Classic Cover of the Week 5/19/2019


New Week, New Covers!!

Mister Mystery #6

With a run that is literally a greatest hits of Pre Code Horror Covers, this one stands at the top for me.  I know there is the flaming poker to the eye cover and some like the buried alive cover, but this one really does it for me.  Tony Mortellaro is the cover artist and he surely knew how to draw a cover that would sell.

29 Universal Copies on the CGC census, high of 8.0 and a low of 1.0 we have an average across the grades coming in at 4.84

SHELF DATE of July 1952

Rangers Comics #26

An incredible triple threat of Good Girl, WWII and Headlights cover brought to us by Joe Doolin.  While there are a few available copies online, sellers seem to be pricing this for the future with prices far higher than any completed sales.

Fiction House always seems to bring a heavy number to the table, this time it's 53 Universal copies on the CGC census, 3 9.4s sit at the top with a lone 2.0 at the bottom, average grade comes out to an impressive 6.34.

SHELF DATE of December 1945

While its been about 6 months since the last CCotW I do hope to get back on the horse and bring folks this column once a week again.  Thanks for checking it out!!


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