Dollar Bin Digging 41




Warlord of Mars

Lucio Parrillo Variant Covers

Everyone already knows about those awesome Parrillo Vampirella and Red Sonja covers. But don’t sleep on these Warlord of Mars books though.

Sure some of these images are on the more risqué side, but that is what sells. Use your eyes. If it looks good to you, there’s a good chance others will think the same. I’ve been picking these up on the cheap lately and I’ve already flipped a few for a decent profit.

So whether it’s for the PC or for an investment, these books still have more room to grow. Not sure if there is clearly a “one” to have yet, but trust your own eyes and find them in the bins.

I chose to highlight #35, because that was a recent pick up of mine and it is just gorgeous. And the below sale was mine so that’s how I know these could be good pick-ups right now.

Recent Sales Data:

Raw #35 – $14.99 on 6/18/19
CGC 9.8 #33 – $111.78 on 4/30/19
Raw #21 – $28.00 on 6/13/19


Don't Feel Like Digging?




Captain Britain and M.I. 13

Variant Covers

This is a great series. I’m a big fan of it and recommend grabbing the whole run, which can be found in dollar bins. There are only 15 issues and an Annual so it’s not hard to complete.

That said, there are a few variant issues in the run too. The 1st issue has a variant, as well as later printings. Issue #2 & #3 also have 2nd prints. Issues #5, #6, #8, and #12 also all have different themed variants.

Personally I think there is an opportunity to adapt this team to the MCU. It’s quirky and different. Think Guardians but more mystical. And it lets the MCU expand across the pond. Either way, if this series heats up, you can bet the variants will be in higher demand.

So take a look at the variants, file them in your mental file, and keep an eye out for them when you are out hunting. And if you have trouble remembering, just look at the barcodes or look for the “Variant Edition”.

Recent Sales Data:

CGC 9.8 of #1 B – $44.34 on 9/17/18
Raw #1 B – $13.95 on 5/18/19


Don't Feel Like Digging?

So until next time, while you are out there digging, remember…

“It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great.” – Jimmy Dugan




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  • Mike Morello

    Love those Parrillo variants for Warlord. Nice choice! Well done, as always.

    • Peter Renna

      Thanks. They are pretty good. I only recently found out some of those have incentive virgin versions (Thanks AKA Mr. Bolo). Those have to be impossible to find. I wouldn’t expect to come across those in a bin, but they are interesting and may be worth grabbing if cheap enough.

  • Avatar

    There’s a 1:15 or 1:20 variant of Cap Britain by Peterson which is pretty hard to find.

    Might want to keep an eye out for that well.

    • Peter Renna

      The Cap Britain pic is of the Peterson variant. Not sure on the ratio, but I think you might be right. But some of the other ratios were like 1:10’s I think too. The idea being that I have come across those variants in bins because a lot of dealers don’t care. They just flip thru collections the pick up and breeze past MI13 and throw it in their dollar bins because no one is looking for them.

      But that’s a mistake. That’s a great series worth it for the read alone. But many variants slip through the cracks because they aren’t easily identifiable 10 years later. I found a lot of DC New 52 Incentives in dollar bins that way. No one pays attentions to unpopular series. So if it looks different, just pause, check the bar code and take a flier. You never know what could get hot down the line. And for a buck, there isn’t much risk.

      • Avatar

        You are absolutely right. Tht is indeed the variant. Yes that series was a good read and issue #1 also features the 1st app of Faiza Hussain aka Excalibur.

        She’s of Muslim descent I believe and predates Ms. Marvel as the 1st muslim character in Marvel.

        Wasn’t there also rumours taht Marvel was working on a Black Knight/Captain Britain movie or something?

        As for the DC comics ratio variants those can be found often in bins because DC never indicated on their covers that the comics were variants. You had to know about the cover or look at the bar code to see a 2 instead of a one before the issue number.

        Good stuff!

        • Peter Renna

          I completely forgot about Faiza. That’s a good tip. And a good character they should bring back into the Marvel Universe. maybe with the success of Agents of Atlas, we may get more off-brand teams return. Get me Nextwave back too while we’re at it.

          But for anyone who is unsure what we mean when we mention reading the barcode, a quick explanation is that in the barcode, generally the last digit references the printing, and the second to last is the version. So a 1st print Cover A would read ********11. A third print would be ********13. A first print C cover would be ********31.

          So in New 52 DC books there weren’t than many variants that weren’t incentives, so anytime you se a New 52 book with a barcode reading **********21 it is usually the incentive cover.

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