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As the Avengers: Endgame dust settles and the spoiler ban lifted, let us all take a moment to marvel (Ha!) at the cinematic achievement pulled off by the tandem that is Disney and Marvel Studios. All we can do now is cross our fingers and hope that is has 300 million in legs to pass the blue Pocahontas movie. Whether it does or not is to be determined, but the first 22 films of the MCU have been the most amazing feat in modern cinema.

This is my first article in a while, and will be my last for a few weeks, but after that I’ll be back to weekly articles in the City Supreme. I’ve been wedding planning for the last two years, so the last several months have been hectic. Fortunately this Saturday May 18th, 2019 is the big day. Yes, the day that A.J. Diesel marries his much better half. Conveniently enough, she and I will be spending our honeymoon at the Mouse House in Orlando, FL.

For the most part, if you didn’t speculate early on Endgame material, then you missed out on money to be made, as people were reading spoilers weeks in advance and scouring dollars boxes for such books. Trust me, all of those books will calm down, as none have any legitimate significance in the Marvel universe of comics outside of the films. Yes, Captain wielding the hammer was one of the coolest things I’ve seen, so that book may cool to a $5-$15 book for years to come, but it won’t be fetching the prices it is now. Iron Man holding the infinity gauntlet was also ridiculously epic, but holds no real weight in the comic book universe. Look at this book to be less than $20 in a few months.

Speculating and buying cool events at cheap cost and flipping for more is a good idea. As far as long term holds, it just doesn’t make any sense. Case and point, yes the Captain scene was amazing, gave me chills even, but at this point who hasn’t held the hammer? In the comics a bunch of people have, and the only one that anyone really gives a **** about is Thor. The coolest person to hold the infinity gauntlet, has been and always will be Thanos. When we’re talking strict speculation, to get ahead of the curve, yes you need to read spoilers and make educated guesses, it’s simple as that. And you’re going to be wrong more times than your right, but that’s the fun of it. For goodness sake, I just bought nine copies of the first appearance of Ramona Watts, and I don’t know much about her character nor do I really care to find out. But I use to history of comics, combined with hot topics in the world, and where Hollywood is going with it properties.

Don’t get me wrong, you can still certainly find these books in dollar boxes, the professor hulk books, the Sam Wilson becomes Captain America books, etc. etc. Which is great. These are great books to have for collectors and readers and fans of the subject matter. But unless you’re goal is to buy cheap and make some fun money, these books will never be HUGE books, and will always fall back down to earth. So make the money while you can!

In this speculation game you can’t stop and wait, because once you see a movie trailer or read about it on CBSI, it might be too late. Comic buying and selling is more prominent than ever, so if you’ve heard a rumor, there’s a good chance 50% of the community also heard that rumor. Which only leads to a rat race to the LCS. The key is to be ahead of the curve, the trailblazer, the trend setter if you will. Be smarter than the person next to you. This requires research and educated guesses. And you’re going to miss, trust me. I’ve missed more times than I can count, but it makes it all the sweeter when I got ahead of the curve on books like New Mutants #98, The October Faction, The Umbrella Academy , Chew etc.

As I’ve stated before, you also can’t get greedy. Take double or triple your cost when you have the chance, because what really hurts is when you miss that small window for a speculation book. I sold a handful of Umbrella Academy FCBDs for $75 apiece, only to see the market a week later jump to $150 a piece. That being said, the market has wildly cooled to $30-$40. So although I missed the big payout, I still made out.


Image result for amazing spider man 4

Amazing Spider-Man #4 (First appearance of Sandman).

Image result for amazing spiderman 13

Amazing Spider-Man #13 (First appearance of Mysterio).


Let’s focus on the future now, and appreciate the past. Spider-Man: Far Fom Home drops in July, and plot flaws aside looks fantastic. The wicked trailer that dropped last week features Spider-Man’s stealth suit (looks for like a Spider-Man noir costume to me but you be the judge), elemental bad guys, and Jake Gyllenhaal pretending to be a good guy. I mean come on now, the Mysterio thing is obviously a ruse. Much like I his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #13, he will be posing as a superhero while at the same time feeding his ulterior motives. This will also prove what a HACK Nick Fury is as an intelligence agent. First Hydra infiltration, then the entire Captain Marvel film, and now believing Mysterio is a good guy? Come on SHIELD, do better.


Image result for spider-man stealth suit

Spider-Man Stealth Suit in Spider-Man: Far From Home

Image result for spider-man noir

Spider-Man Noir Costume


The big picture currently with Spider-Man speculation is understanding the Marvel Studios/Sony licensing agreement. Spider-man is just being leased to the mouse house, and they’re raking in cash with no creative input, and thank goodness…because if I have to see another Venom post credit scene like that, I’ll give up hope on Sony, but we’ll dive into that deeper shortly.  Characters that appear in the Sony Spider-Man spin-offs cannot enter the MCU, and I’m fairly certain, the MCUs rendition of Spider-Man (Tom Holland) wouldn’t be allow contractually to enter a Sony picture. Case and point, we will not see Venom in the MCU, certainly not Tom Hardys version. Which also means Carnage as well and symbiotes in general.


Image result for amazing spider-man 648

Amazing Spider-Man #648 1:15 variant. First cover appearance of the “stealth suit”.

Image result for amazing spider-man 650

Amazing Spider-Man #650 (First appearance of the stealth suit).


That being said, with Marvels Absolute Carnage storyline dropping this summer, Carnage books will be on the rise, but don’t be fooled. Yes they may gain some smoke, but the best Carnage story happened in the 1990s with Maximum Carnage, and what a great video game too. I strongly feel that Woody Harrelson was not a good choice for Cletus Cassidy, and also, as I was talking about before, it’s been done already…and it’s called Venom. He’s the symbiote people actually care about. He’s the one that’s been shoved on every cover for the last eight years. Carnage is a 4th or 5th tier villain at best. He’s not even a top tier villain in the Spider-Verse. There is money to be made on Carnage books right now, but tread lightly and sell when there is money to be made.

Now on to Spider-Man: Far From Home. Unless every one of Peters friends were “snapped” away like Peter, they would be sophomore in college now. So hopefully we at least get one line explaining what that is all about. I also heard a great rumor about possibly a Miles Morales appearance which would make great sense. Five years later would put Miles right around Peter’s age, maybe a year or two younger, but that would be a great way of incorporating Miles. Sony used him in a tremendous animated film, so he could certainly be used in a live action MCU film. Not to mention they made reference to him in the parking lot interrogation scene in Spider-Man: Homecoming.


Image result for amazing spiderman 28

Amazing Spider-Man #28 (First appearance of Molten Man).

Image result for amazing spiderman 212

Amazing Spider-Man #212 (First appearance of Hydro-Man).


As far as villains are concerned, in an article I wrote two years ago, I stated that Hydro-Man would be a good book to pick up cheap. The first appearance of Molten Man is a classic and will never be easy to get cheap in high grade, but off-grades are very affordable. Sandman though is in a league of his own as far as Spider-Man villains and value. I was fortunate to find a Spider-Man #4 in a lot that someone sold me while they were cleaning out their house, as well as an Amazing Spider-Man #13 as well.

Here are some Spider-Man books that I would start buying into now.


Web of Spider-Man #36 – First appearance of Tombstone.

Image result for web of spider-man 36

Web of Spider-Man #36 (First appearance of Tombstone).


Tombstone is the ultimate lackey villain. Tough as nails and can pretty much play bodyguard to anyone. He made a brief appearance in Into the Spider-Verse where he wasn’t utilized at all.


Captain America #272 – First appearance of Vermin

Image result for captain america 272

Captain America #272 (First appearance of Vermin).


Vermin plays a cool role in the Kravens Last Hunt storyline. A story that I think would be perfect for the big screen.

Amazing Spider-man #430 & #431

Image result for amazing spiderman 430 431

After #361, these are the two carnage books to go after. Symbiote…check. Silver Surfer (hottest character first appearance on the market) check. This is a win win. Whether it be for buying and selling, or just holding, these books are keys!

Once again I appreciate you visiting the city that is Diesel, and forgive my hiatus as I look forward to spending the next few weeks with my soon to be wife. I want to wish every one of the fine writers great luck in this year’s Writers War, and I will be back with new material soon! Also check out my youtube channel. I recently bought a haul that had an Action Comics #252, Showcase Presents #23 and #24, and an Aquaman #1 among many other fine books!



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    Let me be the first here to wish you a pre-congratulations on the nuptials. Thanks for this enjoyable and informative read and have fun in the sunshine!!

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    Mr. Diesel

    Congrats on your big day. I hope you have those fairy tale endings we read about in the books we love to write about. I loved the article but I had to point out that buried in the contract language might be some interesting clauses that may allow for Sony and the MCU to semi co-exist on some levels. I remember watching Picket Fences where an X-Files reference was dropped. You may have a character pop up to tie things together or have them say hey this is not my earth ala Supergirl and the Flash. A peer who handles merger and acquisition cases told me that there never could be a deal between Marvel and Disney. I personally was involved with one Fortune 500 company where a merger and/or purchase was a rumor that was never going to happen and yet it did. As an attorney I can tell you the devil is in the details and if money is involved you might have some very tricky and incentive driven details LOL. Never say never when a bunch of lawyers and accountants get together. LOL I have been in those meetings and common sense can sometime give way for change and the implementation of new ideas.

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    RUN! RUN WHILE YOU CAN!!! RUN LIKE THE WIND, BOY!!!! RUN!!! (just kidding) good luck

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