2019 Awesome Con Dealer Summary


As a dealer, my aim is to give you all unbiased raw data and observations for each show I attend as a dealer. Awesome Con took place April 26th to 28th in Washington DC.


1. Post Avengers End Game Preparation: Thankfully I was able to watch Endgame Thursday night before the show started so I made adjustments to my stock and wall display. I decided to showcase my 6 raw copies of Thor 337, and a Thor 337 CGC 9.6. I didn’t see an easter egg or cameo of him bit thought his appearance was coming soon. I also threw up my 6 copies of Thor 165s and 5 Sub-Mariner 1s.

Adam Warlock and Namor have long been talked about so time to give them some love too front and center on my wall. My rare Young Avengers 1 Wizard World VIP edition CGC 9.5 was front and center as well as the character Kate Bishop was introduced. I was very interested to see what collectors were seeking as all of us that watched the sequel to Avengers Infinity War saw a wide-open field for spec. This is as wide open as I have seen in several years.


2. Comics Related to Endgame: As this show was at my home state, I have noticed a lot of new collectors show up at local shows and this show and they were looking for entry level keys. I observed that many of these new collectors were circling the hall looking for Captain America 25, Avengers 12 and Thor 390. Collectors of all ranges were dying to get a Captain America 117 but some dealers pulled copies and the only available were lower to mid-grades at $150 or more.  


3. Giant-Size X-Men 1: Let me talk about 3 transactions of this book at the show. I purchased a VG+ copy for no discount. That was the 1st transaction, It had a shot at VG/FN after press and cleaning. Before completing my purchase I got offered $1350 by a dealer. I took the offer because I didn’t have to pay CCS and CGC fees and thought a 15% quick flip was a deal I was willing to do. That was transaction #2.


Sold before even buying it, this book is just too hot.


The 3rd transaction I saw of this book was my friend trading a Flash 139 CGC 8.0 (1st Reverse Flash) for a Giant Size X-Men 1 CGC 1.5.


4. Fantastic Four 4: I had one copy with me at the booth but I was preparing it to be sent to CGC and it was not for sale. As a favor to one of my vendor colleagues I considered selling it to one of his VIP customers trying to complete his run of Fantastic Four 1-10. I really wanted to save it for the end of the con season but I got offered CGC market price for it and it saved me the CGC fees. I had no choice but to sell it. It was a win-win decision for both of us and I am really happy to get a new customer too that was very happy getting one of his grail books.


A New Customer Holding a Big Time Book


5. Speculation on the New Wave of Speculators: I have my eye on female collectors recently as they have been buying more investment keys at my booth. For example at this show I sold a Thor 337 NM- for $77 to a female collector. This buyer was also an investor and collector and was also looking to fulfill her list of Black Panther keys and was seeking an Avengers 87 as well. I also met a female collector hoarding 10 mint copies of Savage She-Hulk 1. Impressive! I wonder if female collectors will be able to push certain books that seem to be soft for male collectors such as Captain Marvel. The popularity of Brie Larson playing her is there with females and it resonates widely with females supporting her on social media support and with the support she gets from fans attending shows.



For example this young woman was all in as Captain Marvel. She took her 2 months to prepare her cosplay outfit and even her mom got in on the action and spent 2 weeks putting together the cosmic cube. This was my favorite cosplay of the show. Its only a matter of time before female collectors drive the market further with more female characters being introduced into the MCU and DCU.


6. The Eternals Had Not Arrived: News had come out that weekend that Angelina Jolie was confirmed to play Sersi and I was expecting a bit more urgency from the public to get more Eternals keys. I believe an Eternals 13 CGC 9.4 had also just dropped for some decent cash north of $150 on the bay too. I made market corrections before the show on my 1s, 2s, 3s, 5s, 9s, 11s, 13s. 2 vendors in the hall noticed my price bumps and they marked up prices after I showed them the data of recent sales on these books on the bay. I even had one vendor bring me his stack of Eternals and asked me why each one was important. The 1s commanded respect on the wall. Many people looked at my Eternals 1 CGC 9.6 and raw copies but I had no bites. I did however sell a few copies of Eternals 3. The talks I’ve had with collectors is that they want to see how they are used before heavily investing and if they invest.


7. Conclusion: We had some pretty good buys and spent about $4600. We took advantage of some good values in the hall and we paid good money. For slabs we purchased a WWBN 32 CGC 8.5, Journey Into Mystery 85 CGC 2.5 and a Fantastic Four 48 CGC 2.5. We also traded for a WWBN 32 CGC5.5 and an ASM 300 CGC 9.6, which sold instantly. I was able to pluck away some solid raw books like Silver Surfer 3 And 4 and a bundle of other SA keys from TNT Comics from a new collection they bought.

The GSX 1 and FF4 were my big books that sold. We had some pretty good sales on slabs as well. My buddy sold a raw FF5 VG- and also bought a clean TOS 39 VG- which I passed up on because of a spine split. He did make a pretty good buy, I somewhat regret passing it up but I felt impatient to hold it for 2 to 3 years. I want to see if I can make it back next year but the show got pushed to May and will have to see how it can fit in my schedule as May is a big month for cons. Overall, I had a really good time and was able to stock up on good books and it also seemed like everyone in the hall were enjoying themselves too.


Notable Sales: GSX 1 VG+, FF4 GD+, Edge of Spider-Verse 2 CGC 9.8, ASM 239 CGC 9.6, New Mutants 98 CGC 9.8, Hawkman 4 CGC 5.5, Invincible Iron Man 7 Women of Power Variant CGC 9.8, Zatanna 15 CGC 9.8, Hulk 141 NM, ASM 121FN/VF, ASM 122 VF, ASM 300 CGC 9.6, She- Hulk 1 VF, Thor 337 NM-


Notable Buys/Trades: GSX 1 VG+, Journey Into Mystery 95 CGC 2.5, WWBN 32 CGC 8.5, WWBN CGC 5.5, FF 48 CGC 2.5, Silver Surfer 3 VG, Silver Surfer 3 VG+, Silver Surfer 4 VG, Silver Surfer 4 VG-, Savage Tales 1 VG/FN, Incredible Hulk King-Size Special 1 VF-, Invincible Iron Man 10 CGC 9.6, Avengers 83 FN/VF



A Superfan Holds A Batarang Signed By Val Kilmer Himself!



Tons Of Fans Were Marveling At This Silver Surfer Cosplayer



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    is that an ultimate nullifier in your pants or are you just glad to see me?

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    Great report…would love to get prices next time!

  • VintageComicsAndToys

    Thank you, usually the prices sold and bought are at about market price with overstreet eBay and gpa. If its differs Ill annotate it. With that mind Ill see if I can add more prices in next time.

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      I have a quick question for you but one that I am encountering out here. Do people really know what/who the Eternals are so that they can invest in the books? Most of the books so far that speculators have bought in relation to the MCU are books on characters they know. Even Guardians of the Galaxy had characters that are known. I could give a few characters but I am not seeing any real movement on those books like I seen on others because few people know about the characters. The only books I am seeing an interest in is the 1st issue in the Bronze Age run and that is it.

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        That’s a good point Vintage. I’ve been read comics for 30 years at this point, and I… just don’t care about the Eternals, other than Thanos and Sersi (and her only due to her presence on the Avengers during Harras’s run).

        • VintageComicsAndToys

          Yeah, theres something Marvel sees in Eternals. Same way they are so locked on Black Knight and Shang-Chi. We all need to see what its all about but people are definitely treading lightly.

  • Father_fanboy

    Nothing but respect for those cos-players (especially the Silver Surfer–lord that must have taken some work). I’ve been a comic fan all my life but have never had the dedication or urge to do something like that.

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    Its great to hear your report that more women are getting into the hobby. I can’t see how doubling the amount of potential buyers out there would be bad for valuations. I hope its not just a passing trend and the industry continues to focus on expanding this customer base.

    • VintageComicsAndToys

      I totally hope so too. The comic book industry needs find a way to keep them interested. Woman empowerment is hot now but industry needs to find other ways to keep drawing them in.

    • VintageComicsAndToys

      So people are slowly getting the hint of the possibility of these keys. So far I have seen 2, 3, 5, 13 are getting gobbled up. Potential is the big underlying theme with these books. Majority of those who read these books felt underwhelmed. Perhaps since there is wiggle in telling their stories. I have a feeling we will be getting the origin of the infinity stones in some way or form in their movies. I think the ceiling for Eternals 1 is Ms. Marvel 1 during the 1st trailer.

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    Great report – not sure if I’ve seen something like this before, great idea 👍. If you need someone to read over your article before posting it please reach out!!

    How much did the Incincible Iron Man Woman of Power 9.8 sell for?

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