Little Giant’s “Old School Comic Show” was Saturday, April 27th. It was as advertised, a show mostly about and full of comic books and comic book art. There were very few exceptions to this, and a booth or two with toys and ephemera did nothing to taint the old time vibe present here. It was held in an ice arena, so it was pretty large, open area show.


I had one booth, which at 10×10 allowed us to showcase quite a bit. We had two 5’’ tables and a back splash display for our wall books. Most of our tables were used for dollar boxes, which as always sold very well. We end-capped our tables with small boxes of hot books, variants and individual characters like Venom, Thanos, Deadpool and Harley. Our more off the wall sections feature titles like Transformers, TMNT, He-Man, Peanuts and Street Fighter, all of which are frequently asked for and sold when we do shows. My wife mostly worked our booth while I walked the floor, talking to dealers and patrons alike. She kept detailed notes about not only what we sold, but also the books people were asking about. I will note, most of my stock at this show was modern and bronze age. Most of the dealers I know and spoke with have similar stock. There was a lot of high end books at this show, I just cannot speak for what was moving with them.


We were asked early and often about She-Hulk comics. We had a complete set of Savage She-Hulk and it did not last long. Other sets that sold were Die 1-4, Absolute Carnage, Bitter Root, and a few of the later Marvel Zombies runs. The show happened only a couple of days after Endgame debuted, so there were a lot of queries and sales on books driven by events in the movie and future speculation it sparked. Silver Surfer Thanos books, Thor 390, Ronin issues, Valkyrie issues all went pretty quickly. Two copies of the first Infinity Gauntlet both sold right out of the gate, Carnage and Venom books sold all day, both current, older series and appearances in other titles. As noted above, I try to have a section for all ages stuff, and it usually sells decently. This show was no exception as I sold a handful of TMNT and Peanuts books. One difference at this show was people going through the stack of Archie books I had and asking if I had more. I think more and more collectors are looking at these books and realizing the scarcity that some of them hold, especially in high grades. I had many requests for Black Panther books, which makes me wish I had brought more than the one copy of #1 from the original series which sold as soon as the show started. Other characters and titles that had multiple requests were Shanna, Batman Beyond, Immortal Hulk, Spawn, Moon Knight and Dazzler. Shanna was probably helped by Steranko’s appearance at the show in addition to the recent interest in the Cho series. Hulk was obvious, but hearing Dazzler requests from half a dozen people was perplexing. Shang Chi issues were being hunted and bought frquently.


The buyers were treated to a very vast selection of dealers from the high end to dollar boxes. Lots of value to be found, if you didn’t mind digging. A regular customer of mine showed me a stack he had nabbed, it included the Danger Girl Platinum Smoking Gun variant. Always fun to dig and find gems like that cheap. It was a fantastic show with great vendors and attendees. Very well laid out and tons of space. Food was typical arena type fare, cheap and tasty and with a Buffalo Wild Wings across the street, you could get some food quick and be back for more digging. Jason Brodnick of Little Giant Comics, as well as his family and crew really did a great job setting this event up, promoting it and seeing to everyone’s needs before and throughout the show. I recommend this yearly show to vendors and buyers alike; now let’s get Jason to do another one!


Right before I finished this article, I had the pleasure of doing another Southern New Hampshire show, this one very conveniently in my hometown of Nashua. Comic Bash is a relatively newer show that has been picking up steam for awhile. It started as a one room show in a local Holiday Inn and has grown to a two room affair that had a really great selection of dealers. We had our biggest space yet, at three tables and brought similar stock from our previous show. I can’t do a full show recap, as I only worked my tables for a few minutes and had to go to work. My wife worked the tables and her notes are missing. I will update this portion of the article as time allows, but do have a few tidbits. First, everything to do with Spider-Man, and especially the symbiote related issues were blazing hot. Secondly, Spawn. Lots of queries and not a lot of copies of the issues after 100. We had a Naomi set priced reasonably that no one even looked at, or asked about and I wasn’t the only dealer that had them sit all day long. As is typical for us at shows, we sold a lot of non superhero fare. Stacks of TMNT, Star Wars, Grateful Dead, Rick & Morty and Dungeons and Dragons books sold. Wish I had more time to dig at this one, as it was loaded with great dealers. The show runs again right before Halloween, with Amanda Connor, Jimmy Palmiotti and Billy Tucci among the scheduled guests. A really fun show run by a really great guy. I recommend anyone close check it out!





  • Ben C

    Awesome review my friend!!

    Love this show, had a great time this year, looking forward to 2020!!!

  • Kantankerous75


    • JamesGoodwin

      Why would he be? The shows are not even remotely related, except by the word “comic”. If you wanted to bring attention to the story you linked, perhaps there is a better place than a glowing review of a convention roughly 350 miles north?

  • Avatar

    Great article James! This year was my first time making the trek up to Concord NH, but it was worth it! I had a great time at Little Giants! As a VIP guest, I was able to get in early and trade a few books and then get in the line for Steranko (2 hour wait) before the main doors opened. I ran into Ben early, but I did not know other CBSIers were in attendance, or I would have sought you out. Before I left I was able to trade Immortal Hulks and a Naomi #1 for Ghost Rider #1 and the beautiful Neal Adams Spectre #1! All in all it was a good time and I will drive up to Cow Hampshire again for the next show.

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