First You May Have Missed: Starling

Hello everyone and welcome to First You May Have Missed. It is no secret that Miles Morales is growing in popularity as Spider-Man but he surfers from a huge problem, a glaring lack of original character's. Enter Starling

Starling had a cameo on the final page of Miles Morales Spider-Man #5 but not much was known about the winged warrior until now. Miles Morales #6 serves as the first full appearance and back story for Starling who seems to be an anti-hero by her swift and fierce brand of justice against ﹰTombstone and his gang. Also it seems that Miles may have a bit of a crush on her so a romantic relationship may come into play at some point.

Ok ok…i know what everyone is thinking so i will say it. Yes, she looks like she could be female version of Falcon, but her actual origin is a bit more interesting. She is actually the granddaughter of Adrian Toomes the original Vulture!! How she is related exactly is yet unknown but she has the money and tech given to her by her grandfather making her a force to be reckoned with. Although i personally am tired of the new characters having family ties to old ones trope, i must admit this one feels like it fits. Her powers so far seem to be nothing more then the tech based aspects of her suit which may or may not be the extent of her abilities.

I am glad to see Miles world growing and his gallery is in desperate need of a boost. I welcome Starling and feel she has great potential. Her appearance immediately made me draw a parallel to the MCU Vulture who has a mixed race daughter which can quit possibly lead to his granddaughter looking much like Starling who's real name is Tiana Toomes. These days i cant help but think a lot of marvels comic decisions are at least somewhat influenced by the direction of the movie division. I'm stacking up on these and feel this may be a good long hold.


Miles Morales Spider-Men #5 28 k print run. Last page cameo 1 cover. I would not put this on my demand list but i would pick it up when i could.


Miles Morales Spider-Man #6 unknown print run but im guessing its a bit higher then #5 as her appearance was talked about before FOC. 1st appearance of Starling 2 covers 1 being a marvel battle lines variant. I am all over these books both covers.

Well that's it for this time. As always “its better to have first and flipped, than to never have first at all” Valiant Horton.


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