Baker at his finest, its near impossible to pick a favorite out of the 2, so they share the number one spot on this list of a long overlooked artist who is finally getting his due for more than just Seven Seas and Phantom Lady covers.  Though there is no denying these are on the top with good reason.


Long considered the number one Baker cover, there is a always a wild financial fist fight when this book graces an auction.  Considered wildly risque for



Full of color and what is considered a “busy cover” compared to a lot of other Baker covers, this has always been a fan favorite.



While there are only a handful of Horror covers out there by Matt Baker(Amazing Ghost Stories and a couple issues of Nightmare) this seems to hold the top spot, at least for the time being.  Could be as some of the Amazing Ghost stories shake out to be truly scarce, they will climb even higher in price.



Another masterpiece in what is easily the best run of “Headlights” covers in comics.  This Good Girl cover has always taken a back seat to the follow issue, tho over the last few years, collectors have come to realize just how amazing this cover is.

Thanks to Mark Hendrie over on the G+ pages for the heads up on this one!

Canteen Kate #2

Folks can argue all day that issue 1 and even 3 are stronger than this, but to me, this one of the MUST HAVE Matt Baker comics with this classic head shot, we get a real close look at that Baker Style that defines so many of his covers.

All-Top Comics #16

This probably could have gone on the main list, and this list easily could have been a top 25 with more Phantom Lady, Seven Seas, Zoot, Cantene Kate and all the amazing covers by this legend.  I strongly recommend for those not familiar with Matt Baker, the history of his career and the importance of this article, do some digging, you will certainly like what you find.


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    I have seen these covers come to auction and a very few people know what his work looks like. In a room full of collectors a few months ago only three people knew it and so the prices these books realized were depreciated. More people know who JSC is than Baker and thus creates a great opportunity for some.

    • Ben C

      It seems like over the last 3 years Baker went from “Phantom Lady and Seven Seas” which were classic covers and commanded ok money, to white hot almost everything is bonkers including the Teenage Romances run which is not great, but I also am not a huge fan of his Amazing Ghost Story stuff, thats just me tho. And I would consider myself a Baker fan.

      Getting into a smaller live auction with Baker stuff would be a huge win I imagine, lol, as like you said, not enough folks know the beauty of the man’s work.

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    Always loved Authentic Police cases #6

  • natethegreat80

    Yeeeeeees. Love to snatch a few Baker covers but there always out of my league. One of my favorite artist from the Golden Age.

  • Ben Steiniger

    Excellent Ben! That Seven Seas #6 is almost an insta-sale at this point. The action on it is crazy good.

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