Many symbiotes have been updated to the list as well as some other characters.  Will be updating again with the recent suggestions.


Have suggestions?  Make sure to leave a comment!!


This is a living list.  We will continue to update it as time goes on, as I am sure we will get lots of suggestions for characters to add as well as lots of “You missed X”.



A huge thanks to Inigo for pioneering this monster.   This list has been added to the menu bar and can be found in the link below as well.



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    For certain characters who have civilian identities then super-hero or villain personas, would you think it’s worth differentiating “1st Appearances” such as the case with let’s day Lorna Dane (X-Men #49) vs Lorna Dane as “Polaris” (X-Men #50) and so many other examples that exist of main or major characters?

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    Is there any way you can put NEW next to what was added? I love this list and it has helped me as a quick resource. I have been at auctions where they misidentify 1st appearances and with this tool I can now recognize 1st appearances with covers.

    • Iñigo

      Joey, will definitely look into it, need to change a couple of things but it should be feasible. Thanks for the suggestion!

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        I love the new feature. I can see all the new characters added and it makes it so easy. Great job guys. I have seen characters I have not seen before or knew where their true first appearance occurred. Every new edition and I can just click on the new additions and know I am now current with 1st appearances that you guys deem to be important.

    • Iñigo

      Statmonsters, I was going to say that the list should differentiate the civilian / superhero 1st apps but then I overthought the whole mutant thing (as your example was Polaris). Wouldn’t the first app in whatever form count as both? Compared to other characters where there IS a transformative experience … But I am probably taking it too seriously.

      What do you guys think?

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        I love the Polaris example but would be careful of how much work you put in LOL. For me mutants were always 1st appearance in general with other characters their 1st appearance and then first costumed appearance. But that leads into the the whole 1st appearance of for golden and silver age characters. I have been collecting Golden Age books for years and always hated Batman books that had Golden and Silver Age Characters that were the same person. Then you get into the FIrst Appearance, Cameo Appearance, and then in comic Appearance for Books like Spawn and Invincible. I love this feature though because it now allows me at the touch of a finger to know not only the character’s first appearance but the comic book cover as well. I seen one of your books at convention where it was for sale and I could identify it on sight, but it was one that not even the seller knew contained a first appearance for a character in the bronze age. GREAT WORK!!!!!

  • Demon Jim

    Some more 1st appearance. Again all are recognized by CGC and can be found on their labels.

    Doctor Strange #1 (2018) 1st appearance of X’axal

    I Hate Fairyland #1 1st appearance of Gertrude, Queen Cloudia, Sir Chippington, Bruud the Brutal, Larrigon Wentsworth III, and Fairyland

    Kingpin #1 (2017) 1st appearance of Sahar Dewey

    Marvel Legacy #1 1st appearance of 1,000,000 B.C. Avengers

    Mighty Avengers #27 1st appearance of the Unspoken

    Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #32 1st appearance of Princess Fisk

    Side note for Peter Panzerfaust. #1 is the first issue in his series, but his first appearance was in Mondo #1. This was a few years ago when Image was putting previews of upcoming books in the back. There is a 5 page preview of Peter Panzerfaust in the back. CGC doesn’t recognize either as the first appearance but they do mention the preview in Mondo. In fact I can’t find any record with CGC that says a definite 1st for Peter.

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