Trades Secrets #27


Welcome my fellow agents. Another week passes and another Trade Secrets report is declassified by the National Trade Paperback Agency.

Agent Newton here. I unpack the intelligence.


Mighty Thor Omnibus Volume 1


Here’s the story. I’m doing my daily research on Ebay and I notice that the Mighty Thor Omnibus is still selling well. Then I notice who is selling it. One of our local comic books stores.

Somebody’s been reading my articles!

That’s OK. I believe educating the community is the right way to live and it keeps me on top of my game. The more of us that help the community the stronger we all become.


JLA/Avengers TPB


Yes, I feel the need to mention this one again. It continues to bring healthy prices every week ($55 to $65). Here’s a bonus. There is a two volume Oversized Slipcase Edition of this trade.


JLA/Avengers HC Oversized Slipcase Edition


The first volume is reprints the four issue series. The second contains the original 21 pages of pencils from the previously unpublished 1980s crossover. That’s right a 1980s Marvel/DC crossover that never happened. It also collects an article on the original crossover by K.C. Carlson, the actual miniseries proposal and plot development, a Pérez portfolio of art done to commemorate the project, and annotated notes from Kurt Busiek.


Godzilla Complete Rulers of Earth TPB


Is Godzilla movie news driving this one? Could be. Godzilla and a bunch of other monsters. I hear the story is good.This one is going for $60 to $70. It collects issues #1-12.


Dungeons and Dragons Classics TPB Volume 4


Underprinted alert!

Here is a hard to find, sells high when it surfaces trade. If you have this collection of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons #1-8 you can sell it for around $70.

That’s all for this week my fellow agents and friends.

Good luck out there.

Agent Newton out.


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