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80 Years of Batman at Mondo



Greetings and jamutations, Tin Hatters! The Tin Foil is back with another dose of Tin Foil goodness. A Tin Foil a day keeps the Crusaders away. However, it might have an adverse effect on the wallet. So come join me, Hatters! It is 80 years of The Bat, and Mondo cooked up something special to celebrate it. (Plus, the Previews book doesn’t come out for another week.)

If you may not be familiar with Mondo, let the Tin Hat take you on a historical journey: Mondo was founded by several entrepreneurs, one of them being Tim League. (Tim League is also the founder of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.) Mondo spun out of an idea to have exclusive t-shirt prints for Alamo Drafthouse; after a failed experimental festival involving screening movies while also having live bands, Mondo moved said festival into an indoor location (legendary music venue Emo’s) and hired a freelance artist to create posters for the movies that would be screening.

This was the beginning of what Mondo would eventually become known for: exclusive and limited movie prints. Mondo has since exploded into collector infamy as they continue to hire amazing artists to design their posters. The flipping potential as well as long term potential for these posters continues to increase (just search Laurent Durieux Jaws), and some opening galleries have fans camping out for days (even fights have broken out in lines!). All this has culminated into MondoCon, an annual/sometimes-semi-annual event where Mondo brings in top artists for a weekend of amazement (Jock and Francavilla are continuous guests).

Now that memory lane and hype lane are over, we can delve into a recent gallery showing that Mondo had: the 80 Years of Batman celebration. Teasing a few prints along the way, Mondo told everyone that they would be recreating iconic Batman covers, from the Golden Age to the Modern Age. After a lot of hype and reveals, the gallery opened on May 17, and the Tin Foil rushed from his LCS (King’s Cache) to wait in line (because that’s what we do in Austin, wait in lines).

This line was better than other lines as I only had to wait about 30 minutes to get in. Mondo always has free beer at the events, so after grabbing myself an Austin Beerworks Pearl Snap (I swear The Tin Foil is not a hipster doofus…maybe), he got to look at the amazing prints. They were fairly priced, at $50 a piece. The personal highlight was definitely Batman #423. McFarlane has always had amazing art throughout his career, but seeing it given the Mondo treatment was breathtaking. Black, red, yellow, blue, all of these colors pop out immediately. Batman’s McFarlane Copper Age cape has never looked so sharp. Hey Mondo, give McFarlane more prints!

While there definitely were many great covers showcased (check out the pictures below), the Tin Foil was a bit disappointed that two very iconic covers were not used. Ya’ll can probably guess which ones I’m talking about. Of course, I’m talking about Jim Lee’s Batman #608 2nd print and Jock’s Detective Comics #880.

I’m not sure how the negotiations were, and whether DC told Mondo certain covers were a no-no, but after seeing the McFarlane in person, it was anticlimactic to not see these two in the Mondo format. But, hey, maybe they end up as SDCC exclusives or something. Also, it goes without saying, that out of all the Golden Age covers that they chose to print, they didn’t print the amazing, beautiful, jaw-dropping Detective Comics #31.

I digress, Hatters. It was still a great show, and I cannot wait for the next Batman-centric exhibit. Mondo usually puts up their left over prints from exhibits a couple of weeks after the show ends, so if you wish to add these to your walls, make sure to check out their website and social media over the next few days.

Until next time Tin Hatters. Look up into the skies, preach the gospel of Bill Finger, and farewell from the world of tomorrow!




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    Oh cool, someone else that goes to Mondo. I skipped this show, but usually go to most of them. The reason the Jock 880 cover wasn’t there is because Mondo already released it years ago. Granted, it was the art with no trade dress, but I assume it would hem to close to their no reprint policy to release another. I actually won a hand embellished version at the Art of Jock panel at the first Mondocon. Also, Pearl Snap is far and away the best beer they serve. What show had the fight in line? I missed that one and have never heard of it. I’ve seen many a car wreck from rubberneckers while waiting and I’ve seen an ambulance called because some idiot brought their infant child to the gallery to wait in line and it got heat exhaustion, but no fights. The pop up record store for the A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night had a stampede, so that’s kinda close.

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