May 20


Another wonderful week in comics!

  • Deathstroke is getting an animated series.


How cool is that? Pretty darn cool.

  • Atlas properties are all in play now with news of adaptations planned through Paramount Pictures.

This opens up quite the rabbit hole. One that will require extra coffee! A library of titles. Take that, Dark Horse! Says Paramount. Haha. But, what great news for comic fans!


Yes, there are new books in! Here they are with a bit of insight!


Black Widow!


Black Widow Deadly Origin #1, 2009 Variant

This was supposed to be the 1:15 Greg Land Variant, which sells for much more.


Black Widow #6, 2010

Top ten JSC variant? He has soo many scarce and highly desirable incentives. If this isn’t in the top 10, is it in the top 20?



Danger Girl #5, 1999, Image Comics

Another Campbell cover. It’s the standard cover, but just about anything Campbell can be gold.



All-New X-Men #16, 2013, 1:25 Variant

Nice cover by Adi Granov.

This is a more advanced Jean Grey from the future, whose alias is Zorn. She first appears in issue #1 of this title.


Here’s a cool spread from this book.


Side note: I don’t know how much weight collectors carry for slight variations of characters, in terms of investments for the future, but X-Men characters sure seem to have quite a few.


Cyblade #3, 2009 from Top Cow

Another nice cover, this time by Stjepan Sejic.


Who is Cyblade?

She is a member of Cyberforce! She is a metahuman who has the ability to create and manipulate electromagnetic energy.


Silver and Bronze are a few of my favorite colors!


Silver Surfer #3, 1968

First Appearance of the demon Mephisto!

Driving sales are the reports that he will be the villain for the upcoming Ghost Rider tv show.


Amazing Spider-man #102, 1971

First Appearance of Martine Bancroft.

Adria Arjona is cast to play her for the Morbius movie, slated to release in July, 2020.


Who is Martine Bancroft?

She is the fiancée of Michael Morbius. She is the driving force behind his obsession to find a cure for his blood disorder. Years later, she too becomes a vampire.


Character first look:


Note that Morbius makes his 2nd appearance and this book has his origin.


Thor #165, 1969

First Appearance of Adam Warlock Him!

We continue to assume he’ll make his way to the big screen. Perhaps in GOGT 3?


Character first look:


Karnilla Queen of the Norns makes an appearance. Her first is Journey Into Mystery #107, 1964


Royal Astrologer – Not sure if he first appears in this book, and how large of a role he has, or could have.


Jungle Action #6, 1973

First Appearance of Erik Killmonger!

Rumors that he make a return in Black Panther 2. Hopefully so!


Character first look:


Monica Lynne appears in here. Her first appearance is in Avengers #73 from 1970, though I don’t have the book to verify just how much she appears in it (origin, cameo, etc.)


And, there’s a map of Wakanda in here! Did I mention I love maps?


Avengers #196, 1980

First Appearance of the original Taskmaster!

He is rumored to appear in the upcoming Black Widow film (planned to hit theatres in 2020) as the main villain.


Character first look:


More variants!


A-Force #1, 2015, 1:50 Incentive

There has been talk of an all-female cast planned for the big screen. This Hughes cover has really dried up. I think it’s a great book to hold. The beauty of it is that it sells today, so if you can find it under market, it should sell relatively fast.


Deadpool #2 and #3, 2008, Second Print Variant Covers

Don’t see these around a whole lot. At times, they can sell for $30+.


Amazing Spider-Man #361 2nd Print Foil Cover

We could guess less of these were produced than of the first print. Could we also then guess that these are substantially rarer? Looking at 9.8’s, the first print shows over 3,000 slabbed copies, while the second print shows less than 300. Absolute food for thought!


Archer and Armstrong #0, 1992 Gold Edition

First Appearance of Archer and Armstrong!

Is their movie still in the works? I haven’t seen any updates since 2017.


To the stars!


Star Wars Hasbro Toys R Us Exclusive Set of 4, 2002

These sets are not all that easy to come by and can sell for as much as $100+.


A few more variants


Masters of the Universe #1, 2013 1:25 Incentive

This one’s following the Skeletor 1:25 from the previous year.


Deadpool’s Secret Wars #2, 2015

First Appearance of Gwenpool? Still a popular book.

She only appears on the cover though.


Classic Deadpool humor!


Zsaji, who first appeared in Secret Wars #8 from 1984, heals Deadpool’s busted face!


Harley Quinn and Suicide Squad #1’s, 2016, Convention Foil Exclusives

Remember when this first debuted and were selling well? So they’ve cooled quite a bit. A comic cooling never means they can’t still sell for ok money.


Street Fighter Unlimited #1, 1:20 Variant, Udon Comics

There are so many Street Fighter characters. Not sure if research into each one and the books they first appear in is warranted at this time, but with news of the Mortal Kombat property making a comeback to the big screen, it may be time sooner than later to dive into this little rabbit hole!


Side note: There’s also a 1:50 with Ryu on the cover that can sell well.


Bonus that these are high quality books…


I had another fun time putting this together for you all. I don’t put much of any planning into these, aside from trying to continue acquiring books that I believe will sell well, so it’s really cool to see how these turn out with regard to the additional information I learn while flipping through them and searching around online.

Have a great week and please feel free to comment about the books you see here, or other books that may tie into them. I’m sure there’s more information I may have missed. I’m so hungry to learn more in this never-ending educational hobby!


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