1 Giant-Size Defenders #3

WRITER: Steve Gerber & Len Wein
ARTIST: Starlin, Newton, Adkins & Mooney
Super slow time of the year for comics–summer, SDCC on the horizon, etc.  There is a rumor out there that Korvac will be a villain in an upcoming Marvel movie, possibly Captain Marvel 2.  I don't usually put much stock in these types of rumors that don't come from credible sources, but there have been a number of high sales this past week on this 1st appearance, including a record high for a 9.4 at $525.

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2 Red Sonja: Birth of the She-Devil #1 Kunkka ‘Virgin' Variant /500

WRITER: Luke Lieberman
ARTIST: Sergio DavilaI assume that this is selling in the $125-150 range because of the beautiful mountain scenery.  Are there too many of these type of Red Sonja/Vampirella books out there? The main reason so many of the ones from several years ago are so expensive is just the lack of supply, IMO.

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3 Inhumans (Vol. 2) #5

WRITER: Paul Jenkins
Speculation that Yelena Belova will be Black Widow has this book getting raw sales as high as $40-45.

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4 Amazing Spider-Man #13

WRITER: Stan Lee
ARTIST: Steve Ditko
I'm assuming that these prices are in anticipation of Far From Home.  Record highs are being set:  9.2=$8500, previous $6500; 9.0=$6500, previous $5600.  Mid-grades are up somewhat.

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5 Silver Surfer: Black #1 2nd Print

WRITER: Donny Cates
ARTIST: Tradd Moore
Knull is scorching hot right now, with other books that were considered for this week's list, including #7 below.  Anyway, this is fetching $15-20 2 days after release.

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6 Warlord of Mars #21 Lucio Parrillo Cover

WRITER: Arvid Nelson
ARTIST: Vicente Cifuentes
Parrillo just has a way of doing a macabre looking cover, even if he intends it to be sexy.  Good luck trying to find the 1:15 virgin variant of this one.  Expect to pay $25-30 right now for this.

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7 Venom (Vol. 4) #3 3rd Print

WRITER: Donny Cates
ARTIST: Ryan Stegman
Speaking of Knull…following renewed interest in the 1st print of his first full appearance here, there is increasing interest on this printing because of the cover.  This one has moved up from $6 to $15+.

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8 Oblivion Song #1 Pink Variant

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Lorenzo De Filici
Still selling tons of copies in the $25 range and several copies have now hit $35.  Word is that this was available from Diamond on reorders and they were filling all orders with pink copies.  I neither have a Diamond account or have talked with anyone that does to confirm this information, but based on the number of copies available, I would assume that is the case.

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9 The Boys #1

WRITER: Garth Ennis
ARTIST: Darick Robertson
Raw copies had settled in the $25-30 range for a while and there has been a little uptick this week to $35-40.  9.8’s had dropped below $200 just a couple weeks ago and have rebounded this week back to $250, most likely because of the official trailer that dropped a couple days ago–did you see it?  Completely insane trailer…

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10 Henchgirl #1

WRITER: Kristen Gudsnuk
ARTIST: Kristen Gudsnuk
This had option news before, but it has been repeated again this week.  Not sure who has the option or if it is part of the Dark Horse agreement with Netflix.  Anyways, it’s getting a solid $40.  That Kickstarter is the tough one to get, though.

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Django/Zorro #1

WRITER: Quentin Tarantino & Matt Wagner
ARTIST: Esteve Polls
News that Tarantino was going to adapt this story, that was a comic first, pushed interest in this one–kind of a weird sequence, since the first Django comic series came after the movie and this is a direct sequel to the first movie, but this one does seem to be moving at $10-15.  Good one to keep an eye out for in the dollar bins.

Witchcraft #2

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Joe Kubert & Sid Check
If you don't know where to start in golden age, skull covers are usually a winner.  A 3.5 w/ Brittle pages sold this week for $1100.  One year ago, a 3.5 sold for $675. A 2.5 just sold last month for $920, up from $350 2 years ago.

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    Some good books on the list! I was hearing rumors of Korvac and was like great…another book I have to pick up. Was looking through a box of random bronze and there it was. Guess I picked it up at some point a while back and forgot about it. Not in perfect condition but good enough not to complain or buy another. That and Korvac really doesn’t “do it” for me. Who knows, maybe he will be awesome “if” he is even used.

  • accustomfigures

    Mysterio has always been my favorite villain; since the 66′ cartoon. Insane after hunting an affordable copy all these years that it’s now absolutely un-affordable. Guess I’ll have to wait another 30 years until after Holland retires, the kid from that barf Predator movie has his run, and Ron Pearlman plays Old Man Parker for the heat to die down again and I can nab a copy so they can bury me with it and my Fortress of Fangs playset.

  • Avatar

    Silver surfer Black and Venom 3 knuckle covers keep going up…passing $20…

  • fastballspecial

    I’ve sold I think 7 copies of gs def 3 this week very hot book only eternals sells better currently. Die 1 is a $35 book currently with multiple sales all week long. Black surfer 2nd print is selling well unsure why but it is. Oblivion pink will fall in value as orders come back in.

    If gs 3 holds value look for avengers 165sh to 177 increase in value.

    Look for heracles 1st app to continue to go up in value curently.

  • Avatar

    My first comment!
    Thank you for this Top 10 list. It’s super useful for finding value in my store’s back issue bins. (Assuming I get there before the vultures do!)
    I’d love to see the YEAR in which each Top 10 book was printed included in with the title. This could be useful to stores to determine whether or not they should even look for a book based on the year that they opened their doors. “Oh, that book is from 2008? Well, I didn’t open until 2012, so I most likely won’t have it” kind-of thing. Thanks again!

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    The Black Widow in Marvel Knights Inhumans #5 is an awesome book for speculation even without inclusion in the MCU films/TV, often found in $1 bins even to this date, so it’s one to watch for that’s often overlooked.

  • Avatar

    Finally, I can unload The Boys #1.

  • Avatar

    Oblivion Song #1 appears to be sold out at Diamond. Either i was really slow or there wasnt any to begin with.

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