Indie Spotlight Series 32


Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Indie Spotlight Series.  After several weeks that were somewhat light on the wallet, we now have ourselves a monster. This is the week of number ones with over 10 new series launching first issues on Wednesday. Without further delay, let's get to it.


Wailing Blade 1


The premise of this book has me sold sold sold.  It centers around the most legendary executioner of all time and a bandit Prince who is fighting to save his father from the chopping block.  Promised to be bloody and brutal in every way possible.. this may be one to watch for sure.  With Horror stories taking center stage these days, I wouldn't be surprised to see this one heat up.  Copies are already selling well on the secondary market.  There will be a silver foil version as well as a gold, so be on the lookout for both at your LCS on Wednesday. There is also a Kickstarter version that I imagine will see some heat as well.



Horror Comics 1

Antarctic Press

As of lately Antarctic Press has been pretty cold spec wise but could this be the comic to bring back the heat they had in the Rags days……???  Horror Comics 1 definitely checks all the boxes; new writer that has been making some noise on the way up, check, horror themed plot, check, bad ass variant cover (Teether variant), check!!!!  This one may just break Antarctic Press out of the slump they have been in, so be aware.  Teether variant also has a $9.99 cover price, so keep that in mind as well.  Don't sleep on cover A though, as I will be looking for both tomorrow.



Killer Groove 1

Aftershock Comics

This book also has me intrigued by its premise and throwback style cover art.  The story follows Johnny, an up and coming struggling musician who suddenly finds inspiration through his new line of work.  Set in the late 70’s in Los Angeles it has that vibe that catches my eye instantly.  This is one that could be easily adapted to T.V. or the Big Screen so if this book sounds interesting to you it may definitely be worth picking up tomorrow.  Also watch out for the 1:10 variant that may be harder to find.



Battle Cats Volume 2 #1

Mad Cave Studios

I have been waiting on this book to drop since Knights of the Golden Sun.  Mad Cave Studios and Mark London have now found their rhythm and are a force to be reckoned with.  I expect this volume of Battlecats to be the best one in the series yet!  I have seen the sneak preview and can't wait to see the 1st issue all put together!  The artwork in this book will blow you away which seems to now be the Mad Cave standard.  Visually stunning, fantasy world building at its best and I definitely recommend checking out this book.



She Said Destroy 1

Vault Comics

Another high octane Sci/Fi thriller coming to us from Vault.  They are trying to build their reputation as THE publisher to go to if you want to find Sci / Fi and I believe they are doing it. Vagrant Queen was just recently optioned to a 10 episode T.V. deal and this series may be just as strong of a contender to follow that same path.  If you see this book at cover it’s one that I wouldn’t pass up. There is also a Saga homage cover that may heat up a little.



Amber Blake 3 (1:10 Incentive)


People have caught onto the Catherine Nodet variants selling amazingly well but it hasn't made them any easier to find for some reason.  That reason, if you ask me, is just that they are that desirable.  Great story that is applicable in today's world and can be EASILY adapted to media and insanely good cover art that is truly rare.  All issues of regular covers even have sales well above cover price as a testament to the story.  They are magazine size and I think that may be a deterrent for some.  To each their own but I'm not sleeping on a book because of its size. Sales already over $35 for this book with only one listed at $125.



Angel 1

Boom Studios

First off, a HUGE thank you to Arune Singh for coming on the Indie Spotlight Show over on Simpleman’s Comics Youtube channel. He dropped all kinds of B.O.L.O’s of his own and a couple about some first appearances in this issue of Angel!  These first appearances will play a key role in the Buffy verse moving forward so don't sleep on this book!  You have been warned by THE Arune Himself!!!  Cover C is my favorite and is off the chain.. Scott Buoncristiano killed it!  

Make sure to check out all the other B.O.L.O.’s Arune drops and see just how inspirational of an individual he is over a Simpleman’s Comics Youtube channel.




Sleeper Pick



Sham Comics 1

Source Point Press

This book looks interesting as it is comprised of new public domain characters from the Golden Age. Very few listed on Ebay with one sale well over cover. Might be worth flipping through in the shop and seeing if it interests you.




Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week



Ascender 2

Image Comics

Die 4 Third Print

Image Comics

Little Bird 1 Third Print

Image  (new cover art that I really like)

Spawn 297

Image (road to 300)

Walking Dead 191 Second Print

Image Comics

Bad Luck Chuck 3 of 4

Dark Horse Comics

Fight Club 3 # 5

Dark Horse Comics

Stranger Things Six #1

Dark Horse Comics

My Little Pony Spirit of The Forest 1

IDW (as Mr. Bolo says don't sleep on IDW 1:10 and I think this may be a perfect example of that)

Star Trek Year 5 # 2


TMNT ongoing 94


TMNT Urban Legends 13


Transformers 6


Lumberjanes Somewhere Green 1

Boom Studios (this could honestly be another sleeper)

Achilles Inc. 2

Source Point Press

Bloodshot Rising Spirit 7


Blossoms 666 #4

Archie Comics

Cold Blood Samurai 3

Action Lab Ent.

Conspiracy 5 Lizard People


Dark Red 3

Aftershock Comics

Donald Who Laughs 1


Exciting Comics 2

Antarctic Press

Floppy Cop 2

Source Point Press

Forgotten Queen 4


Life is Strange 5

Titan Comics

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 39

Boom Studios (leads up to the big events of issue 40)

Punk Mambo 2


Queen of Bad Dreams 2


Rags 4

Antarctic Press

Rick and Morty Special issues 1 – 5

Oni Press (new collector's covers that retells the first five issues celebrating issue 50.. these could do very well over time)

Rick and Morty 50

Oni Press

Rise 3

Scout Comics

Savants 5 of 5

Source Point Press (this is the one that will tie it all together)

Twiztid Haunted High on Darkness Rises 2

Source Point Press

A Walk Through Hell 10

Aftershock Comics

Wasted Space 10




Last Week's Updates



Road of Bones 1


Killer read and I can't say enough about the story thus far.  Love the premise and can easily see this book adapting well to media outlets. I did find the art a little underwhelming at times and then overwhelming at others.  Overall very happy with the quality of this book though and can't wait until issue 2!  Doing very well on the secondary market as this is now a $15 book shipped.



Drawing Blood Spilled Ink 1

Kevin Eastman Studios

Love Love Love!  Kevin Eastman and David Avallone have an absolute masterpiece on their hands with this book and how it intertwines with Radically Rearranged Ronin Ragdolls.  Art on point at all times and the endless possibilities with these books is just mind blowing.  Very few on Ebay and I can see why.  Do not sleep on this event!!!



Radically Rearranged Ronin Ragdolls One Shot

Kevin Eastman Studios

I read this book before the Drawing Blood issue and I think that is the way it works best.  It lets you see the creativity before the downfall.  I found myself constantly comparing every aspect to the TMNT and I think that's ok.  Just can't say enough about how well these books work together.  Also, both have a high gloss regular paper cover that is just badass and slick looking.  A+ Kevin Eastman Ent.



These Savage Shores ( New Printings Set )

Vault Comics

Not much movement on the secondary market but still an amazing story that you must read. Set of these are good long term holds , while waiting for the option news WHEN it comes.


Faithless 2

Boom Studios

Lots of sold items but still hovering right around cover price. I know I have my copies still in the polybag stored away.



Knights of the Golden Sun 7

Mad Cave Studios

Great arc and already I am immediately ready for the next installment.  Hats off Mark London and Mad Cave Studios on a phenomenal job.  Keep it up guys.  Some sales above cover on this book as well.




Sleeper Pick



Faithless 1 Second Print Erotica Cover

Sales all over the place but cheap copies drying up.  ARUNE TOLD YOU!!! Hope you listened.



WHEEEEEW!  I told you it was a big week.  Thanks for sticking with me through all of that. Last but certainly not least, big shout out to Pops Foster, a member of the CBSI community, who has had some health issues.  Pops has always been a supporter of mine and for that I thank him immensely. Get better Pops!  We are all thinking about you!  

Have a great week everyone!


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  • Adam Lebednik

    I grabbed a few of the erotic covers. Glad i did.

  • eye_ess

    These Savage Shores will only be a matter of time before that gets optioned. It is an amazing story and probably the most in depth Monster Story in a long while with potential for a long run story with lots of parallel storylines for all the characters (including very in depth back stories).

    I jumped on the Faithless and only the specific covers. If people knew the resale value of Zenoscope, they would know how crazy those Faithless books will hit.

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