Hot and Cold Comic Book List May 22, 2019

A true collaboration with Simpleman's Comics, AKA Mr. Bolo, and authors. We present the first Hot and Cold list! This list takes a look at the comic community with a broader stroke. Whether it's a hot or cold series, writer, artist etc. We do not go to the granular level of single issues. We already have the CBSI Hot 10 Comics from Ben Stein for that. So we present to you, the first weekly hot and cold list for May 22, 2019.


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HOT PICKS 5/22/19


Clint Joslin (@Clintjoslin)

CBSI Writer- Run the Table , One Year Later, Blood Bank


Clint is real high on this Aftershock release. BOLO on this one at your LCS.


Mel V (@treazus_christ)

Mighty Mel V Youtube Channel

Spawn Back Issues specifically 260 and up

Spawn is back issue gold right now! So many short printed issues are doing major numbers.


Dan Piercy (@dan_piercy)

CBSI Writer- The Reading Pile

Alex Ross

Alex Ross has long been popular with collectors, not so much speculators.  But the new crop of speculators seem poised to change that.


Tim Walker

CBSI Writer- The Walker Report

Spider Verse Books

Even if prices have dropped from record highs, the demand remains strong for books related to the hit movie. With stores still stocking toy aisles, this hot entry may be here to stay.


Topher S (@voiceofrao)  aka FOMO The Puppet

Writer- True Firsts

Dark Horse

Andy may have made this pick last week but the heat remains. But here is the real key, dis you see this puppet  in action? Click the video, its a must watch.


Andy Tomberlin (@indie_Spotlight_series_)

Writer- Indie Spotlight Series

Co Host- Indie Spotlight Show


Horror has been trending up for some time. Horror is hot across genres with films, TV, YA literature, and comics all seeing horror properties spike in sales. This is a trend that seems here to stay for awhile.


Peter Renna (@drasden_files)

CBSI Writer – Dollar Bin Digging, The Usual Suspects

Dollar Bins

Con season is upon us and dollar bins are flush with keys  now is the time to strike. Get out there a d hunt!


Mike Morello (@morellotunes)

CBSI Writer- Cover Tunes

Claremont X Men Run

With the X Men firmly implanted into the MCU now that the Fox deal is a wrap, look for these X Men classics to continue to see interest from speculators mining for opportunity  


COLD PICKS 5/22/19


Topher aka Fomo The Puppet


Thor the Dark World's reception has dropped this to a $5 book. But there is a Thor resurgance. Bolo on this one.


Andy Tomberlin

Late Printings that Don't Change Cover Art

With so much innovation done in this space these days from Marvels Splash page interior art to Vaults Vault Vintage line which originated as 2nd prints, the game has changed. Some are struggling to keep up. DC Comics Im looking at you.


Mike Morello

Walking Dead

Sad but true, Walking Dead is cold. Classic keys keep seeing depreciation. Seems the life cycle of the show has outgrown its peak audience.  The movies may jolt sales but not to past levels.


Clint Joslin

Marvel Tie Ins

Speculators barely care about crossover stories. While War of Realms may be dominated sales charts it does nothing on the secondary market. The tie ins are money drains on collectors and retailers alike.






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