Hot and Cold List May 15, 2019

A true collaboration with Simpleman's Comics, AKA Mr. Bolo, and authors. We present the first Hot and Cold list! This list takes a look at the comic community with a broader stroke. Whether it's a hot or cold series, writer, artist etc. We do not go to the granular level of single issues. We already have the CBSI Hot 10 Comics from Ben Stein for that. So we present to you, the first weekly hot and cold list for May 15, 2019.


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HOT PICKS 5/15/19

Clint Joslin (@Clintjoslin)

CBSI Writer- Run the Table , One Year Later, Blood Bank


The most polarizing topic in comics is Naomi #1.  While there are plenty of naysayers, Naomi books continue to be in demand and some of the most talked about in the hobby today.


Mel V (@treazus_christ)

Mighty Mel V Youtube Channel

Diversity in Comics

Naomi, New Agents of Atlas, The Spider Verse movie, Brother Voodoo spec and more show that comic fans are buying the diverse new characters and rebranded old ones marvel is selling


Dan Piercy (@dan_piercy)

CBSI Writer- The Reading Pile

Black Hammer

Dan has been championing Black Hammer since day one, now it looks like Hollywood is listening as Legendary Pictures landed a deal to develop the Black Hammer Universe on the big and / or small screen


Ben Steiniger (@thewallcomics)

CBSI Writer- CBSI Hot 10, Not 10

Podcaster- Tales From The Flipside

Matt Baker Covers

Matt Baker cover art has been regular entries into the honorable mention section of the CBSI Hot 10.  Of all people sure to notice that trend, it's no shock this entry came from Hot 10 writer Ben Stein.


Topher S (@voiceofrao)  aka The Masked Speculator

Writer- True Firsts –

Hulu / Marvel Spec Books (Damian Hellstorm)

With Disney taking over Hulu, it is a good bet to see more Fox centric and adult themed Marvel IP end up on  the streaming service. This is a pick while hot, still may be under many people's radars.


Andy Tomberlin (@indie_Spotlight_series_)

Writer- Indie Spotlight Series

Co Host- Indie Spotlight Show

Dark Horse Spec

It was announced this week that Netflix has entered into a first look deal with Dark Horse Comics in an attempt to develop more Dark Horse properties for film and TV for the streaming platform on the heels of the success of Umbrella Academy.  Look for future Dark Horse #1’s to get a closer look from speculators


Peter Renna (@drasden_files)

CBSI Writer – Dollar Bin Digging, The Usual Suspects

The Eternals

Phase 4 is upon us and Kevin Feige has already told us we are getting Eternals.  Big names are already attached to this project. Eternals #1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 continue to show gains.  


Mike Morello (@morellotunes)

CBSI Writer- Cover Tunes

Chip Zdarsky Daredevil Run

Flying under mosts radar for awhile, this series is picking up serious steam.   Each book is hitting later printings and the buzz for the series is growing. It won’t be long before the public is buying up the early issues of this run for over cover price.


COLD PICKS 5/15/19


Mel V

DC Cover B variants

Supply has caught up to demand as LCS owners are hip to these near virgin beauties. These may still be great long term holds but have died out as quick flips.


Andy Tomberlin

Aftershock Comics 1:10 Incentives

Aside from Dark Red, little to none of Aftershocks recent releases has popped in the market.  The biggest issue seems to be the drop in price of most incentives week 2 and 3 after release.


Dan Piercy

$10-15 Quick Flips

(EX: Hot books like Walking dead 191, Major X #1 etc.)

Between the cost of gas, shipping charges, supplies, ebay fees, and paypal fees there is little profit in the $10-15 NCBD flip.  It isn’t worth the time unless your doing volume.


Peter Renna

Immortal Hulk New Releases

While this series remains hot with readers, similar to the DC Cover B variants, supply is now outweighing demand as LCS’s have begun to really increase orders in the series.



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