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Welcome to the comic craze. Bright and early on a Monday morning!


It’s amazing what recycling of news can do for books attached to that news. Not new news. Only old news. Looking at you, new gods movie! Big Barda is even bigger Barda money now.


Pearl is coming to film, huh? Terms like, “Headed to film” make a book disappear faster than a recall! 


219, 249, 240, and now 243? Spawn #243 looks to be the latest Spawn taking off.


Let’s dive into the exciting world that is Pickups!


A little bit of this and a little bit of bat!



Batman Beyond. Hoax or no hoax about McGinnis to film. It has to happen eventually, doesn’t it?

Did you know? Bruce Wayne wears the Batman Beyond suit first.



I believe the Jokerz gang comprised of Coe, Dottie, J-Man, Scab and Smirk first appear in here.



Mister Fixx also makes his debut.



Here’s our first look at Terry.



Wild who? Wild cats!


Why is this Trilogy Newsstand so hard to track down? Probably for the same reason most newsstands are. There’s just not that many of them!


Trilogy Ashcan! Talk about not easy to find. But, there are 3,000 of these. That’s what’s stamped on the cover anyways.



Gen13 first published artwork?



Artemis, Zealot’s sister, first appears here.

So does Delphae, a Coda Sister, like Zealot and Artemis.

Hightower debuts here as well. He is a member of the Cabal and a former Daemonite soldier.


Gore Shriek #1 from 1986.

Overlooked, I’d say, from the relatively low asking prices online. First published comic book work by Greg Capullo!


Here’s some nice and disgusting gore shots from this book…


Way to start us off right, with a head impaled on a tree shot!



Talk about intestinal problems. Or whatever that is!



Who doesn’t want a Zombie Toolshed?



Um, me. I do not want a Zombie toolshed. Not if they’re gonna improperly use my tools… on me!



Gwens! And Novas! And Mercs!



A G-Pool and a Spider-G!

Anything ASM300 homage seems to be in demand.


I saw in the latest previews that “they” are bringing Gwenpool back.

I was about to say she only appears on the cover, but that’s not true. She’s got a mini story in the back!



Totally Awesome Hulk preview! This December! 2015, that is.



Iron ManDuck! And another Gwen…something!



Female Howard the Duck and Rocket Raccoon! If they don’t already have names, I’ll go with the obvious… Howarda and Rocketa. I’m just filled with creativity!



Nova #1, 2013. 1:50 sighting! I recall seeing this before but don’t remember it being a 1:50. Well, it is!

Lots of Nova’s to research!

Nova’s parents, sister and girlfriend (who knows he’s Nova) are first shown in here, as are his early days.


First appearance of Supernovas, a black ops unit within the Nova Corps. Some members include Mister Z’zz, Phlish and Titus.


Deadpool and the Mercs for Money, Vol 2, #5 Variant.

Lots of characters in here battling it out!



Teen Titans #86 Allred Variant. This would make a great 1:25 set, similar to the other DC themed incentives from 2014.


Bloodshot Reborn! #6. Will Valiant 1:20’s ever bring heat?





Grendel! Primer #2 1982.

First appearance of Grendel. Will this follow the incredible Albedo #2 trend? Why would it, you ask? Why wouldn’t it, is my answer a question with a question response!


Eternals! #1. At this point, can we ever have enough Eternals?


Dark Knight! #1 1986

A classic that will always be sought after. Note there’s a bunch of printings that are indicated on the inside cover.


Solo Avengers #1, 1987.

Hawkeye has a brother? Why, yes! Yes, he does!


Trick shot!


In the mix!



With random stuff!


Hellboy in Hell #5, 2014, ComicsPro Exclusive Variant. 1,000 of these made? I forget off hand.


Generation Hope! Issue #2.

Lots of cool characters in here.

One being Kenji Uedo , who first appears in here. Reminded me of that scene in Akira. Tetsuo!!!



Diablo #1 2001 Dark Horse Comics. Variant Cover.

Noticed these selling somewhat impressively. The ‘video game made into a limited comic’ effect!


Spawn! FCBD, 2019. Reprints Spawn #1. Mattina cover!


Superman Wonder Woman #17 Combo. I believe this was the last combo made? Not sure if that equates to the lowest print run of all combos. Again, who cares? Hopefully someone!





Archie! #646 Science Fantasy Homage

Betty and Veronica are getting a lot of love lately. Covers that were around for pennies for years are recently going, going, ga-ga-ga-… gone!


All New Ghost Rider #1, 2014.

Always had a tough time finding these.

Long story short…


Our new ghost rider worked on cars in East LA, CA



Who one night got shot and left for dead



But then transformed into the All New Ghost Rider



and laughed like a maniac



Then entered his card on fire and drove off!



How’s that for a bedtime story? Ha!


And who is Nikoleta with the Hulk-making stuff?

I’m seeing she first appears in Morbius Vol. 2, #6 from 2013.

I do wonder is she’s a she-hulk that’s here to stay.




Spiderman loves Mary Jane, Vol. 2, #1 2008.

Written by Terry Moore!

I’m not certain if this is a ratio.


Ms Marvel #1 2006 Sketch.

Maybe if it said Captain Marvel instead of Ms Marvel on the cover, it would be selling better? It feels like Ms/Captain Marvel related books are back to a “hold” status.


To the bone!



High hopes for Bone Parish to film!






The spec is strong in today’s market with just about all X-Men bronze comics!



X-Men #244, 1989.

I don’t know why but I always thought she was created in the early to mid 80’s.

And, why is it impossible to find her as her Newsstand 9.8 self?


Sabre! Saber? Sabretooth!

Iron First #14. His first appearance.

This book has a ways to go, in my opinion. Lots of room to grow!



Have a great week and welcome to Summer!

Schools out for… more Comics!


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