The Metaverse, Peacemaker, Terminator and More!

What's up collectors and speculators?  I trust this past week has blessed you all with troves of dollar bin goodies, understanding wives ( or husbands ) and enough extra profit to hit up the best cons on Earth!  This week is your typical assortment of comic goodies. I hope the comics gods shine down upon you over the summer and the bins continue to provide.



The Next 1

First appearance of the Metaverse


So the latest Doomsday Clock ( issue 10 ) was a game changer.  Sadly it will probably go unnoticed but it shouldn't.  Slow burns do not do well in out fast-food spec world but sometimes you have to age the cheese.  In this case not only do we get an incredible explanation as to why Dr. Manhattan is the ultimate DC villain but we also learn invaluable tidbits about the nature of the DCU.  Most importantly we learn a new term , the Metaverse.  The only problem, legendary writer Tad Williams established it first at DC and in a series where Superman is a central figure.  If you haven't read this mini do it.  Trust me.  And like the Doomsday Clock, it bear rereading but it is totally worth it.



Deadpool 11

First comic with Deadpool and Spidey in the same book and first interaction between the two

OK this pick caused a lot of problems this past week but I still have seen no real proof that they met earlier and yes talking on the phone, by definition is an encounter.  I get it, Deadpool is pretending to be Parker, they don't meet in costume and on and on.  But I have yet to see an earlier comic where they both appear.  Now you can go buy Cable and Deadpool 24 but there's a ton of those.  This one has been of interest to collectors even when Deadpool was not popular  thanks to the famous cover swipe.  Newsstands are as rare as the oceans are free of micro plastics and the foreign is freakin' awesome. 



Rust 12

First appearance of the Terminator comic

With a new film on the way this one isn't as easy to find as you might think and there are newsstands.




Terminator One-Shot

First appearance of Sarah Connor

Dark Fate's teaser didn't impress but this remains her first and it looks like she is the featured protagonist.  Adapted firsts are hit or miss and this one was heavily printed.  Buy cheap or not at all.  I have no idea if there are direct and newsstands either.


Tales of Asgard 1

             Marvel Spectacular 5

Thanks to MeWe CBSI member Lon Levin for pointing out this one.

   Also reprinted in Thor 134

So who cares about Thor 134?  Well after the GOTG 3 rumors it looks like the High Evolutionary is in play.  This was another reprinting. It is  not rare but there is a Canadian Price Variant.

The first reprint was actually here!



The Avengers 23

First appearance of Ravonna

Trust me,  Kang will not appear as a major MCU villain without the inclusion of Ravonna.  Not only is she the inspiration for much of what he does but his love for here makes him more than a one-dimensional enemy.




Suicide Squad 28

First Peacemaker in the Squad

Now that we know Peacemaker will be in SS 2 copies of the Charlton appearances and his first DC have dried up.  I still think the DC mini is undervalued along with his first appearance in an SS title.



Favorite Cover of the Week!

Captain Marvel 5 Rocket Raccoon Variant, 1:15

There aren't a lot of stellar Rocket ratio variants out there.  This is the exception and is my all time favorite Rocket Cover.  Since he will be featured in GOTG 3 such a cover might be worth a stash now, if you can find it!


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