1 AOC and the Freshman Force: New Party Who Dis? #1 Wonder Woman Variant

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
Can we really take anything seriously if it has ‘Who Dis' in the title?  After DC ordered a cease and desist order on this book for obvious reasons, the price shot into the stratosphere with multiple copies sold around $1000.  *this website is not affiliated with any political party–we are only reporting the news folks and there is no way anyone can deny this book at #1.

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2 War of the Realms: Agents of Atlas #1 Mico Suayan ‘Virgin' Variant

WRITER: Greg Pak
ARTIST: Gang Hyuk Lim
Now live, this book is far exceeding its pre-sell figures at around $250 (and $150 for the trade dress). Having a 1st appearance (Wave) with this cover appears to be a home run.

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3 War of the Realms: Agents of Atlas #2 Ron Lim 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Greg Pak
ARTIST: Gang Hyuk Lim
What is the deal with this series?  Another 1st appearance (Sword Master) and this book has blown up the week of release in the $80-125 range.

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4 Spawn #297 Diamond Retailer Summit Variant

WRITER: Todd McFarlane
ARTIST: Jason Shawn Alexander
Spawn collector's love these rare variants.  Initial sales were in the $250 range and they have only gone up this week to around $350.  Appears most of these were signed by Todd so if you are into non-signed books, this one may be hard to find like that.

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5 DCeased #1 Diamond Retailer Summit B/W Variant

WRITER: Tom Taylor
ARTIST: Trevor Hairsine
Another Summit book that is doing well in the aftermarket at $35+.  I read issue 1 and actually enjoyed the story–variants galore, but some of them are pretty awesome to be honest.

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6 Spawn #174

WRITER: David Hine
ARTIST: Bing Cansino & Geirrod Van Dyke
Gunslinger Spawn…how cool of an idea was that–and no McFarlane or Capullo!  Raws were $50-60 a month ago and are now $100.  9.8's have went from $200 to $300 and now to $350 quickly.

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7 Vagrant Queen #1

WRITER: Magdalene Visaggio
ARTIST: Jason Smith
This book from 2018 got picked up by SyFy for a live action show.  Consequently, it jumped from cover price to $20+.

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8 Giant-Size X-Men #1

WRITER: Len Wein
ARTIST: Dave Cockrum
This appears to be heading into the Incredible Hulk #181 territory where it just keeps selling over GPA month after month in all grades.  Still white-hot, all time highs were set at 9.6 ($7000) and 9.4 ($6000).  A coverless CBCS 0.3 even sold for $400, sheesh.

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9 Miles Morales: Spider-Man #6

WRITER: Saladin Ahmed
ARTIST: Javi Garron
1st appearance of Starling this week.  All the cover price listings have been scooped up and the price has risen into the $10-15 range.

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10 Last Stop on the Red Line #1

WRITER: Paul Maybury
ARTIST: Sam Lotfi
Probably selling in the $10-15 range on the back of the Dark Horse/Netflix deal.  I haven't seen this one to pick up, anyone read it and want to comment?

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Transformers #1

WRITER: Bill Mantlo & Ralph Macchio
ARTIST: Frank Springer
All grades are seeing increases and a 9.8 just broke the $1000 threshold.  Who would have ever thought that?

Frank Frazetta Original Art

ARTIST: Frank Frazetta
So there was no way that I could ignore or not recognize this piece this week when this ‘Egyptian Queen', which may be arguably be the pinnacle of Frazetta's work, sold for a staggering $5,400,000.

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  • accustomfigures

    That Bill Samwichvich Transformers cover may be one of his best. Plus, Charles Bronson is canon, y’all!

    • Avatar

      That $1000 sale, if it holds up, was a newsstand variant (9.8 cgc). I saw that, and now I’m thinking I should get my 9.6 CBCS newsstand pressed and regraded! I paid $55 for it a few years back…a 9.6 newsstand sold for $220 the other day…

      • Avatar

        First- what is a “newsstand variant”? Sounds like a made up term to make something not rare or special seem “rare” and “special”.

        Second- when that barcode copy sold it was the only blue 9.8 available on Ebay of any kind. 9.8 copies of that have all but dried up on Ebay. That, and only that, explains the price realized on that copy at that time.

  • Avatar

    Love the Spawn Gunslinger design. I imagine most know this, but he 1st popped up in Spawn 119 in the final pages. Angel Medina thought of the gunslinger from Dark Tower when adding him/sketching him. Talked with Angel about him at a con & had him sketch sign that book for me because of it.

  • Avatar

    Read Last Stop and all I could think of is “Why are 2 of the 3 T stops mentioned in the book on the Orange Line, not the Red Line?”

  • Ben C

    Frazetta should be number one… Every single week…

    Seriously tho, awesome job, I am FLOORED by the price of the AOC book, thats irrational spending, lol/

  • MerrillMarauder

    Anyone care to explain Miles Morales Spiderman 6 being her first appearance when she is clearly introduced last page issue 5

    • Avatar

      Marauder…..all I can say is “Incredible Hulk 180”

    • Gary Nusser

      Clearly a first- flies in, speaks and introduces herself by name. No dogs in the race as I stocked up on both when Ahmed tweeted about the character in February but I’m sure some ‘comic influencers’ are pushing 6 due to cover appearance and the IH 180/181 parallel. At this point, we can assume most characters will be introduced this way due to the nature of the medium with cliffhanger splash pages but also because they can guarantee that speculators will hedge their bets and purchase both issues.

    • Avatar

      6 is not the first app. It’s the first “full” appearance. 5 is a cameo.

      Always go with the first cover appearance when faced with a cameo vs. full appearance.

  • Avatar

    LAST STOP ON THE RED LINE was awfully hard to read and follow plus the mistakes as mentioned above.

  • accustomfigures

    So glad I wasn’t the only one that thought Last Stop was a chaotic read. What a mess. And why did naked mom let the giant homeless man complete stranger in her bathroom again?

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