Wouldn’t That Comic Make A Cool Show !?

This week, I want to talk about something slightly different… let’s talk about comics that would make cool tv shows or movies….


RED ONE #1 Image Comics


First up is Red One. I love this book and think it would make a great TV/streaming show. Unlike the others 2 on this list, it could also work as a broadcast or cable weekly episodic show. Based on when the story takes place, a budget could be kept relatively low, where it would get expensive I think is the talent. we’ve all seen movies and shows where we think, this would have been great, if it had better actors. Something like Red One could be brilliant if the casting was as perfect for Vera Yelnikov as… say Ryan Reynolds is for Deadpool… or RDJ as Tony Stark. I’m not joking. That’s a tall order, no doubt, and one could argue, that could be said for anything.



Red One has got this cheese cake'ish meets cold war super spy sitcom vibe. The way it's pulled off, well, it's not on a mature readers rack. Terry Dodson’s artwork is phenomenal on it, he’s perfect for it. it’s a real real short list of artist that could pull this book off. Which is what makes it so great in my opinion. When something can harness that many different flavors, I want to see it transend to different media. So that said, it’s got a very low chance in my estimation of becoming a movie or tv/streaming show…. but I still think it would be a really cool show if done right.

The elevator pitch, Smokin' hot bombshell Russian Super Soldier/Hero is dropped into late 70's Hollywood. By day, she's an unsuspecting housekeeper to an Adult film director/producer… by also day and night she's Red One! Hunting down a serial killer, and combating small minded people and religious zealots!


LOW #1 Image Comics


Next Up, LOW. While LOW appears to be wrapping up it’s final arc currently, it still always pops to the front of my mind when people say “What’s going to be the next Game of Thrones?”. I think, if done correctly, LOW could be successful in the same way Game of Thrones was. First off, if you haven’t read it, LOW is pretty F’d up. Every issues is like… how could thing get any worse for these characters. And, spoiler Alert, some of the most successful TV shows in recent years have worked with that very same type of episodic formula… I’d list them, but inevitably I’ll miss some and then the comments section will flood piss and vitriol. You know those shows.



Another reason I always think about LOW as a good replacement for GoT is because HBO spends money on it’s shows. Bringing LOW to any size screen would not be cheap. Much like Red One, I think it has a very low chance of being developed, but it’s a crazy book and if nothing else it’s worth a read in my opinion.

The elevator pitch would be like, “It’s starts out like a Lost In Space kinda thing, but underwater, with different cities, ships and a mech suit. Everything goes sideways.. and it gets real dark real fast…. and just… keeps… getting… darker.


BATTLE CHASERS #1 Image Comics


Last up this week is Battle Chasers. This property is prime for an animation or tv series. While it’s only a 9 issue comic series, it's also a video game. Meaning, there’s more people who know the name than you might think. There’s a lot of people who know the game because of the comic series by Joe Madureira, but there’s a lot of people who only know of the game. There's people that have no idea there’s a comic series. Thats a big potential audience when you start thinking about it. While something like Cannon Buster which only had 1 issue and a sketch book or whatever in development at Netflix. Clearly companies are investing in properties with far less source material.



I’m sorry, out of the 3 properties I’ve mentioned today, I would be shocked if active discussions for a Battle Chasers animated TV show or movie wasn't happening. In the current media landscape I think Battle Chasers is a slam dunk for any producer looking for their next hit show. Depending on how you interpret the question of “What’s the next Game of Thrones?” question. If you mean, in a medieval fantasy sense, a live action Battle Chasers could fit that bill.

The elevator pitch, “It’s kinda like a Lord of The Rings fantasy thing, but as an anime and turned up to 11, the main character Gully is a young girl with 2 powerful gauntlets, not infinity powerful, but blow S#!& Up powerful… and she has a Steampunk Robot… Oh, Yeah and the bad guy’s are Werewolves.

So what do you think? Maybe I’ll do this again next month. There's a ton of comics out there that could make cool shows. I can think of 6 more off the top of my head… but I'll save those for down the road.

Till Next Week… when I prattle on about something else comic related.



  • CountZeroInterrupt

    Man, I would LOVE a prestige-level show based on LOW. It’s got two of my favorite elements in the mix: lush underwater environments and high concept sci-fi. You’re right— the story is heart breaking, but in just the right way. In fact I like it so much, I hope the never do it. It’d be near impossible to get right. Like Akira, it’s fine the way it is. Just let it be…

  • Conan the Librarian

    This is a really nice piece. Please do this regularly!

    I like your picks! Red One would make a great live action show

    I think Low might work better as an anime series, which would allow them to do justice to the views style without budget as a limiting factor. Live action would be really difficult, as you say

    Other image series I’d love to see developed would be Velvet, The Fade Out maybe Pretty Deadly, not to mention s bunch more

  • Avatar

    LOW absolutely would make an amazing show, i think it would habe to ne made into a series to give it justice.

    (I may be a bit biased as i believe Remender can literally do no wrong writing anything in the medium).

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