant getting real attention from the market.

29:  GI Joe Snake Eyes #19 Purple Rain 1:10

Another super tough IDW variant, there are a couple other “Homage” GI Joe covers from this month tho they never surface.  A couple steals for raw copies of this, the only available copy online right now is a 9.8 slab for


  28:  X-23 #1 Djurdjevic 1:75
Only one has come to the open market in the last 3 months, ended for just shy of 500 bucks.  For those who love the art and not the price, there's a Euro version available for a fraction of market.
27:  Moon Knight #1 Sienkiewicz 1:75

An easy 400 in raw high grade, a CGC 9.4 did end for a little higher.  Another one of those books that could be a bargain when folks look back 5 years from now.


26:  Amazing Spider-Man #688 Campbell 1:50

One of the first Campbell non female covers, this has always been a tough book to find.   400 to 500 bucks for a couple completed on ebay, while a 9.6 cant get a bid @ 600…



Tune in next week for the next installment of the CBSI HOT 100 VARIANT LIST, as we continue to count down towards #1!! 


Have any of these variants? Think I got this wrong? Let your voice be heard with a comment below! 



  • Ben Steiniger


  • Dan Piercy

    5 books on here I’ve had or wish I did. Favorite lot so far.

  • Avatar

    Great job! Been waiting a long time for the new top/hot 100 list. I thought #32 Skeletor Variant would have been higher after the $3250 9.8 sale but still a respectable spot. I think most of the skeletor Variant NM raw copies sell in the $600 to $800 range. There was a euro version that sold in the $400 range

  • Avatar

    You’re 75 deep into this list, guys, and nothing from Natali Sanders. You need to get out a bit more.

    • Ben C

      Thanks Ben and Dan!

      The MOTU can be added to the list of things I goofed on and had to have seen that euro copy for 400ish, good catch and appreciate the heads up!

      Isn’t most of her(Natali Sanders) work Store or exclusives? That would explain why she was not on here, tho I would agree, I do need to get out more.

      • Avatar

        Good point. Which may explain that as often as I get out, I end up cranky in the LCS, wondering why I can’t find Penny for Your Soul or Barbarella 8

    • Khoi Cakes

      Not really, according to the market. While she does have her fans, her books don’t really pull big numbers. If she were to be on the list, it would be in the bottom quarter IMO.

      • Avatar

        Wow! I have 10/25… not bad! On another note, I have the ASM 688 9.6 on eBay for $999 OBO. I haven’t had any bites so I’ll be throwing it up for auction next week… watch for it!…

  • Peter Renna

    🔥🤘🤓🤘🔥 Can’t believe How much I want that Snake Eyes. Actually I can, I want it less than $1800 apparently because I ain’t buying that one

    • Avatar

      I can tell you the book is insane. It’s the only 9.8 in existence and it happens to be mine. I really do not want to sell it, but have received multiple really high offers. I listed it at the “make me sell it price” and even then I’ve taken the listing down twice as I’m scared someone may buy it. Now that it’s on this list I’m probably going to take the listing down again. I’ll likely cry if I sell it

  • Avatar

    Hey Ben, great list so far. Loving the content.
    Just wanted to point out though, #43 on the list is a Zaffino variant, not Ewing.
    Can’t wait to see the TOP 25! 👍👍

  • Avatar

    Lovng the list, but I think there’s an error on #34. Pretty sure the MPC #4 is a 1:50 variant. Not 1:500.

  • accustomfigures

    Owsome list. I have none. But I will say I had my Immortal Hulk #2 Zaffino on eBay for $525 OBO and ended up taking a $425 best offer, RAW. Paid $250 because I knew it would grade high, never sent it in though. Buyer was happy.

    Also, I think #29 got cut off.

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