Weekly Picks for New Comic Books Releasing May 29, 2019

My weekly picks for May 29, 2019: This week we finally get the latest Geoff Johns release in Doomsday #10 where find out the connection Dr. Manhattan has with the DC Universe. We also continue Al Ewing’s blockbuster story with Immortal Hulk #18. What I’m really liking this week though is there are so many great independent comic titles coming out to include Dark Red #3, Queen of Bad Dreams #2, She Said Destroy #1, and Battlecats #1. See all of the plus so much more in my weekly picks for new comic books releasing May 29, 2019.


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  • misfit138

    Constructive criticism. I have mentioned this a couple of times. You trail off at the end of your sentences and I can’t understand the last word or words of each statement. Example – Amber Blake #3 “There’s also a regular priced variant by Katherine mumble mumble”. I have no idea what Katherine’s last name is. Also Ascender #2 “that’s why I’m going mumble mumble mumble”. “Walking Dead #191 mumble mumble”. It’s every statement you make. You start strong but then you trail off and end mumbling just about every time. I had to stop watching a third of the way through the video. Please just get the Wednesday One out on time. Thanks.

    • Avatar

      He clearly says Katherine Nodet

    • Brian W

      Misfit, thank you for the constructive criticism. I’m always looking to improve my content. One of the ways that may help is to add close captioning to my videos. Unfortunately, it can be expensive. But, with your support through my Patreon page, I could use that support to go towards captions. Patreon.com/simplemanscomics in the meantime, I will try to annunciate more proficiently. Thank you for your support.

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