Moore Marvel Multiverse, Witchfinder General, Derrick Chew and More!

What's up collector's and speculators?

After researching Atlas Seaboard with Jason Shaw

( can't believe I just typed, reaching Atlas Seaboard ) it's back to the salt mines.

I was going to challenge Walker to a comic scavenger hunt but I don't like losing battles and then I thought I might rewrite the last three episodes of GOT.  In my version Robert's bastard was hard at work forging Valerian steel armor for Drogon.  Would have made a lot more sense when he was dive bombing the Greyjoy fleet!  But then I realized fan fiction is about as productive as signing petitions.  So I spent a day assembling more pics.




Flash 119 & Atom and Hawkman 45

First appearance of Sue Dibny and Sue's psychosis is revealed.

The Flash season finale has teased Sue for next season.  How much ya wanna bet she turns demented,  possibly leading into another crisis down the road? 


Marvel's Official Guide to Alternate Universe

When the time comes and you need to know everything about the Marvel Multiverse this is where you start. I am not seeing a lot of these out there either.



 Encyclopedia Mythologica

I have mentioned this one before but it is now an invaluable multiverse resource and a valuable comic.



Excalibur 45

First appearance of Necrom

Bets are on Kang as the Multiverse villain if such a story line becomes part of the MCU and I have to agree.  I mean what do you do for a villain after Thanos?  Who is bigger?  A villain who travels the multiverse is the logical next step.  Thinking outside the box does lead to some other choices including Necrom, Merlin's nemesis and the reason the Corps were created in the first place.  Necrom is about as unknown as you can get but that isn't always a bad thing when adapting a character for the screen.


Excalibur 44

First appearance of E-65

OK technically this is the first mention of E-65, Spider-Gwen's Earth designation.  E-65 didn't appear until Spider-Gwen 2.  But the first character from E-65 appeared here and it is a rare assembly of the Corps ( Captain Britain Corps aka Crusader Corps ).  If you are speculating on Marvel's multiverse this one is a sleeper.


Captain America 305

First US appearance of Captain Britain's new costume

This is a strange one.  With all the hype around CB's first the real spec should be on his first in his iconic costume.  There is no chance they put him in the original if he ever makes it to the big screen.  Since Marvel Super-heroes 377 is a ghost I kinda like this US first.  It is undervalued.


Martian Manhunter 0

First appearance of Ma'alefa'ak

Supergirl has set up next season and the odds are good this martian villain appears, continuing Supergirl's underappreciated run.



Kid Eternity 5

First appearance of Matthew Hopkins The Witchfinder General


We are getting a legit remake of one of the best movies ever made!  If you are wondering if the Witchfinder ever appeared  in a comic he has and in a Strange place!  In this book he is simply called the Witchfinder but he is clearly the Witchfinder General!

2000 AD

First appearance of Martha Hopkins

If they decide to reinvent the character as a woman there was a female Witchfinder!

House of Mystery 9

Second appearance of Matthew Hopkins, first time called the Witchfinder General

Matthew is called the Witchfinder General here in an odd appearance.  This exact comic appearance was reprinted in issue 90.


There was also an actual comic series but the premise does not seem like it would be utilized for a remake.




Savage Tales Featuring Conan the Barbarian 2

First appearance of Valeria

Conan supporting characters continue to get pushed.  If hot chicks in minis is your thing this is Valeria's first!



Heavy Metal 254

Not only is this a rare Artgerm cover but it is the first pro work for up and comer Derrick Chew.



Monster Massacre HC

First Derrick Chew Cover

This guy is only gonna generate more heat!



Darkman 2

First modern appearance of The Witchfinder General

Oops I forgot one! Look for the newsstand on this one!



And finally here are a couple covers I dig.  Every week I like to mention a few.

Doctor Voodoo 3 ( DF Signed Limited to 25 )

There aren't many Doctor Voodoo variants there and this one isn't but it's the best Brother Voodoo cover I have ever seen and there is a DF exclusive limited to 20 signed.


Ghost Rider 5 isn't hard to find but there is just something about it that puts it high on my list of favorite Reyes covers.

See ya all next week!



  • misfit138

    I keep waiting for you to run out of firsts. I am always amazed at the firsts you come up with and think who cares, but people do. There’s just soooooooo much and you can get pulled in too many directions as a collector if you’re not careful. Collect what you like.

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