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Greetings my fellow agents.

I’m back this week with more observations from the field in another installment of Trade Secrets. I noticed a recent Ebay sell of The Compleat Moonshadow for $40, which is its retail price.


The Compleat Moonshadow


“It sold for retail price, so what?” you may ask.  

The answer is of course, what can you purchase it for? I found a copy and picked it up to read. It was for sale in the discount TPB bin for $19.95 before an extra 20% off, so $15.96.


Trade secret #20: Buying a $40 trade for half-price (or) and selling it for retail is a good flip. You may be thinking duh, but be aware. It is easy to miss opportunities like this.



I am not saying to buy this book. I only want to use it as an example of how value can stare you right in the face and you can miss it. Well, not you. You know the trade secrets.

You have to do a little work, but there are always books like this available at your LCS. Take a little time to look them up during the next sale.

Now onto some more profitable flips.


Scarlet Spider Volume 2 Lone Star


The second volume of Scarlet Spider is seeing sells ranging from $42 to $50.

The volume collects Scarlet Spider (2nd Series) #7-9, 12.1, and #13-15. Now I just need to figure out why it leaves out issues #10-12. It’s a mystery!


Ultimate Spider-Man: Ultimate Collection Volume 2


I’ve brought up Ultimate Spider-Man: Ultimate Collection before. I have to bring it up again. One just sold for $70. Unbelievable, I know! Remember, there are fans that want this book. Help them find it. They will pay you for your work. Don’t hate the market. Help the market and make a little money along the way.

Volume 2 collects Ultimate Spider-Man (2000-2009 1st Series) #14-27.


Adam Legend of the Blue Marvel TPB


This trade collects the highly sought after Adam Legend of the Blue Marvel #1-5. It’s truly hard to find. I’ve found and flipped issue #1 several times. I’ve never come across a copy of the TPB. When it shows up on Ebay it goes for around $75.


That’s all for this week my fellow agents and friends.

Agent Newton out.



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