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DC Millennium Editions

Once again, looking more at a series of books this week instead of a specific pick, I have found plenty of these DC Millennium Editions books in dollar and 50 cent bins lately.

Sure these are reprints, but you can either grab yourself a copy of an impossible to find classic key book that you can read; or you can flip a few of these for a few bucks if you find the right ones.

A Millennium Edition Tec 27 can get you $40-$50. A Millennium Sandman could be a $20 find.

I chose to highlight Detective Comics #38, 1st Robin because that was a recent pick up of mine and I know I will never own the original. But there are tons of these reprints out there and those foil embossed stamps are pretty nifty.

Recent Sales Data:

CGC 9.8 of Tec #27 – $199.99 on 12/3/17
Raw Tec #27 – $37.18 shipped on 6/11/19
Raw Tec #38 – $17.24 shipped on 6/12/19
Raw Sandman #1 – $14.74 shipped on 4/26/19


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Marvel Milestone Editions

Not to be outdone, Marvel had their own premier reprint series a while back in the form of Marvel Milestone editions.

Plenty of these sliver bordered books out there as well, but these are tough to find in high grade. That silver cover is pretty unforgiving with the spine ticks.

But again, there could be money to be made if you find the right reprints. A Captain America 1 is a $45+ raw book. Everyone loves Spidey and there are a lot of reprints of those early issues.

Finally another hot book right now is GSX #1. But if you can’t afford the original, this is an affordable substitute. Reprints aren’t in high demand, but if you are patient and find the right buyer, you can make a few bucks on a dollar bin pick up.

Recent Sales Data:

CGC 9.8 of GSX #1 – $76.89 on 4/9/19
Raw GSX #1 – $10.70 shipped on 6/11/19
Raw Cap #1 – $44.99 shipped on 5/15/19
Raw AF #15 – $28.85 shipped on 6/6/19


Don't Feel Like Digging?

So until next time, while you are out there digging, remember…

“It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great.” – Jimmy Dugan




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    Toys R Us reprinted Tec 38 as well as Tec 359 (1st Barbara Gordon Batgirl) and Batman 121 (1st Mr. Freeze). I grabbed the set a few years back in NM shape…they’re on eBay but also hard to find in high grade being from multipacks. Their covers are near replicas of the originals too, minus the TRU label.

  • Avatar

    Yeah those Toys R Us reprints are pretty cool and not too easy to find.

    And let’s not forget the rare chromium cover variants to Superman 1, Batman 1, JLA 1 and Crisis on Infinite Earths 1 Millennium Editions!

  • Avatar

    I recently picked up the Millennium edition of Tec#1, sadly not for a dollar. Given the recent cancellation of the Tec before Batman omnibus, I doubt DC will ever reprint that material again any time soon.

    Note for anyone looking for Marvel Milestones— there’s a variant on Uncanny X-Men #1, that came with huge packs of Hi-C juice boxes around the time the animated series was hot. It came polybagged on top of the juice boxes and the silver boarder was far duller than the retail version.

  • Ben C

    Awesome info, I had no idea they did a Cap reprint, I always look for the IH 181

    Thanks Peter!!

  • Avatar

    Also, if people are on the hunt for the DC Millennium Editions,, Newsstand versions exist as well complete with the embossed foil seal.

  • Avatar

    I’ve never seen any Captain America milestones in my 20 years of collecting.

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