May 27 2019


Good morning Comic Readers, Investors and all around enthusiasts!

I was just reading yesterday that Sony’s Uncharted movie is in advanced development. Sweet!

Looks like DC is following Marvel with facsimile editions of their key books, starting with House of Secrets #92 and Batman #232. I like the move!

Bone Parish headed to film? Shot out to B-Wood and AKA Mr. Bolo on their incredible weekly new releases, interviews and pickups videos!


Onto some pickups!

Sideburns and bell bottoms!



Shazam #1, 1973. This book looks to have dipped quite a bit. But if there are several more movies planned, wouldn’t, or rather, shouldn’t one think this book has more promise?

Super Friends #7, 1976. Wonder Twins power! Their new self-titled series stirred interest. Will this interest continue, and, dare I say, grow?

Super Spidey Stories #39, 1979. For whatever reason, this book has always been a tough find. Midgrade raws have been on and off of the $30-$50 or so range. Does it stay in that range?


Modern look!



TMNT! These were mini comic packs of 25 from 2007 for Halloween and to promote the new Rise of the TMNT series. Hard to imagine there are unopened packs of these laying around all over, but I do have a habit of imagining boxes and boxes of every book ever made sitting somewhere in the world in unopened boxes. Action Comics #1!!

THB Comics from Mars #1, 2007 AdHouse Books. Tough one to find. Written and illustrated by Paul Pope!

Ghost Rider #1, 2011. 1:25 Incentive. Runner up to the 1:50 Neal Adams and riding its success.

Ultimates #2, 2016. 1:25 Incentive. Not the most expensive or difficult to find variant, but some of these Ultimates 1:25 issues can command $20+.

For a second there when I first saw this, I thought Galactus was going to make Black Panther his new herald!



Immortal Hulk #16, 2019 Shattered Variant. Love the Hulk #1 King Size Annual Homage.


The next printing after the first!



Saga #1. I thought this was a 2nd printing but it’s the 5th printing after the first! Still chasing these. Less and less people seem to care… for now. Come on Saga with an epic comeback!

Psylocke #1, 2010. 2nd Printing. Cover by David Finch! Psylocke was primed for superstardom prior to the Apocalypse movie. Too bad she didn’t get enough screen time. This has dropped quite a bit. Let’s hope Disney will eventually change that! It really is quite a cover, especially when considering the full warp around…



Batgirl #1, 2009. 2nd Printing. Didn’t realize a second printing existed. Check for the “2” on the UPC and also “Second Printing” as last wording inside at bottom of page 1 copyright. There’s a newsstand edition as well.



Wolverine #66, 2008. 2nd Print. First Old Man Logan!


Random time!



Rachel Rising #1, 2011, first printing.

Maybe it’s too late for the show. Maybe not. When the market loses interest in certain books, it’s a great time to scoop them up at all time low, post announcement prices.

Halloween the First Death of Laurie Strode #1, 2008. Devil’s Due, Cover C.

Some of these Michael Myers book are very difficult to find and can command a premium to the right buyer.


Here’s a couple interior images…


Nova #3, 2016. 1:25 RI. Cover by Mike Allred!

So many Nova variants. But I like them at their current super low prices. Plus, a lot of Nova stuff is starting to take off.

Captain Marvel #1, 2006. 2nd Print. I don’t know why this book never really took off.

Also, in the end of this book, she decides to go by Captain Marvel…



Digging this artwork



Millennium Edition More Fun Comics #73, 2001. Reprints the first appearances of Aquaman, Dr. Fate and Green Arrow. The ultimate tri-fecta!


Here’s the first look at each character…


Flash #92, 1994. First Impulse! There are so many Flash-related characters. Need to get back to a dive-in look at a bunch of them. Same with Green Lantern!


Claw-Hobblin’ Fire Bird!


It’s still “Incredible” to think back on so many books just a few years ago that now sell for 10 times more today. Love how Hulk #180 is clinging on to #181’s space shuttle values, which are passing the moon!

Amazing Spiderman #238, 1983. First Hobgoblin.

Another book with an incredible price hike of late.

X-Men #101, 1976. Phoenix has been everything this last year+. As the movie approaches, does it continue its climb? Or does it level off or even lose its steam post movie. No matter what, the way collectors cherish this book, it should be a steady climb in the long run.




Beyond #19, 1953, Ace Comics. Cover by Jim McLaughlin.

I need more Precode horror in my life!

One of the stories in this book: A sound technician produces horror sound effects by strangling a woman. She haunts him with her ghost from “Beyond the Grave!”

Big Jim’s P.A.C.K., NN, 1975. Mattel.

This was a promotional comic book given away with Mattel's Big Jim doll. Not a cheap book on the open market. And the unopened toy sells for hundreds? Probably the case for most unopened toys from the 70’s.

Ren and Stimpy Show #44, 1996, Marvel Comics. Final issue in series.

Did you know? Live action and animation films were attempted for the big screen, but 20th Century Fox and Paramount studios rejected the idea because of the cynical and gross humor. Sounds like the problem is that they were trying to somehow fit the show into the conventional “warm and fuzzy” family film genre. Um, no.

Kid N’ Play #9, 1992, Marvel Comics.

One of the infamous Marvel border covers. And a Venom appearance!

October Yen #2, 1996. Antarctic Press. First published work by artist Brandon Graham.

Super obscure series of 3.

What’s it about?

“A saga of the Earths distant future when a single mega-corporation rules the planet. When the humanoid cats of Earth are menaced by alien invaders known as P.A.T., the robot Bob sets out to stop them. But all is not as it seems.”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #23, 1999, Image Comics. Final Issue in series.

There are so many turtles books out there, but it’s surprising to see this fairly scarce issue ending south of $100 this year.

Side note: The turtles have had a lot of changes over the years, apparently. I guess that makes sense with so many series. Leo lost his hand? Who is this child? And, a Krang like entity with a PHD? Research time!



Deadworld #10, 1988, Arrow Caliber. Gore/Graphic/Violent Variant.

There was a Deadworld movie planned a while back. If only the masses knew just how rare some of these Deadworld books really are. The way horror books are picking up steam, I have high hopes for somewhat obscure horror titles like these.


Some insane panels…


Another reason why I like this book is the Crow series preview on the back cover.



Tales of Screaming Horror #1, 1992, FantaCo. Speaking of somewhat obscure horror books. Written & illustrated by Gurchain Singh!


Cool inner artwork…


And, the very definition of dark comedy!



Gore to the max!



Thanks as always for reading The Walker Report and for your passionate (which includes sometimes insane!) love of comics. Have a great week!


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    That entire run of Image TMNT sells fairly decently, with prices steadily ascending the further you get into the series, it’s not hard to get $10-$20 per issue from the early to late double digits, before the huge jump for the last issue. Though IDW has been reprinting them them as of late (titled Urban Legends), so that might affect demand for the originals a little bit.

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    October Yen 1 & 2 are relatively easy to find compared to 3. It took me several years to find two copies of number 3 in the wild to complete two sets.

  • Avatar

    I didn’t know that Batgirl #1 had a second print neither. Now I have to go see if I have a 2nd or 1st print.

    Either way though… I will be hunting for the missing print in my PC. 😉

  • accustomfigures

    I think there’s a lot of potential in that Ultimates series. Even the regular #1 cover is tough to find, not to mention the variants.

  • curtain

    I love me some deadworld! I also hope it catches on.

  • Avatar

    I’ve said it before and will say it again, this is my favorite article on CBSI!

  • Avatar

    Well feed me peanuts and call me Dumbo… my Batgirl #1 is a 2nd print.

    Looks like I’m going hunting for a 1st print… Walker style!

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