Black Cat Issue #1 the ongoing series ?

Well Black Cat #1 has come and gone. While the story is just another ho hum first issue set up story, there were a couple of items of interest in issue #1. Two characters made appearance worthy of note and three other characters that appear to make their first appearances… or maybe they appeared elsewhere… doesn’t really matter I guess. What does matter is… Spoilers for Black Cat #1 lie ahead!

Odessa Drake, her first appearance was in the recent Amazing Spider-man series, issue #8. While she only appears briefly in Black Cat #1, it’s expected that she’ll have a much larger roll in the story going forward. Primarily as a foil to Felicia’s heists and scores or to steal Felicia's ill gotten gains. Pretty obvious seeing as how Felicia is now at odds the Thieves Guild after thwarting their superhero heist.

Black Fox, who first appeared in Amazing Spider-man Vol 1 #255. What’s interesting about Black Fox is the back up story featured in issue 1 and his role in the retooling of Black Cat's origin. It’s kinda amusing how he’s written to be an amalgamation of a couple other characters we’ve seen before in other media. However, I doubt there’ll be any outrage since he’s never struck me as being a very popular character. I was surprised at the number off appearances he's had over the years. I was even surprised that his first appearance is ASM 255 and not 265, nope, wasn't a typo before.

The first of the three new characters introduced is a guy named Sonny Ocampo. Who seems to be a security specialist with an ex-military background… or maybe yakuza… I don't know. He looks like he's supposed to have tattoos on his arm in some of the interior pages. I’d expect we’ll see more of him going forward, since why bother to have him on so many pages of issue #1 unless he’s going to be a reoccurring character. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s obsessed with catching her only to fall into some kinda relationship with her. Much the way Spider-man did once upon a time. I hope this isn’t the case, but have learned to brace myself for disappointment when it comes to comic stories these days.

The other two characters which I assume are new, because I’ve never seen them before are Felicia’s goons. Who might as well be named goon 1 and 2. Not terrible interesting characters, but one question I did have was why these two? Nothing about them really strike me as interesting nor the types of people she’d employ. Come to think of it, Black Cat never really employed goons prior to her ascension to crime boss of New York, during the power vacuum left in Kingpins absences.

So the next question is what will issue two be about? Based on what we’ve already seen, we can expect Black Fox to be more intertwined with Felicia’s origin. Making him a bigger part of it than has ever been alluded to prior. Which could be both a good and bad thing. We can also expect to see Odessa and the Thieves Guild causing Felicia more trouble.

In addition to that, with issue #2 coming this summer and with convention season in full swing, a plethora of variant covers! Much less than issue 1’s tsunami of store exclusive. Issue 2 will have both the standard ratio excludes and theme variants. Also the addition of a couple of SDCC 2019 exclusives. 3.. or 4 from Mark Brooks, a Venomized, Carnagized and Anti Venomized versions. Also 2 by Michael Turner which appear to be sketches with color work by Peter Steigerwald. I wouldn’t be surprised to see other exclusives variants for issue 2, or some for issue 3 crop up. Since variants seem to be what’s driving any sales for this new Black Cat book, why change the formula if it’s working.

Ultimately I wish I could say issue one was great and folks should go buy it and read it, sadly I can’t give it a glowing review. Both back up stories seemed better than the main story, both from an artistic perspective as well as story. While this book is supposed to be an ongoing series, unfortunately I’m not sure how long this will last… maybe 6-12 issues. I'd expect each issue to have multiple variant covers in a desperately attempt to keep the title out of cancellation range for as long as possible.

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    The Black Cat just seems very very generic. The Marvel cash grab. IF only someone at marvel had creative guts and stop trying to pass a social agenda…I was hoping it could be more stylized. More character building for Felicia. Introducing someone more interesting that the Thieves guild, which is boring and not exciting

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    She always just kind of seemed like a less interesting version of Catwoman to me. I did snag a few of the Artgerm variant. I’d like to have the virgin cover but it goes for more than I care to spend.

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      I grabbed a few Artgerms as well just because I liked the print and a 1:25 on a whim. I agree the virgin covers are a little pricy for my taste.

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    I think the character will outlast the 12 issue limit you have placed on it seeing as her image is very well liked by fans. That alone should have the book doing well.

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