Hot and Cold Comic Book List May 29, 2019

A true collaboration with Simpleman's Comics, AKA Mr. Bolo, and authors. We present the first Hot and Cold list! This list takes a look at the comic community with a broader stroke. Whether it's a hot or cold series, writer, artist etc. We do not go to the granular level of single issues. We already have the CBSI Hot 10 Comics from Ben Stein for that. So we present to you, the first weekly hot and cold list for May 29, 2019.


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HOT PICKS 5/29/19


Clint Joslin (@Clintjoslin)

CBSI Writer- Run the Table , One Year Later, Blood Bank

Comic Convention Commissions and Sketches


Mel V (@treazus_christ)

Mighty Mel V Youtube Channel

Immortals #1 Acuna Variant

Everyone is buzzing about Eternals in MCU phase 4. And buyers are moving to the modern series not just the bronze age anymore.


Dan Piercy (@dan_piercy)

CBSI Writer- The Reading Pile

Batman White Knight #3 Variant

All the White Knight series variants were great and you're hearing more people talk about this series again as the next chapter of this title is in the works from Sean Murphy


Michael Karls

Guest Contributor – Downright Nerdy Podcast

SDCC Exclusive Toys and Statues

Every year San Diego Comic Con has some of the elite exclusive toys and statues that demand a premium on the secondary market.


Topher S (@voiceofrao)  aka FOMO The Puppet

Writer- True Firsts

Female Archie Characters

Whether it's Betty and Veronica, or Sabrina the Teenage Witch, we are seeing a resurgence in popularity of these characters and the secondary market is taking notice.


Andy Tomberlin (@indie_Spotlight_series_)

Writer- Indie Spotlight Series

Co Host- Indie Spotlight Show

IDW Creator Owned Titles

IDW has been releasing multiple hits with their creator owned titles recently such as Amber Blake


Peter Renna (@drasden_files)

CBSI Writer – Dollar Bin Digging, The Usual Suspects

Fear Agent

Great story, prime title for an option opportunity. We'll have to wait and see.


Mike Morello (@morellotunes)

CBSI Writer- Cover Tunes

Atlas Comics #1's 

High grade #1 issues of Atlast titles there used to be dollar bin fodder are demanding good money since news of Paramount wants to make movies pertaining to Atlas titles.  


COLD PICKS 5/29/19


Topher aka Fomo The Puppet


Between Tom King being pulled off the comic title, Robert Pattinson being cast as Batman. It's a tough time to be the Dark Knight right now.


Andy Tomberlin

Antarctic Press Books

The demand has cooled recently on Antarctic Press books. No longer are you seeing every book fly off the shelf and instantly being place on eBay.


Mike Morello

Netflix Marvel Books

Since the cancellations for the Marvel Netflix series, a lot of the books from these shows have cooled off. Now would be a perfect time though to stock up on some of these keys. 


Peter Renna


Even the buzz about appearing on the SyFy series Krypton hasn't been enough to see declining prices on Lobo key issues.






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