First You May Have Missed: Abigail Brand

With the MCU having a changing of the guard and focusing on more cosmic events, it seems right to look at character's who may be important to the growing universe. I think no one is more central to whats going on than Abigail Brand. Let's discuss in this week's First You May Have Missed.

Abigail Brand is a very interesting character who ties into many marvel title's. First she is the commanding officer of S.W.O.R.D. Sword is somewhat shield but instead of dealing with espionage on earth, it deals with protecting the planet from other worldly threats. Also very unique about Brand is not only is she an alien/human hybrid, she is also part mutant. She has the power to emit flames that can burn through solid doors and also the ability to speak to many alien races without a translator. She first appeared in a cameo of Astonishing X-Men #3 and fully in #6.


Brand has been a very controversial character in the marvel universe. Often making the hard call for the greater good she is not always favored by the mainstream heroes. When an alien by the name of Ord prophesied that a mutant from earth would destory his world, in order to stop an invasion she allowed Ord to develop a mutant cure to relieve said mutant of his powers. Controversial decisions like this made her appear cold but very much fury like who was her idol. She also gave Beta Ray Bill the whereabouts of Galactus when she openly knew he was on a quest to kill the world eater (great story by the way if you never read God hunter go read it now!).

Brand most recently works alongside captain marvel and alpha flight. She was chosen to be commander but turned it down and the title was given to captain marvel.


I believe the probability of Abigail Brand showing up in the MCU is very high. Cosmic is all the rave at the moment but we know earth stories are not going away. Brand is sort of the piece that can hold it all together. As we know marvel wants more females in the forefront and while Fury may still have some time, Brand is the true successor to the no nonsense director role. The development of Sword after the Thanos invasion seems inevitable. Also she is a mutant debuting in X-men books so Disney did not have access to her but, now they do. She ties into the mutant stories as well as Captain Marvel so its easy to make her a cross movie staple as Fury fades out.


Astonishing X-Men #3 130k print run. Huge run and a small cameo but it should be in bins across the world, easy grab and stash book.


Astonishing X-Men #5 131k print run with another 1 page cameo on the last page. Not a major pick up but you can give the dollar bin some relief and snag one.


Astonishing X-Men #6 135k print run. This is the 1st full appearance of Abigail Brand and still cheap enough to grab without looking back. Although the print run is out of this world on a long hold this book has potential. If you want to dip into the rare find category, a variant of this book was distributed with the marvel legends action figures. The variant features the dame cover art as #4 but can be easily identified by the black box with the words “Not For Resale” in the corner. Getting one in good condition is a challange but possible.

Well that is all for today, i honestly believe not using Brand in the MCU would be a huge missed opportunity and the upward potential of her 1st appearance is pretty good. As always

“Its better to have first and flip, than to never have first at all” —Dale Valiant Horton.


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