Indie Spotlight Series 35


Hello everyone!  Welcome back to Indie Spotlight Series and another action packed week for independent books.  Just coming back from Heroes Con and wow.. what a show!!!!  I was able to meet some great people and scored a few amazing books with my girlfriend, Lauren!!! We were dinosaur hunting (rare golden age digging) for most of the trip and it was epic!  Pre-Code Horror is my new addiction.. but hey, aren't those Indies anyway?  I’m going to say YES!!!  If you ever get the opportunity to go to Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina don't pass it up!  Enough of that and onto this week’s new releases.


The No Ones

Cave Pictures Publishing

The No Ones 1 comes to us this week from Cave Publishing and is definitely one that I have my eye on for a couple of reasons.  Jim Krueger is my first reason.  The name may sound familiar as he is an accomplished writer and has done some film work as well.  Most notably he has won Eisner Awards with D.C. Comics for his series Justice.  I love his work and also  the fact he has big ties to Hollywood.  We are also seeing very few of these books listed on eBay and almost all are listed well above cover in the $7 to $9 dollar range.  I’m digging the cover art and story premise on this first issue.  A murder cover up that leads to the fall of the most powerful group in the world.  Corruption becomes a curse and shows us the ultimate downfall of the Bastions.  Definitely keep your eyes open for this book tomorrow.



Crucified 1

Scout Comics

The world's most deadly hitman has just received a contract that will change his life forever along with the people that he loves the most.  What is it you ask… kill the people's modern day Messiah.  A man that can stop a riot with one word and probably damn near walk on water!  A government type agency is the one that ordered the hit to top it all off.  Love this premise and think if it’s done right this could be a huge hit.  One sale of $7 so far on the secondary market.  Don't sleep on this one.



Trout Hollowest Knock 1

Dark Horse Comics

This is my out there pick of the week as this story follows two unique individuals who have been banished from their town and forced to make a trek across the massive open ocean.  In the process the main character, Trout, is held by the God of the sea and will never be the same again.  Now the race is on to save him before it's too late.  I told you the premise was out there but it honestly sounds like it could be a solid animated series.  Don't sleep on Dark Horse specs right now especially for cover price.  This is also an eye catching cover to say the least as it definitely has that horror feel to it.



Usagi Yojimbo 1


IDW specs have been hot lately!  It makes sense why I saw Stan Sakai getting serious attention at Heroes Con.  Combine those two variables and this book has me saying “YES PLEASE”.  I would describe Sakai’s fanbase as cult like and hungry for this new chapter!  The 1:25 variant is my favorite and the one that I will be looking to pick up on Wednesday.  This is one that I think may see some early heat and then fall off but don't be scared to get it as a long term pick as well.  Streaming T.V. services are changing the spec world and I think more volume 2’s and 3’s will start to become relevant.



Lab Raider 1

Black Mask Studios

This story follows a couple of vigilantes who hatch a plan to break animals out of a government testing facility and burn the so called system.  Sounds easy enough right?  The only kicker is they are too late and once they let the animals out they find out just how dangerous they are. Sounds like a story that could unfortunately even be true and I'm definitely in it for the first issue.  How good or bad it is and will determine if I go on from there.




Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week



Assassin Nation 4

Image Comics

Criminal 2 and 3 Second Prints

Image Comics (unfortunately same cover art )

Excellence 2

Image Comics  (loved the first issue and I definitely recommend reading)

Fairlady 3

Image Comics

Farmhand 9

Image Comics

Gideon Falls 14

Image Comics

Little Bird 4 of 5

Image Comics

MiddleWest 8

Image Comics

Monstress 23

Image Comics

Outpost Zero 10

Image Comics

Port of Earth 11

Image Comics

Rumble 13

Image Comics

The Warning 8

Image Comics

Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Dark Horse (story will be told first person from Snow White)

Hellboy and BPRD Beast of Vargu One Shot

Dark Horse

Invisible Kingdom 4

Dark Horse

Last Stop on Redline 2

Dark Horse (great first issue and can't wait for this one)

Samurai Jack Lost Worlds 2


TMNT Urban Legends 14


Black Badge 11

Boom Studios

Faithless 3

Boom Studios (dont sleep on the erotic variant as issue one is gaining steam and these will do well sold in sets down the road)

Firefly 7

Boom Studios

Go Go Power Rangers Forever Rangers 1

Boom Studios

Lumberjanes 63

Boom Studios

Appalachian Apocalypse 6

Cave Pictures Publishing

Drawing Blood Spilled Ink 2

Kevin Eastman Studios (don't pass this book up at cover as this will be big soon in my opinion)

Mary Shellly’s Monster Hunters 3

Aftershock Comics

Militia 1

Blackbox Comics (this is my sleeper pick)  

Neon Future 4

Impact Theory LLC

Sabrina the Teenage Witch 3

Archie Comics

A Walk Through Hell 11

Aftershock Comics



Last Week’s Updates




Sonata 1

Image Comics

I honestly loved everything about this book!!!  Story and Artwork are both on point throughout the whole book and it gets stronger at the end.  The world building is fantastic and you are introduced to a plethora of character, but none of it is overwhelming!  Two civilizations that couldn't be more different but one common fear between them… the other’s technological advancements.  No spoilers, but don't sleep on this book as it has already gone back to a second print.  Both A and B covers can still be found cheap but books are getting snatched up quickly.  In a few months I think this will be a $10 book.



V Wars God of Death One Shot


Was not able to read this one but very few copies listed on eBay. The 1:10 Incentive variant is going for $20.



John Carpenter's Tales of Sci/Fi Surviving Nuclear Attack 1

Storm King Prod

I actually really enjoyed this book as I think it has set up well for the next issue.  Finding issue 2 may be a problem though with issue 1 being so hard to track down.  Good Luck!  Highly recommended read though.



Archie 705 ( Archie and Sabrina )

Archie Comics

Still found at cover but drying up. There are some store variants that are selling well.



Trust Fall 1


This one is ice cold on the secondary market but don't give up on it long term!

There is also a Heroes Con variant for this book to be on the lookout for.



Thanks again to everyone who reads and comments!  It means more than you know! Good luck to everyone this week and a special thanks to CBSI member Eric D for the unbelievably kind words in last weeks comments!!!!


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    Not a big indie week for me, I like the list though. Nice job! It’s next week that I have a lot on my radar.

    I do believe Honor and Curse #5 drops this week – at least that’s what Mad Cave said on their Instagram.

  • Avatar

    Thanks brother !

    You are 100 percent right!!! Honor and curse 5 this week. I missed transferring from my notes 🤦‍♂️ Thanks for the save.

  • accustomfigures

    Nice list!

    That Black Mask ‘Lab Raider’ 1 is just the next chapter in the ‘Critical Hit’ story by the same creative team with the same characters. I think it’s volume 3? Garbage.

  • Ben Steiniger

    No one covers the Indie titles like you do Andy. Much appreciated info!

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