Weekly Picks for New Comic Books Releasing June 12, 2019

My weekly picks of the Comic book release schedule for June 12, 2019: DC closes out the Arkham Knight Saga in Detective Comics #1005 and kicks of their new epic with Event Leviathan #1. Marvel brings the first issue of Donny Cates new work in the much anticpated Silver Surfer Black #1. See all of this plus so much more in my weekly picks for new comic books releasing June 12, 2019.


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    Nice!!! Thanks for your, as always, awesome weekly picks!! In answer to your questions…

    It’s more a matter of money, I’d do statues and action figures too, but the money just isn’t there. Comic prices are just too steep these days in order to do both. So given the choice/financial cap, I’d rather read the story or get a signed version of comic than have a statue that long term just gathers dust and my girlfriend just gets annoyed with anyway ;)!

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    Written transcripts please, nobody wants to have to scroll through video in the middle of their LCS for information.

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