1 Captain Britain #1

WRITER: Chris Claremont
ARTIST: Herb Trimpe
UK book, but it is the 1st Appearance of Captain Britain who is possibly ‘Braddock' that Peggy Carter said in Endgame.  These are not in huge supply like other books from the 70's and there are only 170 Universal in the CGC census.  Record highs being set across the board: 9.8=$3k (previous high $1900); 9.4=$550; 9.2=$$450; 8.0=$200.

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2 Incredible Hulk #449

WRITER: Peter David
ARTIST: Mike Deodato, Jr.
Rumors (boy do books move on rumors) that there will be a Thunderbolts movie.  9.8's have jumped from $250 to $350 and 9.6's are up from less than $100 to $165.

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3 All-New Ghost Rider #1 Tradd Moore 1: 50 Variant

WRITER: Felipe Smith
ARTIST: Tradd Moore
More Robbie Reyes love, but this was hot when it first came out as well since it is not readily available.  A 9.8 just sold for $575 and raws are now $200+.

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4 Thor #337

WRITER: Walt Simonson
ARTIST: Walt Simonson
Continuing its hot trend, although the overwhelming majority of sales have been newsstand copies.  Included in these numbers are non-newsstand copies and 9.8's are now up to $600-650 and 9.6's are now $330-350.

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5 Godzilla in Hell #1

WRITER: James Stokoe
ARTIST: James Stokoe
I'm guessing there is interest in this series because of the new Godzilla movie?  But why not the other Godzilla books?  Anyway, I had no clue that this was now a $20-25 book.

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6 Ame-Comi Girls #1 Dustin Nguyen 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray
ARTIST: Amanda Conner
This has long been sought after in the savvy collector crowd, but sales have been creeping up.  The price has moved from $125 up to $150.  Have fun finding this one.

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7 DCeased #1 John Giang Variant

WRITER: Tom Taylor
ARTIST: Various
I think this is the clear winner of the DCeased store variants.  A $75 buy-in for the set of 3 will now yield you double that amount.  If you like this Joker rendition, there is a $5 or less option that resembles this in Sam Kieth's Batman: Secrets #3.

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8 Bloodstone #1

WRITER: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
ARTIST: Michael Lopez & Scott Hanna
Up in price from last week where it was selling $25-30 and is now $35-40.  This book I think has a lot more room to grow.

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9 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank #1

WRITER: Matthew Rosenberg
ARTIST: Tyler Boss
Well, apparently this title was optioned and what was ‘dead spec' started selling again.  Yes, $10-15 isn't magnificent, but for those that have sat on this title for years, it is a welcome change.  I still personally think ‘We Can Never Go Home' is a better read…

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10 Veronica #28

WRITER: Angelo Decesare
ARTIST: Dan Decarlo
We have highlighted a few of these Archie titles in the past.  If you are overlooking covers like this, you are missing out on the party.  A copy sold last month for $35 and another copy sold this week for $55.

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Marvel Tales: Iron Man #1 Jen Bartel 1:50 ‘Virgin' Variant

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
A sale of $170 and auctions are headed that way…but let’s rewind and the Black Widow is only selling for around $80 now…just sayin'…

Illustrated Story of Robin Hood and His Merry Men #NN

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Louis Zansky
Wha??  This is definitely an odd one to see here but a 4.0 just sold for $2600.  The last public sale was a 3.5 in 2013 for only $500.

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  • Conan the Librarian

    Whatever your view on it, the new Batwoman trailer which dropped today should be putting a few books in the top ten list pretty soon. A couple from the 52 Weeks run, and early appearances in ‘Tec are the obvious ones I guess

    Nice to see 4 Kids Walk into a Bank on here 🙂 I wasn’t sure what to do with that one copy I bought a few years back ahah

  • Avatar

    The majority of this list is beyond my current awareness in the hobby. That’s why I love this list. Ben S. has a keen sense of the market’s pulse, each and every week.
    It’s not just the hot NCBD book or top variant this week, but what is moving in all of the different aspects of the collecting community.
    Hot10 list give me sight beyond sight!

  • Avatar

    Trying to pick what cover is going to pop is so hard. I’ve been betting on Veronica #19 which is the ultimate Ronnie cover IMO. The composition on #28 there is pretty nice though.

  • aceshighcomics

    Godzilla in Hell has been one of the best in the series. I read and it was fantastic when it was coming out.

  • accustomfigures

    I’m surprised to see 4 Kids on the list. A great book with a 17k print run, solid bet, but I haven’t been able to give mine away. I’ve got a stack of the regular cover and some of the variants, all priced to sell. Not a single offer on ebay since the news broke. I think that window lasted about 7 minutes. I’d love to see an article about the “flip window”. Seems to be getting smaller and smaller.

  • Avatar

    Careful with the captain britain 1 if you are thinking of picking one up. They are often re-sold without the free gift mask that was included. CGC gives those a green label for being incomplete. Qualified copies sell for a good deal less so be sure you factor that in when comparing prices.

  • Avatar

    Blood Stone CGC 9.8s are $200 and up now. Dont wait too long before they are out of reach. Another good spec is world of Jughead, first app of the Time Police

  • Avatar

    I’m excited for Thunderbolts. I love that series.

  • Avatar

    Love to see a Thunderbolts movie or series.

    A dark badass Thunderbolts.

  • Avatar

    I am the one that sold the captain Britain 1 9.8 for 3k. Very happy to see that I sold the #1 on the top ten! I also sold the captain Britain 8 also cgc 9.8 for $1200.00
    Love your site and the top ten every week THANK YOU for everything on this site
    At megacon set up this weekend anybody that mentions CBSI we will take of 😀!
    Also I’ve been asked for swamp thing 1 and Thor 337 more than any other books so far the weekend

  • Avatar

    I went to MegaCon in Orlando, FL, Jamscomics has a wide selection and more than fair prices. I recommend all at MegaCon to check them out. They have major keys and an awesome selection from Silver Age to Modern.

  • Avatar

    I swear I had a copy of 4 Kids…maybe I just looked at it in a store.

    • misfit138

      You can buy it for nothing so go get one It’s a fun read. I agree that We Can Never Go Home was better. I really really wanted a WCNGH #1 in 9.8, and bought a raw copy for $25 last year that is 9.8. On most books just wait and you can get it for much less a year or 2 down the road. I bought my Henchgirl #1 for around $20 also. It’s not a 9.8, but I just wanted a copy. Then I was given a few copies for free last year. Just don’t leap to buy something right when it’s hot. Some books you will get waaaaaaaay cheaper, and some just keep climbing. That’s the tough part of the spec game. But more often than not I wait and am rewarded. Captain America #1 Alex Ross 1:100 was over $150 and I waited and found one for $20.

  • jason jones

    I don’t understand how the Inhuyuk Lee Dceased variant hasn’t picked up steam. Such a great cover..

  • Avatar

    The Giang Var is awesome!! I had to buy two sets when I saw it, Was a bit of a gamble, but glad I did now! The Virgin one is awesome! So if I manage to get a set sold, I’ll have covered my costs :)! Fingers crossed!

  • Avatar

    No wonder my Hulk Thunderbolt issue sold fast without even a best offer given — I was like whoa! Have a feeling ppl are using those app alerts and making moves not necessarily this Top 10 list bcus that Hulk issue sold like 2+ weeks ago!

  • Avatar

    Godzilla in Hell 1 EC style variant is such a great cover.
    Also, X-Men 134 is selling like crazy atm

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