War Hot 10


War Hot 10


Our Army At War #83

(DC Comics)


Seems this Blue Chip makes the list every time, as it rightly deserved! In the last 2 weeks we have seen a raw listed in Fair condition (complete but missing a large piece of the cover) sale at auction for $350, a raw listed as 2.0 sold for $1,000 and a CGC 3.0 sold at $1475. A completely liquid book and continually appreciating.


Star Spangled War Stories #131 (#1)

(DC Comics)


Known as the first Star Spangled War Stories issue after taking over the Star Spangled Comics numbering, thus becoming a minor key in the war genre. A raw listed as Good sold for $199, with a previous slabbed 3.0 going for $250 in February. Comics are nuts right now.


Wings Comics #91

(Fiction House)


This cover is kind of all over the place in sales, with a CBCS 5.5 going for $700. Featuring a Classic Bondage cover from the great Bob Lubbers, this book would be a good one to be sitting on when the market settles on it. Prices are kind of sporadic and chaotic, as I sense people are grabbing whats available at BINs instead of auctions.


Wings Comics #89

(Fiction House)


Hmmmm. Seeing a trend here? Fiction House, Golden Age, Bob Lubbers, War, Good Girl Art, Bondage, Headlights. Pick your poison and see previous book if you need more back story.


All-American Men of War #127 (#1)


After taking over the All-American Western title, this minor key is another of the books that slip under the radar. With a Raw listed as Good going for $199. Of course the legend, Jerry Grandenetti and his cover art doesn’t hurt a bit. May was wild for this book as a CGC 5.0 sold for $300 and then CGC 4.0 went for $400 a week later. Have I said how nuts comics are right now?


Top Love Stories #10

(Star Publications)


I have been waiting for one of these, an L.B. Cole Cover! His stuff is white hot right now and someone just got a steal on a 6.0 for $395. However, with only 2 other previous sales and only 8 on the census, I would say someone made a wise grab.


Kid Komics #2



I highly doubt this artist ever escapes showing up on a war list but here we have another great Alex Schomburg Japanese War Cover. Recently moving the needle with a CGC 6.5 at $1059. Schumburg + Liquidity!


Action Comics #101

(DC Comics)


I will be the first to admit that I am not a big Supes fan, but what a great cover! A CGC 6.5 moved at $1,200+, eclipsing a 7.0 sale from February at $1,042. Respect, Clark Kent and his A-Bomb Cover!


Superman #23

(DC Comics)


I may not be a Supes fan but I do love the stink eye Clark is giving these two goose-stepping clowns. Others seem to as well, at least enough to pay $1,110 for a CGC 5.0! This book has been setting new highs every time it hits the market this year!


Superman #26

(DC Comics)


I know, another Superman, and I agree…. I have had enough! Thank God I only put 10 on this list! A raw G/VG sold at Auction for low $400’s with several slabs moving already this year, all surpassing previous highs. The one plus about all these Supes, solid Investments!!!!


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