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Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members. As always in the speculation of comics, there is a cycle of “what’s hot” regarding characters, issues and storylines. In recent news, the New Gods world has been prominent in the headlines and seems to be on a course to hit the silver screen in the near future. With this, let’s take a look at key books, and 1st appearances that potentially serve us all well

After leaving Marvel Comics toward the start of 1970, Jack Kirby made his way to rival DC Comics to take over one ongoing title (Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen) and launch three new series and a brand-new mythos. With The Forever People, The New Gods, and Mister Miracle, Kirby effectively created an entirely new cosmic legacy for the DC Universe, The New Gods introduces the sprawling cast from the twin worlds of New Genesis and Apokolips, including Darkseid, Orion, Highfather, and Lightray.

So just what are the New Gods? They are a race of highly powerful beings who live in the Fourth World, a realm far removed from the rest of the DC Universe. Once this realm consisted of a single, primeval world called Urgrund. However, that world was split in two after a war, and now the Fourth World consists of two planets – New Genesis and Apokolips. The former is ruled by the Highfather, while the latter is a realm populated by slaves, all dominated by the baddie known as Darkseid.

These two worlds have been locked in perpetual war for thousands of years, with that war often spilling out to affect the larger DC Universe. New Genesis has the finest warriors and technology the universe has to offer, while Apokolips has endless hordes of winged Parademons and a small but deadly group of assassins called the Female Furies. A temporary peace was achieved when Highfather and Darkseid traded their sons Scott Free (Mister Miracle) and Orion, but that truce has evaporated now that both men are grown and united in their hatred of Darkseid.

Most New Gods possess enhanced strength and greatly extended lifespans. Some are as strong as or stronger than heroes like Superman. Many possess other unique abilities. Mister Miracle is capable of escaping any trap, no matter how impossible. Glorious Godfrey has a superhuman ability to influence others through the power of his voice. Metron sits on the Mobius chair, which grants him access to all knowledge in the universe. Darkseid wields Omega Beams, energy blasts that can change direction at will and obliterate any enemy they touch.



Interestingly, the New Gods were derived from stories Kirby had originally planned for Marvel's Thor comics. In New Gods lore, the Fourth World was born when Ragnarok destroyed the old gods of the Third World and a new generation of gods took their place.

Ok, so with a brief history of this Fourth World, let’s look at the issues that are key to the storylines and the why’s behind some of them.

The following is in chronological order as meant to be read in order to capture the whole story.


Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olson # 133

  • Jack Kirby 1st DC work
  • Intro to Fourth World
  • 1st appearance of Morgan Edge

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olson # 134

  • 1st cameo Darkseid (I know debatable)


Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olson # 135

  • 1st S.A Guardian appearance


The Forever People # 1

  • 1st full appearance Darkseid
  • 1st appearance of the Forever People: Beautiful Dreamer, Mark Moonrider, Serifan, Big Bear and Vykin the Black
  • 1st appearance of Infinity-Man


The New Gods # 1

  • 1st appearance of Orion (Darkseid Son)
  • 1st appearance of Highfather (Leader of New Genesis)
  • 1st appearance of Kalibak (Orion's half-brother)
  • 1st appearance of Lightray
  • 1st appearance of New Genesis and Apokolips


Mister Miracle # 1

  • 1st appearance of Mister Miracle (son of Highfather)
  • 1st appearance of Oberon (Mister Miracle's stage manager)


Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olson # 136


The Forever People # 2

  • 1st appearance of Desaad (chief counselor to Darkseid)
  • 1st appearance of Mantis


New Gods # 2

  • 1st cover appearance of Darkseid
  • 1st cameo appearance of Slig


Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olson # 137


Mister Miracle # 2

  • 1st appearance of Granny Goodness


The Forever People # 3

  • 1st appearance of Glorious Godfrey
  • 1st team appearance of the Justifiers


Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olson # 138


The New Gods # 3

  • 1st appearance of Black Racer


Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olson # 139


Mister Miracle # 3

  • 1st appearance of Doctor Bedlam


The Forever People # 4


New Gods # 4

  • 1st appearance of Esak


Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olson # 141


Mister Miracle # 4

  • 1st appearance of Big Barda


The Forever People # 5

  • 1st appearance of Lonar


New Gods # 5

  • 1st full appearance of Slig


Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olson # 142


Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olson # 143


Mister Miracle # 5

  • 1st appearance of Virman Vundabar


The Forever People # 6


The New Gods # 6


Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olson # 144


Mister Miracle # 6

  • 1st team appearance of the Female Furies: Bernadeth, Lashina, Mad Harriet and Stompa


Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olson # 145


Forever People # 7


Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olson # 146


New Gods # 7

  • Origin of Orion
  • Origin of Mister Miracle
  • 1st appearance of Steppenwolf


Mister Miracle # 7

  • 1st appearance of Kanto


Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olson # 147


The Forever People # 8


New Gods # 8

  • 1st appearance of Suli


Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olson # 148


Mister Miracle # 8


The Forever People # 9


New Gods # 9

  • 1st appearance of All-Widow


Mister Miracle # 9

  • 1st appearance of Himon


The Forever People # 10


New Gods # 10


Mister Miracle # 10


The Forever People # 11

  • 1st appearance of Devilance


New Gods # 11


Mister Miracle # 11


Mister Miracle # 12


Mister Miracle # 13


Mister Miracle # 14


Mister Miracle # 15


Mister Miracle # 16


Mister Miracle # 17


Mister Miracle # 18

  • Marriage of Big Barda and Mister Miracle


Well there you have it. The chronological issue by issue look at the New Gods / Fourth World Saga including key issues. As this spans over four separate comic book properties, there are Omnibus’ available in 4 volumes for those who strictly want to read beyond collecting or flipping.



With all this being said, I highly recommend digging into this lore and learning about all it has to offer. With this being written for the big screen, There is no doubt some of the books above beyond the obvious ones will gain in value provide, a nice profit for those who are early in the game. Cough, cough Mister Miracle # 2 and # 6. Don’t say we didn’t tell you so!

My memory always takes me back to pre GOTG movies. Including how many of those books were in bins waiting to be had, and the ROI turned was addicting. You have any questions on that, or anything else related, please reach out to some of the vets, or anyone on the CBSI writing group. Between all of the resources, there is no question that can’t be answered.


As always, thanks for reading!

Talk soon,


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  • Avatar

    Jimmy Olsen 135 is also the first appearance of Project Cadmus. Great work nice to see all the appearances and covers in order.

  • Kantankerous75

    It’ll be interesting to see how DC’s New Gods do in the box office vs. Marvel’s Eternals.

  • Avatar

    The image you have for New Gods #5 you posted is the cover for Vol. 2, #5 not the volume you wanted.

  • Avatar

    Even though these are not hidden and low dollar books anymore I think the big winners at the end of the day will still be New Gods #1, Jimmy Olsen #134, Mister Miracle #1, #2, #4 & #6. High grades are pricey but low and mid grades are still very affordable. That window will probably slowly close until an official announcement of plot and and what characters will be used start showing. Once everything is official and production begins we all know how the market will most likely react,at least for the short term. Prices will go up, up, up!

    • Clint Joslin

      Great picks there and I agree whole heartedly. These books will heat up and we will wish we bought them before the craze. Thank you for commenting and giving your thoughts!

  • Avatar

    I can see why Jimmy Olsen #134 has become the go to book for Darkseid’s first. Even though it is a cameo. After that his next appearance is in #135, which is also a cameo. Jimmy Olsen #136 also has a cameo of Darksied and it is a March issue, same as Forever People #1. IF Jimmy Olsen #135 was distributed before Forever People #1 that would make it Darkseid’s fourth overall appearance even if a “full” one. Kind of hard to really consider Forever People #1 his first with so many (even if brief) appearances already printed and distributed. In my opinion the significance of Forever People #1 being his “first full appearance” kind of gets diluted as well because of all the other cameos in Jimmy Olsen. Forever People dose have more gong for it though. Plenty of firsts.

  • Avatar

    Awesome list, for sure. Did notice the mistake with New Gods #5 and Jimmy Olsen #134 isn’t actually debatable. Darkseid appears. So it’s his first appearance. By the industry definition of a cameo it’s definitely a cameo. So… cameo first appearance…

  • Avatar

    i was 11. i bought those Jimmy Olsens off the news stand. Sat on the floor and read then at least 10x’s each.

    • Clint Joslin

      Ha! Those are the great memories of our childhood right?! That’s what makes them love comics still to this day. Thank you for reading and giving your thoughts!

      • Avatar

        So true! when I was very young if I was good my father would bring home a Star Was comic, shorty after the movie came out. I looked through them 100 times each until they fell apart…Could barely read, but I loved them!

  • Avatar

    These comics are amazing and well worth reading. Get those trades!

  • Avatar

    If the casting is right, I could see big barda as a breakout star. She’s a fantastic character.
    Awesome article, jack kirby was amazing.

  • Avatar

    Bought most of the major keys before the craze. The only one that’s eluded me is MM#4. Ugh. Wish I had a copy. This will be really good with the right casting and storytelling. Can’t wait! Classic Kirby.

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